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Safewell’s cash boxes are here to change the commercial storage of money. As a business looking to expand its range and customer base, you should contact us for your demand for cash safes. We will help you get your brand on the map with our commercial services.

Safewell Cash Boxes

Get Your Custom Cash Boxes to Cover Your Needs

Safe Size

Our safe money box is made to suit customers. We will adjust the size to be larger or smaller according to your requirement during production.

Lock Type

With Safewell’s cash safe box, you will get customized lock designs including both digital and fingerprint locking that will offer optimum protection against threats.

Appearance & Color

Once you invest in our money safe, you will be able to get a say in its appearance. We will offer you different types of paint spray options as per the commercial requirements. Our custom options will help create something which resonates with your brand identity.


The interior of each petty cash box by Safewell is made to offer protection for your money and valuables. It will not allow weather to impact your valuables and cause any kind of rusting.

Why Safewell Cash Boxes

Security Protection

If you invest in our cash safe, we can assure you that all of your money will get nothing short of heavy-duty security protection. Your money will be protected from the environment and other threats.

Privacy Key Lock

With our custom cash box, you will get the option to customize your key lock for maximum privacy. We will get your approval before moving forward.

Secure Storage For Cash

Our money safes are made for multiple applications, all of which guarantee the secure storage of cash. Whether used on a big or small scale, they will provide the utmost security.

Separate Removable Trays

In marketplaces, you can find good use of our cash boxes. They come with separate removable trays for a high level of convenience.

Cash Boxes Applications

Safewell is a cash box supplier known for its dedication to quality production. We will provide you with the most versatile products across different commercial settings.

Convenience Store and Retail

Are you a retailer or in convenience stores and busy marketplaces, looking for better protection for your cash? We supply secure cash storage solution with our cash boxes.

Offices and Restaurants

In commercial environments like offices and restaurants, the security of cash is essential, and hence cash box china is required.


Made by reliable cash box manufacturers, our cash boxes will help banks keep the money safe.

Hospitals and Pharmacies

Safewell’s lockable cash boxes come with enough space to keep prescription drugs and expensive medicines away from intruders.

Why Wholesale Cash Boxes from Safewell

Certified Product

Our products are the best you will get at wholesale prices. Invest in our lockable cash boxes to get the best quality for your business.

Competitive Price

We are a cash box manufacturer that will always offer you a competitive price to help you build your brand identity with the best services.

Quick and Steady Supply

We have 10 production lines and 18 factories around the globe to ensure a steady supply of cash box safes.

One-stop Service

When you ask us for a cash box with a lock, we will get your approval throughout the production process. Our services begin with a free consultation and continue through the delivery and even involves after sales support.

We Bring Marvelous Home Safes and Fireproof Safes.

As a trusted safe supplier, we provide a comprehensive range of safes and security products, and open up a path for your market.

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