Gun Safes & Vaults

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Your Reliable Gun Safes & Vaults Manufacturer

Federal law across several jurisdictions and countries requires firearms owners to have a gun safe or vault with reinforced steel constructions, such as the ones Safewell offers Firearm owners can easily access our safe and vault content with a biometric fingerprint lock and 4-6 digit code.

Safewell is a reliable gun safe manufacturer since we comply with UL, SP, CE, and ISO9001 certifications on durable and secure vaults.

Gun Safes & Vaults

We Bring Full Gun Safes Business Options

Safewell specializes in producing high-quality gun safes because we want to provide only the best gun safes to our clients. As your best gun safe manufacturer, we will bring your brand to greater heights. Here are the things we will accomplish as business partners:

The Brand Owner

Safewell custom gun safes & vaults are made specifically to your brand demands. We offer custom gun safes to meet your demand. With us, Safewell can help your business boost your brand identity and turn your views into practical designs.

Distributors/ Retailers

Safewell supports gun safes and vaults distributors for we provide customized marketing plans for online and offline services. We offer up to 3-year warranty services, qualified products with quality certifications, and send out new annual design products.

Gun Safes Applications

Our custom gun safes are well-rounded since they can be used for many industrial applications.

Home & Residential

Safewell produces gun safes and used in homes and bedroom for responsible storage of firearms and other valuables.

Home & Residential


Our safes gun safes can also be used in home offices for better storage of hand guns and pistols.


Safewell gun safes and vaults are widely used in many financial intuitions like banks and lending companies.

Chains Store & Retail

We offer fireproof gun safes for chains stores and retail stores for proper storage of firearms which can be used for emergency situations.


We offer huge safes and vaults used for builders or the architecture industry that are guaranteed durable, water-resistant, and fire-resistant.



Furnishers typically possess crucial documents and other valuables like firearm, and they need durable gun safes to protect their belongings.



The auto industry also provides outdoor gun safes placed underneath car seats to secure car owners’ firearms and other valuables.


Outdoor Hunting

Safewell offers gun safes and ammo boxes used in outfoor hunting for responsible storage of firearms.

Outdoor Hunting

One-stop Services For Custom Gun Safes Project

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Free consultation

Safewell offers free initial consultation services with the assistance of our skilled employees. In addition, our professional sales team is familiar with each regional market, who makes sure that we only provide customized solutions according to the clients’ requirements.

Customized Solutions

We offer custom gun safes solutions. Thus, we ensure that the marketing plan we present is customized according to your clients’ gun safe needs.

OEM/ODM: from 0 to 1

Safewell offers OEM/ODM services. We deeply understand the industry; that is why we can turn your great ideas into actual designs and create marketable safety products for your business. From basic to high-quality protection, we can provide it.

Sample Inspection and Confirming

Safewell only aims to please our clients. So to guarantee customer satisfaction with our gun safe products, we make sure to send samples of our work within 2-4 weeks.

Transportation & Delivery

Safewell ensures we adhere to the timeline of the production schedule until transportation and delivery. In addition, we make sure that we use the fastest routes at a competitive price.

After-sale Service

Our service for your safes does not stop once we deliver the products to your doorstep. Your custom guns safes are secured with up to a 3-year warranty service that covers parts replacement and safe repairs.

Why Wholesale Gun Safes From Safewell

Qualified Products

Our custom gun safes and vaults are made of high-quality steel components, plus we adhere to international certifications and tests, such as UL, SP, CE, and ISO9001, proving that we are a trusted gun safe manufacturer.

Greater Security

Safewell products are made from top-notch quality heavy steel structures, which means they are secure and durable to store your firearms. Also, our custom gun safes are equipped with biometric scan safe locks for enhanced security.

Security for Home and All Your Valuables

Safewell ensures that your guns are secured and protected from burglary as your best gun safe manufacturer because our guns safes cannot be easily opened, even by force. Moreover, our custom gun safes are rated fireproof.

Competitive Price

Our custom gun safes are priced competitively, and beyond that, we offer free initial consultations with our professional sales team.

Full Range Selections of Products

Safewell is your one-stop service when it comes to your gun safes and vaults. We have gun cabinets, fireproof gun safes, handgun and pistol safes, under desk safes, ammo boxes, and gun locks.

Widely Applied

Interestingly, our gun safes can be installed in any location of your place and can be used for various applications. We have an extensive range of gun safes for homes and offices, commercial establishments, automotive sectors, and more.

