Safewell Sales Team Embarks On The 133rd Canton Fair

On April 15, 2023, the highly anticipated 133rd Canton Fair officially kicked off. This edition of the Canton Fair marks the inaugural year following the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China. Safewell Security, at this year’s fair, showcased numerous “smart manufacturing” innovations, standing out among many competitors and attracting high-quality merchants from various countries. Safewell’s “smart manufacturing” continues to extend towards both ends of the “smile curve” against the backdrop of technological upgrades.

Two foreign merchants signed contracts for three container orders on the spot.

133 canton fair
133 canton fair

Safewell Security exhibition area adopted Safewell’s unique industrial-style deep gray main color, complemented by Safewell blue, showcasing the distinctive Safewell color scheme. The core values of “creating safety, providing peace of mind,” and the industrialization, specialization, and quality of Safewell Security were highlighted. The booth’s unique decoration style and innovative products attracted numerous high-quality foreign customers, generating a constant stream of inquiries. The booth was crowded, bustling with activity.

Inquiries from customers were continuous.

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Inquiries from customers

he new product zone featured the Seven Colors Box series, breaking away from existing market appearance styles—more modern and youthful. The surface adopts leather craftsmanship, with vibrant colors that can be personalized based on individual preferences, offering a wide range of color choices to perfectly complement furniture. The luxury intelligent touchscreen biometric recognition system integrates mobile application monitoring, allowing flexible prevention of illegal access, tampering, and other activities, highlighting Safewell’s craftsmanship in “smart manufacturing.” Providing customers with a sense of security and peace of mind in usage.

Safewell sales team
Safewell sales team

Since its establishment in 1998, Safewell International has consistently adhered to the craftsmanship spirit, focusing on the common development of the industry, dedicating itself to intelligent manufacturing, and emphasizing quality control. Over the past 25 years, our exhibition team has continuously grown, and our products have been constantly upgraded, attracting more and more high-quality customers to choose the SAFEWELL brand. We will continue to uphold the “Four Thousand Spirit,” riding the “upward air currents,” treating each of our products with the most stringent standards, and bringing the exclusive Safewell sense of security and peace of mind to customers with the most sincere and genuine heart! Safety you can rely on!”

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