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An ammunition box is a container structured for safe transport and storage of ammunition. Safewell wholesale ammo boxes are made with classic military styling and stackable design, making our ammo box popular. We offer custom ammo box services made from high-quality steel construction, making them heavy-duty. Also, our custom ammo cans have good airtightness to keep the storage dry and safe. Your valuables are secured with our custom ammo boxes.

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Portable Ammo Boxes

Get Your Custom Ammo Boxes to Cover Your Needs

With our custom ammunition boxes, you get to choose what you want, whether you want a plastic ammo box or the steel type, and so on. Also, you can use it for other storage purposes like storing cash, important documents, digital device, and the likes.

Appearance & Color

You can choose various spray colors for your custom ammo boxes. Get away with the classic military colors and choose what your favorite or preferred color is.

Lock Style

You can select from an array of lock styles for additional security of your ammo box. You can have a mechanical key style, combination style, biometric style, and more.

Safe Size

Furthermore, you also can select your preferred ammo box dimension. With this, you have the power to design the structure and size of your custom ammo box.


We offer various accessories which you can also use for your ammo box. You can get a keyed lock gun, combination gun trigger, lock plastic handguns, and more.


You can also select the interior layer materials and blankets for your custom ammunition boxes. You can request safe interior modifications and more.


As your custom ammo box manufacturer, we offer OEM/ODM services, including putting logo designs of our distributors for additional brand marketing.

Why Safewell Ammo Boxes

Here are the reasons why you should choose Safewell ammo boxes:

Safewell offers OEM/ODM services for safe solutions, and ammo boxes are not an exception. With us, you get the chance to design your own ammo boxes.

Safewell ammo boxes are waterproof, which means your valuables stored inside will be kept safe and dry. Apart from that, they also have good airtight features that complement the waterproof rating of our product.

Safewell products are made from high-quality steel components, which means they are durable and heavy-duty. Thus, our custom ammo boxes can protect your gear.

What’s great with our ammo boxes is that they are versatile. You can put anything in them apart from what it is intended to contain. Also, since they are portable, you can take them anywhere you want.

Ammo Box Applications

Safewell’s custom ammo boxes are versatile as they can be used in many industries and applications apart from storing ammunition. They can also be used to store:


Custom ammo boxes can also be used in the auto industry as a storage solution of gear and anything you like to keep your valuables secured. 

Home and Office

Safewell ammo boxes can be used in homes and offices for other storage purposes aside from ammunition. You can also keep files, passports, and other essential documents.

Retail and Grocery

Ammo boxes can also be applied in retail and grocery stores to store valuable goods and other fragile merchandise securely and adequately.

Why Wholesale Ammo Boxes from Safewell?

Certified Product

Get your custom ammo boxes here in Safewell because we only manufacture certified products that meet international certifications and tests.

Competitive Price

Our wholesale ammo boxes are offered at competitive prices, ensuring that choosing us as your business partners will benefit your brand more.

Quick and Steady Supply

Safewell can produce 650,000 safes every year. Our advanced production lines help us supply urgent home security needs with ease.

One-stop Service

Safewell is your one-stop service for your ammo box needs. From free initial consultations with our sales team to our continuous service after sales support, we are here to guide you every step of the way.

We Bring Marvelous Home Safes and Fireproof Safes.

As a trusted safe supplier, we provide a comprehensive range of safes and security products, and open up a path for your market.

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