Welcome to visit Safewell 131th Online Canton Fair

On April 15, 2022, the 10-day 131st China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair) will be grandly opened online. It adopts three parts: docking service and cross-border e-commerce area, and sets up columns for exhibitors and exhibits, virtual exhibition halls, exhibitor connections, news and activities, and conference services on the official website.

With the help of advanced information technology, this online Canton Fair will more powerfully help enterprises to bring goods through live broadcast. In recent days, Safewell has been participating in the exhibition, making fancy moves, and receiving guests “on the cloud“, let us hit the scene together!

safes online canton show
safes online canton show

Shengwei International Holdings (China) Co., Ltd. was founded in 1998 and is currently one of the leaders in the global safe deposit box industry. The group’s overall business mainly involves modern security communications (smart safes, intelligent communication cabinets, intelligent PDUs, intelligent access control systems), garden outdoor, modern logistics equipment, and health and wellness fields.

At present, the company has established overseas branches, production and storage bases in France, Germany, the United States, the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, Australia, Vietnam and other countries, and has 16 international famous security brands such as SAFEWELL, GOLDENKEY, GUARDWELL, PATRON, EXCELENT.

safes online canton show 2
safes online canton show 2
safes online canton show 3
safes online canton show 3

As the core product of Shengwei security industry, Safewell now owns more than ten international well-known brands such as SAFEWELL. The products include household safes, star-rated hotel safes, guns and ammunition cabinets (storages), ATM machines, escape cabins, home vault doors, life insurance cabinet, etc.

Passed the double certification of ISO9001 quality system and ISO14001 environmental system, and successively launched strategic cooperation with Amazon, ASSA ABOLY, Costco, Fireking, Walmart, TSC, ACE, BUNNINGS, GUNNEBO and other multinational companies, as well as relevant national law enforcement agencies.

safes online canton show 4
safes online canton show 4

Entering the era of digital economy, the development of retailers and even the whole industry has also entered a new stage of “intelligence is competitiveness, safety is carrying capacity”.

In order to comply with the general trend of intelligent security, Shengwei security industry relies on the well-known IOT platform big data and hardware to create smart security products, and has launched new high-tech products at this Canton Fair, such as smart home boxes with WIFI remote opening, bluetooth smart open pistol boxes, people Face recognition smart gun cabinets, etc., create a full range of consumer-grade smart security solutions for home, hotel and other business scenarios, help global security industry partners, quickly land in the global market, and inject new vitality for customers at home and abroad to seize the high point of competition.

This kind of new product adopts new design, new technology and new technology. No matter from the appearance or performance of the product, all of them show smart technology and high efficiency and safety. Through the online live broadcast, guests from all over the world were deeply attracted by the new products, and they sent inquiries to Shengwei continuously.

Pursuing perfection, striving to be an industry model and industry benchmark is the eternal theme of Shengwei Security. Shengwei security people will always uphold the spirit of ingenuity and have the courage to be pioneers and innovative practitioners. We look forward to making persistent efforts to create greater glories, and we also look forward to going from “Made in China” to “Made in China” to a higher level!

On October 15, 2021, the five-day 130th Autumn Canton Fair will arrive as scheduled. The new products of Safewell Security will unveil at this Canton Fair, Welcome all the distinguished guests to visit the exhibition areas of Shengwei International!Booth No.6.1K09-10,J37-38.date2021.10.15-19

safes online canton show 5 1
safes online canton show 5 1

The communication industry relies on the Jiashan manufacturing base. Starting from the production of the first cabinet in 2007, it has gradually cultivated and established an experienced product R&D team and cooperated with many multinational companies at home and abroad. The company’s self-developed cold and hot aisle, high-density and low-energy green computer room and other products have won praise from many customers at home and abroad.

High-quality products, innovative research and development, and fast delivery, the rapid development of Shengwei Communication has made Shengwei a synonym for the most cost-effective in the communication industry.

safes online canton show 2
safes online canton show 2

Affected by the epidemic since 2021, the global ocean freight has continued to rise, and the overall procurement cost of customers has continued to rise, which has led to a sharp drop in customer profit margins, resulting in a series of problems such as a sharp increase in the churn rate of end customers in the market. Under the influence of many factors, small customers even face the dilemma of bankruptcy.

In order to better make breakthroughs for customers, upholding the core value of “creating safety and feeling peace of mind”, the Shengwei Communication team entered the state of preparation early, overcame difficulties, and launched the latest series of quick-install cabinets at this Canton Fair. product.

This product can not only save a lot of transportation, warehousing, labor and other costs for customers, but also conveys the belief that “Shengwei is with you”, which is closely linked to advance and retreat together. I hope that Shengwei can do its best to help customers. overcome obstacles!

In this Canton Fair, Shengwei Communication also launched the latest SN06 series products. In addition to its own value, this series of products can provide customers with solutions to reduce overall costs.

In order to better display, the Shengwei communication team has done enough homework, and arranged the technical team to give detailed guidance in the early stage; on the day of the live broadcast, the Shengwei salesman gave a detailed explanation and a complete introduction; Customers better understand and use. A complete set of “combination boxing” is full of strength, which fully interprets Shengwei’s service confidence and uniqueness, making customers feel safe and secure.

In the face of export upset and foreign trade cold winter, Shengwei communication industry has always remained optimistic and positive, seeking from top to bottom, innovating and breaking the ice. Taking the opportunity from the trade, seeking progress from the machine, we have always been at the forefront of the market, and it is our responsibility to provide customers with a more complete product and service system.

Shengwei people firmly believe that with the joint efforts of Shengwei and customers, and under the active control of the government and the market, we will be able to overcome all difficulties and obstacles and move forward bravely all the way!

safes online canton show 3
safes online canton show 3

The trading platform is the incubator platform of Shengwei Group, dedicated to incubating the new driving force for the future development of the group. The business types of the existing companies can be divided into international trade services, garden outdoor, children’s amusement facilities, international logistics, modern logistics equipment, health and wellness fields, etc.

Relying on the Shengwei trading platform, Shengwei Kewei has built a domestic leading 5000m² one-stop experience exhibition hall that combines supermarket and scene-based exhibitions. It has professional sales, procurement, design and quality control teams to provide customers with one-stop experience and aspires to become one of the world’s largest quality service providers for large-scale groceries such as gardens, outdoor leisure, and tools.

Since its establishment 24 years ago, in order to better meet the needs of customers, the company has continuously increased investment in technological innovation and product research and development. Through independent research and development and accelerating the cultivation of technical team strength, the products have formed a comprehensive and complementary pattern of intelligent safe cabinets, intelligent communication cabinets, intelligent PDUs, etc., and the overall strength of research and development has reached the domestic leading level and is close to the international advanced level.

Under the background of China’s accelerated construction of a new development pattern, Shengwei will further promote the integration of domestic and foreign trade, open up the “two legs” of the domestic market and the international market, integrate into the dual cycle, and open up new business opportunities, so as to achieve both internal and external training and speed up the market. layout!

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safes online canton show 1
safes online canton show 1

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safes online canton show 8
safes online canton show 8
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