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If you are looking for a key safe box and key cabinet supplier, Safewell is the right manufacturer to meet all your business needs. We provide a key box holder at competitive prices without compromising quality. Our customized solutions are made to be centered around your business and will help you build your brand identity.

Safewell Key Boxes and Cabinets

Custom Key Lock Cabinets & Boxes to Cover Your Needs

Safe Size

Our key holder lock box is custom made in different sizes according to the client’s specifications. We want your business to provide the best services to your customers.

Lock Type

Even if we manufacture a digital key lock box, we ensure that the lock fastened is promising full security of the comets of the product. We offer digital locking options and fingerprint options along with an override key.

Appearance & Color

Whether you have the key box installed in a fixed position or use it for carrying around, we will adjust the appearance of the portable key lock box.


If you buy lock boxes from Safewell, we will construct the interior with multiple rows to hang the keys from as per the client requirements. We design our interior to negate any possibilities of a mix up.

Why Safewell Key Lock Cabinets & Boxes


Our outdoor key lock box is wall mountable and will hold its position while protecting your keys and belongings. You can fix it without worrying about security.

Combination Lock

We can design the lock as per your preference for added protection. Our products, like the wall mounted key box, come with a combination lock so that only the owner can open it and adjust the combination if and when required.

Reinforced Metal Molded Body

When you decide to buy key cabinets wholesale from Safewell, you get a key cupboard with a reinforced metal molded body for protection.

Secure Storage for Keys

Our design choices are made with client specifications in mind. Our cabinets are created to provide the safest option when it comes to key safes and cabinets.

Flexible Key Lock Cabinets & Boxes Applications

A car key cabinet is slowly gaining popularity because of its versatility across different commercial environments. There are a variety of applications for car key cabinets that make them a worthy investment to make.

Automotive & Dealership

The most extensive use you will see of an automotive key cabinet is in a car dealership. Keeping track of everyone present also becomes easy.


For any agent managing multiple properties and open houses, a realtor key box solves many managerial problems. It is recommended for safekeeping as well.


Key boxes can also be used in office spaces for organization and easy management.

Home & Residential

A dealership key box from Safewell is versatile enough to also be used in a residential capacity. One can buy a key box for the home, especially if entertaining guests.

Wholesale Key Lock Cabinets & Boxes from Safewell

Certified Product

All the products ranging from a key safe box to a key cabinet are manufactured under dedicated quality control measures.

Competitive Price

When you decide to buy key cabinets wholesale from us, we will help you get the best deal because we offer our services only at competitive rates.

Quick and Steady Supply

Our custom key cabinets are made right on time so that you get the safes delivered on time by your favorite key cabinets suppliers.

One-stop Service

Safewell is made to create a key lock box as per your demand and then mass-produce the key safes only after you approve the prototype.

We Bring Marvelous Home Safes and Fireproof Safes.

As a trusted safe supplier, we provide a comprehensive range of safes and security products, and open up a path for your market.

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