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When it comes to supplying the market with professionally-made safes for commercial and residential use at affordable prices, trust no other than Safewell’s expertise to deliver your needs.

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Founded in 1998, Safewell has been a leading safe manufacturer and company in the security industry for over 20 years. We have been dedicated to manufacturing high-quality safe box products for many years, and have provided variant safe solutions for residential, commercial, and industrial use.ᅠ

Safewell is the top manufacturer of high-security safes and vaults. Our group owns 15 manufacturing plants in China and 3 branches overseas. Each of our safes is manufactured to offer the best protection. Our wide range of safes are manufactured in-house, so we control all aspects of quality and functionality.

Since 1998, Safewell has gained fame for its stable quality, reasonable price, and persistent innovation. Besides providing OEM&ODM safes services, Safewell can also provide professional safe box solutions for customers with 20 years of development. Safewell will be your best choice of strategic excellent partner in the current and future without a doubt.

Safewell New-Arrival and Hot-Sale Safes

Custom Safes Solution From Our OEM/ODM Project

Safewell specializes in manufacturing high-quality custom safety products that your brands can rely on. Safewell is an OEM custom safe manufacturer that understands different needs and requirements from various industries. We are one of China’s top safe manufacturers and suppliers with years of experience in providing safe box solutions.

Safewell also provides security solutions for a wide range of sectors: offices, pharmacies, banks & insurance companies, hotels, convenience stores, architects & designers, automotive sector. We are available to help our clients with each part of the process, from safes design to sample inspection.

Our tailor-made safe box offer you the opportunity to choose what you prefer:

Wholesale Safes From Reliable Partner - Safewell

As a professional safes manufacturer and supplier, Safewell will elevate your brand to the next level. At Safewell, we take quality seriously. Our experts and advanced plants ensure every step throughout the safe manufacturing process. We are also able to give you the best affordable price in the market to wholesale safes in bulk.

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How We Produce

Using modern manufacturing equipment and in-depth knowledge in the industry, we pull all the stops in creating highly secure safes for the global market.

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Quality Control Details

Our expert quality assurance personnel conduct full-scale inspection on all safes before leaving our warehouse to guarantee optimal performance every time.

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All-Sided Service

More than a manufacturer, we provide a comprehensive range of services that helps you create the right safes for your brand and market.

What Our Clients Say.

We are proud to provide our customers with excellent safes and services. As China leading safe manufacturer Let’s see what they say about working with us.

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by delivering top-quality safes.

Founded in 1998, Safewell is an industry leader in furnishing high-tech security products for residential and commercial use.

Dedicated to supplying reliable and affordable safes, we work with the best material suppliers and secure global certification in maintaining our strict quality standards. Our commitment to quality and innovation has gained critical acclaim and allowed us to work with many Fortune 500 companies over the years.

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News Releases

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Warmly Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of Safewell

On August 18, 2023, Safewell marked its 25th anniversary with a series of creative and heartwarming anniversary celebrations. The events included a flag-raising ceremony, the intelligent unlocking of safes with smart passwords, watching a commemorative video for August 18, group photos for memories, and tasting a celebratory cake. Every year’s Safewell Division Day, every voyage and journey will turn into …

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(Ningbo) Export Cross-border E-commerce Expo

The 2023 China (Ningbo) Export Cross-border E-commerce Expo, positioned as the premier cross-border trade exhibition backed by the world’s largest port, stands out as Ningbo’s most appealing high-end cross-border professional expo. It is also the only cross-border e-commerce expo in the country centered around the “large home furnishing” core category. This expo integrates the core factories of the hottest categories …

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Safewell became the first to be German VDS Level IV Certified!

Recently, Ningbo Safewell Safes Co., Ltd. subsidiary of Safewell Group,  were certified globally top Grade IV by the most authoritative German VdS lab in the field of High-level Physical Security Devices, making it the first security enterprise to obtain such certification in China. About VDSIn regard to VdS, it is short for “Vertrauen durch Sicherheit” in German(meaning confidence through safety and security). Its full name is “Germany Professional Security Association VdS, mainly for certifications of products in fire protection and security. They not only test products, but also have strict requirements for producers’ quality management system. They only recognize certification issued by member institutions of EA(European Co-operation for Accreditation).This certification indicates a remarkable milestone for Safewell Security in independent tech-innovation, meanwhile a landmark that the Chinese enterprise has advanced into top level in the area of global physical security technology. As the first VdS-IV certified security enterprise in China, Safewell consolidated its role as a pioneer in global security industry, its advantages of forwardness and leading strength in the new quality-based and technology-centered track, and will definitely lead security industry to the road of high quality development.Looking forward to the future, Safewell will stick to the innovation-driven and market-oriented strategy, focusing on the customer’s needs, rolling out more mature products and solutions, improving products’ smart level and users’ experience, fulfilling the customer’s demand for a good quality life, committing itself to be a leading brand in the intelligent security industry.

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Safewell Sales Team Embarks On The 133rd Canton Fair

On April 15, 2023, the highly anticipated 133rd Canton Fair officially kicked off. This edition of the Canton Fair marks the inaugural year following the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China. Safewell Security, at this year’s fair, showcased numerous “smart manufacturing” innovations, standing out among many competitors and attracting high-quality merchants from various countries. Safewell’s “smart manufacturing” …

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