Cash & Key Management Safes

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Highly-secure Cash and Key Management Safes

SafeWell constructs cash safes with a postage slot or deposit drawer for customers to slip money inside without opening the safe. As a result, our safes efficiently prevent any burglary attempts in public and are designed to be easy to handle for banks and other facilities.

From spray colors and appearance to lock types, we can customize our steel safes to emphasize their ability to provide greater security

Cash & Key Management Safes

We Bring Full Cash & Key Box Business Options

If you are looking for a cash & key management box, we are here to help you out. Safewell has a team dedicated to providing safety solutions that you will not get anywhere else.

The Brand Owner

We are a cash box supplier with the sole aim of helping you create a distinct brand identity with our services. Our services include the following factors you would benefit from:

Distributors/ Retailers

We cater to many businesses as well as to individual customers wanting to buy for personal use. Our small money safe will be a perfect addition to any environment, especially if you choose to add customization.

Cash Box & Key Cabinets Security Solutions


A key cabinet is made to keep your keys safe whether you are in a hotel or in an office space with multiple people gathered together.


If you invest in key boxes for car dealerships, you will realize that there are multiple applications for car key cabinets in the automotive sector.



An automotive key cabinet has such diverse applications that it is also used in banks and other commercial environments. Safewell’s innovation for banks includes digital locks and fingerprint authentication.

Chain Stores and Retail

You will also see a dealership key box coming to good use at convenience stores. It will protect you valuables from theft and other problems.

One-stop Services and Solutions For Your Business

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Free consultation

No matter your query about a key cabinet, do not hesitate to call our experts. The first consultation is on us!

Customized solutions

Our experts understand the demands of the cash and key safe industry and will help you bring your vision into reality.


We function as both Original Equipment Manufacturer and Original Design Manufacturer. Our aim is to target our services according to your needs.

Sample Inspection and Confirming

As a part of our full range of services, we will include you in the inspection of the cash boxes. Only after your approval will we move ahead with mass production.

Transportation & Delivery

We are ready to transport the products as soon as we are done with mass production. Your money safe will be delivered to you via sea or air within the deadline

After-sale Service

Our after-sales services are not limited to a phone call. We offer a 3-year warranty for repairing any damage to the product.

Why Wholesale Cash Safes and Key Boxes From Safewell

Removable Tray

Use the removable tray to organize bills, coins and keys with ease.

Portable Security Storage

Even if you decide to buy a small cashbox, we can assure you that the heavy steel structure is more than enough for security. Your belongings will be safe at all times.

Security for cash and key

Our key cabinets ensure that your valuables are always safe from any threats like theft and fire. Our testing process checks its strength and durability.

Competitive Price

When you decide to buy a key box holder from us, you are making sure you always get the right price. We offer our services at competitive prices.

Over 10+ of Experience as a Cash and Key Box Manufacturer

At Safewell, we understand the market and have more than a decade’s worth of experience to prove it. Our aim is to provide you with quality custom key cabinets and other related services.

Manufacturing Capabilities

Our manufacturing capability makes perfect use of technological innovation and 10 production lines to get all the work done before the deadline. We have 18 factories worldwide so that we can reach our clients faster.

Quality Control

With our advanced manufacturing facilities, we cannot afford to make mistakes. Each of our cash safe and key box goes through several quality checks to give the customer the best output.

Steady & Quick Supply

Our experience makes key cabinet suppliers perfect for providing good service within the agreed-upon deadline. We have rapid production, and products are ready to ship after the production.

Application Gallery

Whether installed in public or within secure areas, our cash safes are built to match banks, offices and more through our unique design options.

We Bring Marvelous Home Safes and Fireproof Safes.

As a trusted safe supplier, we provide a comprehensive range of safes and security products, and open up a path for your market.

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