Fire Resistant Safes

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Quality-Tested Fire Resistant Safes

Tested under extreme conditions and following UL/ETL standards, our fireproof safes readily resist fires through strong surface treatments and the durability of their steel structure. Able to be bolted down to walls or any location, our safes withstand moisture leaks and high temperatures to protect money, documents and other items.

As our factory comes with ISO9001 and BSCI Responsibility certification, we ensure clean, responsible production and meet deadlines fastidiously to help you appease markets.

Fire Resistant Safes

We Bring Full Fire Safes Business Options

Are you looking for a fireproof safe manufacturer? Look no further. Safewell provides you with the best safe options for residential and commercial purposes.

Brand Owner

Safewell has a wide range of services that you should know about. We make sure that each fire resistant safe is manufactured with the utmost adherence to industry standards. Here is why Safewell is the right choice:

Distributor and Retailer

We make sure that our clients take only the best fire resistance safes. With our dedication to customer satisfaction, we can proudly say we have got the happiest customers from all across the globe. With Safewell, you will get:

Fire Resistance Safes Applications


Fireproof safes are ideal for securing valuables and important documents. Through our variety of custom options, we make sure our safes are seamlessly integrated into any office.


With Safewell’s fire safe, you will be able to keep all the important papers, valuables, and cash safe from burglary and fire.

Chain Stores and Retail

Our fireproof cash safe is made to help you keep all the store’s money safe from prying eyes and any possible damage from fire.


With a wide range of applications in the auto industry, you can also use our lockable fireproof safe for storing all your valuables while you are commuting.

One-stop Services and Solutions For Your Business

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Free consultation

Our team of experts is well aware of the challenges of the industry and will try their best to assist you throughout the process.

Customized solutions

Our fire safe box is customized according to your residential and commercial needs.


We offer the services as both an Original Equipment Manufacturer and an Original Design Manufacturer.

Sample Inspection and Confirming

Our one-stop service has targeted steps to ensure you end up with the best products only. We will only mass-produce the service if you confirm our sample.

Transportation & Delivery

We will get your products to you safe and sound with a competitive price.

After-sale Service

An important part of our responsibility as a fire safe manufacturer is to keep our customers happy even after we have delivered the products. We offer a 3-year warranty for all our safes which will include replacement and repair.

Why Order Fireproof Safes From Safewell

Qualified Products

Our quality control and manufacturing service make sure that our fireproof storage cabinet meets international standards. You will get perfect quality in each product.

Greater Security

Our manufacturing facility makes sure that the heavy steel structure of our fireproof storage box is not only resistant to fire but also from any attempts at burglary.

Security for your documents and cash

The first use of a safe is to keep your valuables safe. Safewell takes it a step further with its fireproof storage to offer dual protection from both theft and fire.

Competitive Price

We will give you the best services without you having to ask for them. For a fireproof document safe, you will get competitive pricing and a free consultation.

Over 10+ of Experience as a Fireproof Safes Manufacturer

Safewell has been catering to customers all around the world for more than a decade. Our experts make sure that each client gets the perfect service and products. Safewell’s fire resistance safes are made to last.

Manufacturing Capabilities

Our manufacturing capabilities boast of technological innovation, which will help you channel your vision into quality products. We have ten production lines and nearly 20 factories all around the globe.

Quality Control

We provide you with world-class safes for reliable output. Our quality certification will tell you more about our dedication to quality service.

Steady & Quick Supply

After testing our products for quality standards, we are ready to deliver your product within deadlines. We are proud to ship 650,000 safes annually because of our advanced facilities.

Fireproof Safe Selection Guide

Whether you are looking for a fireproof safe for a commercial or residential setting, you will need to know about the applications and the quality of the safe. If you are looking for fire-tested quality safes for industrial and commercial purposes, Safewell will give a range of fire resistance safes. This guide is made to help understand the full range of functionality for a fireproof file safe.

Table of Contents

Do fireproof safes really work?

Fireproof safes have different functionalities based on their U.L. Classification. One thing that you should understand is that no safe will be able to protect your valuables and documents indefinitely. A fireproof cash box is made to withstand a certain level of heat and high temperature for a limited period of time. It will buy you time to get your valuables out safely in case of a fire. 

The fire resistance is based on the U.L. Classes of Fire Protection. These classes are meant to tell you about the severity of the fire and what fire retardant to use. It is also used in the manufacturing of fire resistance safes.

Fire Rating Explained

Fire Endurance Test 

A fire endurance test is also called a fire resistance test and is meant to check the construction of the safe. The load-bearing capacity of each size needs to be tested so that the impact of the fire on beams, columns and walls can be detected. These tests are done in the manner of an international agreement across different industries at a specific temperature limit. The construction and durability of a fireproof money box can be increased through a fire endurance test. 

Fire Explosion Test

Much like a fire endurance test, a fire explosion test is also meant to check the durability and reliability of a safe. An explosion test checks if the manufacturing has been done right and the small fireproof safe is not a hazard to the health and safety of the people around it. Explosion test, you can determine the physical competence of the product being manufactured and make changes before it goes on to mass production. 

Fire Impact Test 

A fire impact test also works on the same principle as the two tests mentioned above. It helps the manufacturers to understand the integrity of the structure and whether or not it will withstand any impact in relation to the high temperature due to the fire. You will be able to get a good idea of the load-bearing capacity of the safe as well as its fibre separating ability if all the tests are done one after the other. The best fireproof safe will be able to hold off deterioration from the fire for a more extended period.

Fire Resistant vs Fireproof

Essentially speaking, both fireproof and fire-resistant products mean the same thing. Both are supposed to protect the contents from heat and high temperature. The main difference branches off from the ability of a particular product to hold off the fire for a longer time. But even if there is a lot of misleading information available on the internet, you as a customer need to understand that fire-resistant and fireproof essentially mean the same thing in industrial construction and manufacturing.

Application Gallery

Through our variety of custom options, we make sure our safes are seamlessly integrated into any office, home or facility to give customers peace of mind.

We Bring Marvelous Home Safes and Fireproof Safes.

As a trusted safe supplier, we provide a comprehensive range of safes and security products, and open up a path for your market.

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