Warmly Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of Safewell

On August 18, 2023, Safewell marked its 25th anniversary with a series of creative and heartwarming anniversary celebrations. The events included a flag-raising ceremony, the intelligent unlocking of safes with smart passwords, watching a commemorative video for August 18, group photos for memories, and tasting a celebratory cake.

flag-raising ceremony
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Customs Clearance Game
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commemorative video

Every year’s Safewell Division Day, every voyage and journey will turn into an evocative story, and every warm and touching experience will become an unforgettable beauty in the memory.

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During these activities, the attendees, including Safewell’s family members, reminisced about the journey, reliving the highlights, overcoming challenges, and revisiting the remarkable moments that depicted Safewell’s past years of dedication. It portrayed the resolute and forward-looking spirit of Safewell.

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