Safes Solutions for Convenience Stores and Retails

Providing Security Storage Solutions for Convenience Stores and Retails

Safewell offers a wide choice of safes and security goods, while we pave the way for your business to grow. We have more than 20 years of experience in the industry and will take your business to another level with our outstanding production capabilities and commitment to creating remarkable safes.

cash safe boxes

Security Safes for Convenience Stores and Retails

Front loading drop saf

Drop Safe

A drop safe enables you to quickly and simply save a portion of the daily proceeds. For any company, this is a must-have item. These are constructed of a durable, dense material on which you can fully count. These store safes are among the most preferred items of our vault collection.

cash safe boxes

Cash Box

With our Cash Box, your customers can keep their money and valuables safe and secure. These are little units that can be stored away in a closet, cupboard, desk drawer, or other personal compartments. Our cash deposit safe has a specific compartments design that makes cash sorting very quick and simple.

high quality burglary safes

Burglary Safes

Nothing surpasses the finest burglary safes for home when it comes to protecting your customers’ most valuable belongings. Safewell burglary safes are composed of high-quality, long-lasting steel and feature alarm systems that sound if the safe is broken into.

Benefits of Convenience Stores and Retails Safes

Store Employee Optimisation

At the place of purchase, convenience store safe simplify the receiving and monitoring of cash deposits. Combining a cashier’s account at the end of a day is significantly faster because all transactions are tracked, allowing workers to wind up their day much more quickly and effectively.

Minimized Risk

The risk of stealing from both internal and external sources exists in any retail environment. Cashiers may simply deposit cash into a safe direction at the point of sale that provides cash convenience. This lowers cash quantities at the register, lowering overall cash exposure in the store and efficient cash management.

Enhanced Cash Control and Transparency

Note identification, cash tracking, accountability, extensive reporting features, and network interconnection provide dashboard-like accessibility to the full safe property are all available with our high-quality safes. For a merchant with several locations, this kind of access enables unparalleled cash visibility. Each smart safe user is responsible for transaction transparency and integrity.

Convenient Access to Cashflow

Cash deposited in the safe for convenience store can be transferred to the store’s bank account the next working day with daily credit. This eliminates the requirement for the store manager to make regular bank visits and allows the employees to access retail store safes money much more quickly.

Why Wholesale Store Safes From Safewell

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Superior Quality

Safewell manufactures its world-class safes with the most up-to-date production equipment, knowing that the quality of our products is dependent on the equipment we employ. To keep ahead of the competition, we undergo ongoing research and testing to improve the quality and functionality of our custom safes. 

We inspect each safe thoroughly, from the raw materials to the packaging, to ensure that it meets our stringent quality standards.

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Complete Customization Options

We specialize in producing high-quality custom burglary safes and other safety items that can be trusted by your company. With our manufacturing expertise, get custom options with our OEM/ODM service.

Working with Safewell means entrusting your safes to our talent, expertise, and quality control, so you can concentrate on what you do best: selling products and satisfying customers.

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Excellent QA Team

On request, we can also supply you with a full shipment inspection report, providing you peace of mind about the retail safes or other security products we deliver. Our laboratory, which houses the newest testing equipment and is staffed by the greatest quality inspectors, helps us conduct in-depth investigation and innovation.

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