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Safewell is a reliable manufacturer for all your safe and vault needs. Everything your business needs to build brand identity is here. Our services ensure that all the products adhere to industry and quality standards. Get products delivered to your doorstep right on time.

Safewell Deposit Safes

Get Your Custom Deposit Safes to Cover Your Needs

Safe Size

Our custom services ensure that the safety drop box sizes are as per your need. We will take your input to create the most suitable product.

Lock Type

We make the lock design customized as per your business requirements. Your cash depository safe will be manufactured in the way it will be best for your customers.


If you invest in a deposit drop safe from Safewell, you will be able to alter the appearance of the safe as per your brand identit


We will make the interior of the money drop safe, perfect for keeping your valuables. Clients will prefer your brand if you employ our services.

Why Safewell Deposit Safes

Heavy Duty Security Protection

Our drop box safes are made especially so that your valuables will always get heavy duty security protection. Choose Safewell for safety and security.

Quick Access

In a money drop box, quick access to cash matters the most in case of need. We make sure that it is as easy to open in an emergency as it usually is

Security Storage For Cash

Your depository box will always be the right place to keep your cash and valuables. Safewell provides the ideal location for secure storage for the money.

Combination Lock

Our products will be manufactured with a combination lock based on your requirement. Choose drop safes from Safewell for optimal security for petty cash and other important items.

Deposit Safes Applications

Unlike other safe deposit box manufacturers, Safewell knows how to improve the product with its expertise. Our experts design and create versatile products with a wide range of applications.

Chain Stores and Retail

Deposit safes provide secure cash management with high-efficiency. Chains store and retails always process large amount of cash, that’s why a reliable cash solution is crucial to your business.


Safewell offer wide range of deposit safes ensuring high security for your cash and business valuables. All our safes offer secure solutions for business and office requirments.


Getting cash drop safes installed in different branches of a bank can help the employees handle cash better and more efficiently.

Why Wholesale Deposit Safes from Safewell

Certified Product

Get your customized deposit safes here in Safewell. We manufacture certified products through international certifications and tests standards.

Competitive Price

We will always offer you a competitive price for our cash drop safe and other related services.

Quick and Steady Supply

Our advanced production lines ensure steady drop safes output, for total 650,000 safes every year.

One-stop Service

Safewell is a manufacturer meant to provide you with customization, designing, approval, and mass production. Genuine one-stop service for getting a drop box safe.

We Bring Marvelous Home Safes and Fireproof Safes.

As a trusted safe supplier, we provide a comprehensive range of safes and security products, and open up a path for your market.

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