List of Home Safes Made in Australia

When the matter is about security, the topmost choice of most individuals is home safes. It is the best investment you can ever make in your life. If you are worried about your children getting in reach of the things that you want to keep away from them like medicines or guns then home safes should be your first choice. They will ensure that all your precious items are safe and secure. But how do you choose the best home-safe Australia with plenty of options available in the market? Don’t worry because this blog is written to help you. 

You will get to know about the best brands from some of the best safe manufacturers and get all your doubts cleared. 

Top-rated home safes in Australia 

Here is a list of some top-rated home safe in Australia from the best home safe manufacturers

  1. Chubbsafes Electronic Home Safe
  2. Yale YFM/695/FG2
  3. CMI MG4D Home Safe (Large Safe)

Top 3 home safes in Australia 

1. Chubbsafes Electronic Home Safe

Electronic Safe
Source: chubbsafes.com

This electronic home safe by chubbsafes is specially designed for protecting only a limited amount of cash or other valuable items like pieces of jewelry. You can use this home safe for domestic or office use. If you have only limited items to keep them safe or want some items to be kept away from other items then this is the best option for you. 

It has the latest design with electronic locks so it will be convenient for you to get and keep your items back in the safe. It is small in size so it will be easier for you to hide it and carry it. The overriding key access helps you to get your items back in case of any accidental lockout or when the batteries get dead. 

The overall body thickness is 35 mm so the burglars will get tired of breaking it but it won’t open.


2. Yale YFM/695/FG2

Digital Safe
Source: yalehome.co

Yalehomes test their items in every type of condition so that their safes can withstand intense humidity and heat. This means that your precious items will be kept safe and secure with this digital home safe

It will provide up to 90 minutes of fire resistance and with its digital pin lock, no one will be able to open it. The three 22mm steel locking bolts help to provide added security against any kind of attack. In case of an emergency, you will be able to open it with a master reset code. Even if the batteries run out, the 9V batters help to power the safe. It has easy installation so you can easily fix it to the floor. 

The net weight is 90 kg so no one will even think of carrying it and stealing your important items. Fire tests are performed in furnaces so you can rest assured that your items will be safe in case of fire. The back-end bolts help in securing the hinges from attack. It is certified by Swedish National Testing Agency & Research Institute and Korea Standard. 

You can make over 1 billion possible key combinations so you do not have to worry about the burglars stealing your things. 

3. CMI MG4D Home Safe (Large Safe)

Electronic Safe
Source: safeguardsafes.com

Another great product of CMI, MG4D is a digital electronic safe box with keypad lock. It provides protection from fire for up to 30 minutes. The electronic keypad makes it easier to use and keeps your goods safe and secure. 

It is a large safe so it has enough space to keep most of your items safe. It has bolt holes in the bottom but no one is likely to take the risk of carrying a 65kg safe and hurting their back. Overall, this is the perfect fireproof safe to keep all your items safe in one place. 

The plate on the door is 8mm thick and the main body plate is 4mm in thickness so it will be quite sturdy. It has a height of over 60 cm so some people will find it too big for a home safe but it is one of the best fireproof home safes you can get. It will be worth an investment. CMI is well known for its home safes so you cannot go wrong with this one. 

F1200S Safewell Fingerprint Access Safe Box For Home: The Best Chinese Option

Safewell Fingerprint Safe F1200S Series is ideal for you to store your cash, small items, or jewelry safely and securely. The lock design is fingerprint enabled so anybody other than you will not be able to open it without your fingerprint. 

Do not worry about your items getting scratches on them as the flannel will not let it happen. If someone tries to open this safe then it will automatically raise a vibration alarm. It has three indicator lights that let you know whether it has a low battery, is open, or is for giving a warning. 

Up to 20 fingerprints can be registered with this safe so if you are using this for office purposes then it will be suitable for you. Apart from fingerprint, you can also set a 4 digit pin code and you can also reset it by pressing the reset button. 

It has holes in the back and bottom so you can easily fix it to the floor and the wall. In case of emergency lockout, you can use the emergency key to get your items back safely. 


Buying a home safe can be the best choice you can ever make and the best way to use your money. It will provide you with an added layer of security so you will have peace of mind while your items are kept safe and secure in your home safes.

With all the safe manufacturers out there, you can put your trust in Safewell, a Chinese manufacturer that provides high-quality home safes. 

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