(Ningbo) Export Cross-border E-commerce Expo

The 2023 China (Ningbo) Export Cross-border E-commerce Expo, positioned as the premier cross-border trade exhibition backed by the world’s largest port, stands out as Ningbo’s most appealing high-end cross-border professional expo. It is also the only cross-border e-commerce expo in the country centered around the “large home furnishing” core category. This expo integrates the core factories of the hottest categories in cross-border e-commerce, establishing the highest-quality service ecosystem. The event also shoulders the mission of transforming traditional export trade, actively inviting a massive number of foreign trade companies from the Yangtze River Delta region and nationwide to participate in procurement, meeting the diverse and large-scale purchasing needs of traditional foreign trade companies.

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Products from Ningbo Safewell Intelligent Security Technology Co., Ltd., including safes and fingerprint locks, were showcased at the exhibition. Each booth had its unique features, attracting a continuous stream of customers browsing and making purchases. The products of Safewell Intelligent Security Technology, with their exquisite appearance and unique design, received widespread recognition from exhibition attendees. safes and fingerprint locks, were showcased at the exhibition.

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The exhibited products at this event focused on best-selling items in cross-border e-commerce: the Seven Colors Safe, gun cabinets, and household safes. Among them, the Seven Colors Safe, with its rich colors, sleek appearance, and intelligent operational design, caught the attention of numerous buyers. The Safewell booth attracted a constant flow of interested customers, becoming one of the highlights of this bustling cross-border e-commerce expo.safes.

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The 2023 Ningbo Cross-border Expo aims to meet the cross-border product selection, foreign trade procurement, trend understanding, and talent connection needs of cross-border and foreign trade professionals nationwide through a comprehensive and hardcore ecosystem. Ningbo has evolved into a benchmark city for China’s cross-border e-commerce and a leading city in the domestic large home furnishing cross-border e-commerce sector. Safewell International will seize the opportunity, adhering to the core values of “creating safety, providing peace of mind,” treating each product with the most stringent standards, and continuously creating products that customers can trust and rely on!

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