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  • Digital Electronic Safe
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E4700E Series Safewell Hot Selling Featured Security Money Digital Electronic Safe For Home

E4700E Series

High quality key-lock or user friendly electronic keypad make E4700E SERIES ideal for home & office use to store valuables, cash and important documents.

Color Black、White、Grey
Lock Design 3-8 Digit Code
Usage Home/Office/Inroom Safety

Product Features

  • personal safes
  • safes for home 4
  • 1234

    Open & Close with 3-8 digit code.

  • bolt

    0ne- way locking bolts (2 bolts with φ 20mm)

  • interior

    Include the protective floor carpet.

  • indicator

    3 Indicator lights (green, red and yellow), indicate open, low battery and warning.

  • reset button
    Reset button

    Change the code easily with reset button.

  • battery

    Run on 4X1.5V AA batteries.

  • working system
    Working system

    Use the Knob to open and close with a solenoid system.

  • override key
    Override key

    Supply the override key for emergency use.

  • fixing

    Pre-drilled holes at the bottom and back( fixings included)

  • Color

    Black, Dark Grey.

Product Parameters

* H W D = Height Width Depth
p03 s03 pic 02
Model E4701E E4702E E4705E E4706E
External(mm) 200*310*200 250*350*250 300*380*300 500*350*310
Internal(mm) 198x308x140 198x348x190 297x377x240 496x346x250
Packing:(mm) 220x330x240 270x370x290 320x400x340 520x370x350
Weight(kg) 4 8 10.5 14.5
Capacity(L) 8.5 16 27 43
Shelf(pcs) 0 1 1 1
Door Thicknes(mm) 3 4 4 4
Body Thickness(mm) 1 1 .5 1.5 1.5
Material steel steel steel steel
20’FCL 1700 1000 700 400
  • * HxWxD(H=Height,W=Width,D=Depth)

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