Commercial Safes

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Highly Advanced Commercial Safes

Providing commercial spaces with better peace of mind, choose our line of commercial safes designed to protect files and are resistant to drilling and other attacks. Designed like a drawer or in compact sizes, we have a variety of options that suit any business or office, from diverse lock codes and technology to added flame and water resistance.

Within our production workshops, we have advanced laser, shearing, bending, punch tapping and welding machines to help with the timely construction of safes, ready for distribution.

Commercial Safes

We Bring Full Commercial Safes Business Options

From commercial safes to residential safes, find all your solutions in one place. A commercial safe is used for a range of applications which is why you need to buy from a reliable manufacturer like Safewell.

The Brand Owner

Safewell is a manufacturer of the best quality business safe as per the customization of the customer. We have a large manufacturing facility and ensure dedicated quality management. Here is all you need to know:

Distributors/ Retailers

For brick-and-mortar shops and online shops, we offer customized commercial safes solution to help your business flourish.

Safe Application for Commercial and Business

Our custom gun safes are well-rounded since they can be used for many industrial applications.


Commercial safes can be used for different environments for a range of functions, like in a bank for safe deposits. All valuable items will be safe due to Safewell's fingerprint and digital locks.


Hotels make excellent use of a commercial depository safe by having them installed in each room for the guest’s benefit. They can be chosen for wall mounted placements as well.


Hospitals and Pharmacies

Hospitals and pharmacies are seeing increasing demand for commercial safes because they need to keep certain prescription drugs and high priced items under lockdown.

Chain Stores and Retail

A commercial cash drop safe will come in handy at convenience stores as well as small office spaces to prevent burglaries and other interferences.

One-stop Services For Your Project

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Free consultation

We will get you in touch with our most experienced experts from the get-go. Our team will help you get an idea of the best solutions according to your demands.

Customized solutions

Our team knows the market and will help you customize the commercial key lock box as per the market trends and customer expectations.

OEM/ODM: from 0 to 1

Our experience and understanding of the industry will help you get the best marketing plan and products for your commercial safes.

Sample Inspection and Confirming

A part of the one-step service includes holding off on mass production until you approve of our prototype and design.

Transportation & Delivery

We have the means to deliver the products on time, every time. Whether it is freight shipping or express delivery, the delivery charges are offered at competitive rates.

After-sale Service

Our after-sales service not only includes customer support but also gives you a 3-year period for repairs and replacements on us.

Why Order Gun Safes From Safewell

Qualified Products

Our quality management team ensures that each commercial safes meet international standards. Industry standards are met during the prototype design and production.

Greater Security

Our large commercial safe comes with a heavy steel structure which makes it more than capable of preventing burglary attempts. Our product testing ensures the greater security of your valuables.

Security for your valuables

You will be able to keep your money, valuables, and documents safe from any theft and threat of fire with Safewell’s commercial safe with drop slot.

Competitive Price

All of our commercial safes with different applications are offered at competitive prices to get you the best deal possible. We don’t believe in hidden charges.

Over 10+ of Experience as Safes Manufacturer For Commercial Application

Safewell makes sure that after you look at our commercial safes, you would need to look anywhere else. Our more than a decade’s worth of experience helps us give you nothing but the best.

Manufacturing Capabilities of Safewell

Our manufacturing, unlike other commercial safe companies, happens in 18 different factories located all around the globe. With 10 production lines, we are always dedicated to meeting deadlines and keeping our clients happy.

Quality Control

Our quality control and management practices make sure that the commercial safe for sale is keeping your valuables safe. We have industry certifications like FCC, RoHS, UL/ETL, ISO9001, ISO2001, BSCI, DOJ, and CE.

Steady & Quick Supply

Our manufacturing facilities and technological innovation help us assure you that all your products will reach the destination right on time. We will reach you anywhere in the world.

Application Gallery

Whether for restaurants or offices, our safes can keep files, money, and other items protected from theft and save costs in the long-term for many establishments

We Bring Marvelous Home Safes and Fireproof Safes.

As a trusted safe supplier, we provide a comprehensive range of safes and security products, and open up a path for your market.

Need More Support?

Need a complete safe design drawing or a competitive safe marketing plan?

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