Safewell Culture

Social Responsibility

Wealth represents the capabilities of a company, and it also means the responsibility of the company and entrepreneurs; to be a company and to be a brand is ultimately a responsibility. The purpose of doing business is not only to make money, but also to fulfill one of our social responsibilities. We must regard doing business as a bridge of dedication to society. Said Xu Punan, President of Safewell International. For many years, all companies under Safewell Group have continued to inject charity funds into the foundation every year, and employees of Safewell Group have also voluntarily joined the donation team, converging every bit of love into a vast red warm current.

Safewell CharityFoundation

Thanksgiving Party

December 18th of lunar calendar is the Thanksgiving Day of Safewell when an annual thanksgiving party is to be held in the way of Safewell.On Safewell’s Thanksgiving Day, all the members of Safewell extend their gratitude to government and society, predecessors of the company, investors, partners, users and employees in the form of “flag raising, singing songs, worship, praying ceremony”

Pray for the five gratitude objectives1
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Culture of Morning Exercise

Every day at 8:20 in the morning, Safewel family members will spontaneously go downstairs for morning exercises and actively share their thoughts on stage. The morning exercise of Safewell is to let all of us at Safewell cultivate our own “body” and “heart” every day, so that they will continue to be healthy. Only with a healthy body and mind can you create physical SAFE and feel the spirit WELL .

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