Over 10+ of Experience as Gun Safes Manufacturer

Our company has been around the gun safes and vaults industry for more than 20 years, and we have gained many loyal business partners all over the world. This is all thanks to our trusted, high-quality gun safes and reliable customer service.

Manufacturing Capabilities of Safewell

Safewell possesses the latest manufacturing equipment in producing our world-class gun safes. With the help of our 10 production lines and 18 factories from different parts of the world, we promote efficient production capabilities for consistent and reliable output.

Quality Control

To ensure our business partners Safewell produce safes that went to strict quality control. We obtained quality certificates, presenting a wide range of home safes bearing European certification, such as CE, RoHS, ISO9001, ISO2001, UL/ETL, BSCI, FCC, and DOJ. Hence, Safewell guarantees all products are tested to meet only international standards.

Steady & Quick Supply

Our company created more than 650,000 safes every year. This means we promote advanced production, having enough gun safe supplies ready to be shipped anytime, anywhere.

Wholesale Gun Safe From China: Buying Guide

Looking for the ideal gun safes and vaults for your application could be overwhelming since there are lots of gun safes available in the global market. 

So when you are sourcing gun safes from China, you need to know how to choose high quality and reasonable gun safes from reliable safe manufacturer.

Table of Contents

01 Why Should You Purchase a Gun Safe?

Having a gun safe provides tons of advantages. For one, it keeps your firearms secure from theft and eliminates the possibility of being reached by children or any other house member trying to get access to the weapon. Next, it can protect your valuables stored in the gun safe from fire or flood because they are not just durable but also fireproof and waterproof. Then, it gives you quick access to your handguns or pistols because most gun safes can be opened in split seconds because it is made for emergency purposes. Lastly, it is important to have proper storage for your firearms as a responsible firearm owner.

02 What Types of Gun Safes Do You Have?

Here in Safewell, we have various types of gun safes. They are the following:

Gun cabinets are designed to store rifles, shotguns, and other firearms with similar dimensions. Safewell gun cabinets have a 4-way locking system and reinforced door prevent anyone from breaching our gun cabinets.

Safewell also offers a fireproof gun safe storage solutions. This gun storage is constructed to withstand temperatures of up to 1400°F for an hour, providing enough time to extinguish the fire.

We manufacturer a specially constructed pistol safe that offers enough space to accommodate several handguns. We also include a biometric fingerprint lock and 4-6 digit code lock for end-users to easily access their firearms.

Also, we have a specially constructed under desk gun safe that offers enough space to accommodate a number of handguns.

We also have ammo boxes for outdoor usage of firearms. Safewell offers a classic military styling and a stackable design that makes our ammo box popular with our clients. It is made of pure steel that keeps all stored valuables dry and safe.

03 How Secure are Gun Safes?

Each manufacturer has its testing and rating system. To verify if the gun safe you chose is safe, it is important to check the label. Note that UL Laboratories certifies gun safes with three standard class ratings. UL Class 350-1, UL Class 350-2 and UL Class 350-3. If your gun safe has a UL class 350 certification, then it is safe to use since it is fireproof.

04 How to Choose the Right Gun Safe

Sourcing gun safes is a great investment. Since there are many gun safes out there, it would be best to narrow down your options by considering some points that will lead you to your ideal gun safe.

Size and Type of Gun

Although it makes sense to buy a bigger gun safe, it is essential to note that gun safe’s size should be based on the size and type of gun. Getting a slightly bigger gun safe than your firearm is crucial since some types like shotguns and rifles grow.

Experts recommend selecting a gun safe that is one and half times bigger than what you anticipate storing.

Pick a Secure Gun Safe

The main goal of getting a gun safe is to protect your gun. That explains why you need to choose a safe with an advanced door defense system, fireproof and waterproof, has extra layers of steel, and hard-plate lock protection to deter any break-in attempts.

Gun Safe Storage

Some keep their gun safes in a garage, bedroom, car seat, or even under their desks. Hence, you need to consider where you plan to keep it to tell which type of gun safe is perfect for your desired application. 


In a nutshell, it is important to know which gun safe is ideal for your target market’s needs. Here in Safewell, you can get all-in-one gun safe services with accessories. Get your wholesale gun safe made from high-quality steel that is fire, water, and burglary resistant. For inquiries and quotations, reach us today!

We Bring Marvelous Home Safes and Fireproof Safes.

As a trusted safe supplier, we provide a comprehensive range of safes and security products, and open up a path for your market.

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