Safes Solutions for Your Office

Providing Safes Solutions for Offices and Your Business

Safewell provides office safe box that are made of high-quality material. We aspire to be the top safe manufacturer in security solutions, providing a sense of security to your commercial customers. Inventiveness and passion are what lead us to provide world-class products to our clients in order to achieve their business goals as well.

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Security Safes for Offices

high quality burglary safes

Burglary Safes

We ensure that our clients have access to all accessible solutions. Our burglary-resistant safes require little maintenance. However, if you require assistance, we provide a variety of safe upkeep solutions to keep the security boxes in proper working order.

Front loading drop saf

Drop Safe

Drop safes, are designed in such a way that the user can make a deposit without ever actually opening the safe door. If deposits are made on a routine basis, this is the best choice. It is not practical to unlock the safe door every time a deposit is made as it can be risky.

fireproof safe

Fireproof Safes for Documents

One of the most convincing reasons to Use safe for documents to protect them from accidents such as fires. Our fireproof office safe is sturdy and made of top-quality material without even compromising on any of the other security features.

fingerprint safe

Fingerprint Safes

Safewell fingerprint safes are equipped with high-quality biometric readers. We provide a choice of biometric safes with fingerprint locking systems that pass through quality control. Our safes are strong and composed of high-quality materials.

cash safe boxes

Cash Box

Cash may be easily transported without bothering to withdraw it from the cash box owing to the handy fold-away handle our file safe box includes. Bills and coins with the removable tray in these business safes. Our cash boxes include a privacy key lock and are made of stainless steel.

key cabinet

Key Boxes

Our key boxes are made of sturdy steel material that is enduring and reliable. Our key boxes have a combination lock that allows them to open and close securely. Mount the key boxes on a wall or a gate with the mounting hardware provided with them. Access them easily!

Benefits of Office Safes for Your Business

Numerous Applications

Safes for business are a fantastic choice because they are fire and flood-proof, protecting against both types of threats. These are more popular in offices and are more robust and protective than a home safe. Electronic locks are standard on most versions, assuring limited access.


Our safes are designed to exceed not just the expectations of your business, but also the most stringent industrial requirements for fire resistance and mechanical stability. We can add further features to the safes based on the needs of your customers.

Provides Complete Protection Against Theft

Safes include a powerful locking mechanism that makes it easy to restrict access to just those who are permitted. Business safes safeguard against internal theft as well as any external theft and help your customers keep their belongings safe from intruders. 

Restricted Access

The small office safe can be meant to have limited access which can minimize cash monitoring and instead help the employees to focus on the business. We can also create a personalized inner layer to give your business custom safes a one-of-a-kind look and include security features as well.

Why Wholesale Office Safes From Safewell

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Dedicated Team

Our devoted team of specialists stands behind Safewell’s robust manufacturing skills, giving their all to create excellent goods and services for you and your business. We also invest in potential experts, grooming them to be dependable standard-bearers for Safewell’s upcoming generation. We have grown into a multi-industry, completely functional corporate and trading enterprise that assists you to grow your business as well.

cost effective

Reasonable Prices

In both the national and international markets, our customized safes are reasonably priced. This is because we want to help our business partners increase their profit margins. Your achievement is a victory for us as well. Our dependable supply chain, many high-quality facilities with cutting-edge technology, and support promotional efforts all work together to provide the international market with unique safety goods.

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All in one Security Solutions

Safewell is your reliable safes manufacturer and supplier for all of your high-security safe requirements. We are ready to help you with anything from complimentary initial conversations to additional service after the purchase. We can transform your innovative thoughts into realistic safe solutions and commercial equipment for your business with our extensive expertise and in-depth knowledge in the sector.

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