Quality Control

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Quality Certificates

Capable QA Team

Safewell stands by the quality of our custom safes, and we take every step to ensure top quality in all our products. Backed with more than five years of industry experience, our expert quality auditors perform detailed inspections on every step of the production process.

From raw materials to packaging, we look intently at each safe, making sure they pass our high-quality standards. We also have a detailed shipping inspection report available upon request, giving you confidence in the products we provide.

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Modern Laboratory

To stay on top of the industry, we conduct continuous research and testing innovative solutions to elevate the quality and performance of our custom safes.

Facilitating our in-depth research and development is our state-of-the-art professional laboratory that houses the latest testing equipment and is handled by the best quality inspectors.

Certified Fire Resistance and Structure Tests

At Safewell, we ensure that our safes are specifically engineered to meet not only your market’s demands but also the strictest industrial codes for fire resistance and structural integrity.

The seamless construction and fine cellular concrete insulation of our fireproof safes guarantee the safety and protection of the valuables inside, as they pass UL 72 Class 350 fire and impact testing.

Fire Endurance Test
Fire Endurance Test

With safes built to protect valuables from burglary and fire, our line of custom safes must endure high temperatures without affecting the contents.

Safe samples are placed inside a furnace, which is then heated up to 1700°F or 827°C for an hour. The heated safes are allowed to cool down and inspected afterward.

Fire Explosion Test
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Fire Explosion Test

Word Count: 2 paragraphs, around 45 words in total.More than extended exposure to heat, high-quality safes should be able to handle extreme heat conditions.

The safe sample is placed in a secure furnace and raises the temperature to 2000°F or 1090°C heat for 30 minutes. The furnace is kept closed, allowing the safe to fully cool naturally.

Fire & Impact Test
Fire & Impact Test

After exposure to a 2000°F or 1090°C heat for 30 minutes, the sample is lifted to a height of 30ft. or 9.1m and dropped on a heavy concrete base. Once cooled, the sample is placed back in the furnace for another round of heat exposure for 30 minutes.

Test Results
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Test Results

While the fire caused some damage and melting to the exterior of our safes, the fragile contents remain intact and unharmed, proving the durability and resiliency of our products.

After multiple exposures to fire and heat, the internal temperature of the safe stands at 275°F or 135°C, way lower than the 350°F or 177°C temperature needed to burn the paper.

It’s All in the Details

Conducting a series of quality testing guarantees the optimal performance of our safes, attesting to our dedication to excellent production.

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To guarantee the resiliency of our safes against tampering, we test and ensure no available method of opening the safe’s doors within 2 minutes.

Anti-Tamper Performance Test

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The door is opened and closed 500 times, routinely observing if there are any damage or gaps formed on the safe’s door and hinge.

Door Opening Test

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The safe is dropped several times: on the corner, the edges, and the sides, to check for any paint peeling and any changes in operation.

Drop Test

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To guarantee that the safe is not affected by transport, the safe is placed in a vibration machine and shook at a frequency of 50Hz for 2 hours.

Vibration Test

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Using a constant temperature and humidity chamber, the electrical components are subjected to high and low temperatures to make sure they adapt to changing environments.

Panel Temperature Test

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With the help of a button tester, the buttons on the safe are pressed 50,000 times and reviewed for functionality.

Panel-button Life Test

We Bring Marvelous Home Safes and Fireproof Safes.

As a trusted safe supplier, we provide a comprehensive range of safes and security products, and open up a path for your market.

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