List Of Top Ammunition Box Manufacturer In The World

metal Ammunition Box
Source: Safewell

A container that is designed for the secure transportation and storage of ammunition is referred to as a cartridge box or ammunition box. In most cases, it is fabricated from metal and bears a label indicating its caliber, quantity, and either the date of manufacture or the lot number. 

In order to prevent the ammo from becoming ruined by moisture, the hinged lid typically has a rubber gasket attached to it. It is anticipated that an increase in conflicts and terrorist activities around the globe will lead to an increase in the procurement of military equipment by major militaries. 

This would be beneficial to the current market trends over the forecast period. It is anticipated that there will be an increase in the usage of ammunition with a small caliber in the not-too-distant future due to the increasing popularity of sports that include the use of handguns and rifles. 

In addition, the incorporation of technology advancements into products has led to the production of lightweight bullets constructed from polymer-based casings. This development is anticipated to boost market expansion. 

It makes a great deal of sense to put money into the firearm and ammo manufacturing industries. Here are the top 5 ammunition box manufacturer in the world.

List Of Top Ammunition Box Manufacturer In The World

1. Safewell

Type of Business:  Manufacturer of safes, ammunition boxes, and vaults

Location (Headquarters): Beilun, Zhejiang, China

Year Founded: 1998

Products offered: Residential safes, Commercial safes, Fire Resistant safes, Cash and Key management safes, Gun safes and Vaults, Metal boxes, Accessories, and Safe related products

Safewell logo
Source: Safewell

When it comes to security products, the safes manufacturer – Safewell is unrivaled on a global scale, giving customers in both the residential and commercial sectors peace of mind. They achieve this by being creative and committed to giving our customers the best possible experience with every purchase they make. 

The company’s dependable supply chain, many high-quality facilities with cutting-edge equipment, and helpful marketing assets all work together to meet the demand for its bespoke safety goods across the world. This ammunition box manufacturer is a reliable provider of safes and other security items, and their products pave the way for increased competition in the market. 

Even more so, in response to the post-pandemic environment, Safewell has increased its domestic and international marketing efforts via e-commerce channels.

Products And Services Offered

  • Residential safes
  • Commercial safes
  • Fire Resistant safes
  • Cash and Key management safes
  • Gun safes and Vaults
  • Metal boxes
  • Accessories
  • Safe related products

2. Thales

Type of Business: Manufacturer of defense equipment

Location (Headquarters): Paris’ business district, La Défense

Year Founded: 2000

Products offered: Tactical radios, remote-controlled weapon stations, infantry mobility vehicles, aerospace electronics, aeronautics

Thales logo
Source: Thales

From early warning to threat neutralization, at all stages from very short-range systems to extensive air defense, Thales is the only firm in Europe capable of providing a complete spectrum of solutions to the armed forces. 

This ammunition box manufacturer uses a single base propellant designed to maintain consistent velocities and pressures throughout a wide temperature range (-54 C to +80 C). The main component of the propellant is nitrocellulose, and it is supplemented with a stabilizer and ballistic moderators. In place of other propellants that cause weapon fouling, this one is a great alternative due to its extremely clean burning characteristics. 

There’s a reinforced penetrator and a lead slug inside the shiny metal casing of the bullet. Arms can be shipped in containers that meet United Nations standards for shipping dangerous materials. The parcels contain ammunition for firearms and other small arms, hence they are labeled as Hazard Division 1.4S, UN Number 0012, Proper Shipping Name.

Products And Services Offered

  • Tactical radios
  • Remote-controlled weapon stations
  • Radars
  • Infantry mobility vehicles
  • Aerospace electronics
  • Aeronautics

3. RUAG Holding A.G.

Type of Business: Manufacturer of defense equipment

Location (Headquarters): Bern, Bern-Mittelland, Bern, Switzerland

Year Founded: 1999

Products offered: Aerostructures products, Ammotec products, Simulation & Training products

Source: RUAG

RUAG Ammotec’s Hunting & Sport and Armed Forces & Law Enforcement divisions make them the market leaders in Europe for small-caliber ammunition, pyrotechnic elements, and components. Extremely lethal ammunition developed for its special forces is in high demand across the globe. 

Actuator cartridges used in the building sector and automotive safety system applications benefit from RUAG Ammotec’s innovative heavy-metal-free priming methods. RUAG designs and sells products for both civilian and military usage in the air and on the ground. It creates military and civilian electronics for use in space, the air, and on the ground. 

Electronics systems, spacecraft structures and equipment, launchers, fuselage sections, wing, and peripheral systems, aero structure components and systems, aero structure services, military systems, helicopters, subsystems and components, and helicopter services are all part of the company’s offerings. Additionally, this company offers communication systems, ammunition for the military and law enforcement, ammunition for hunting and other outdoor activities, and integrated solutions and services.

Products And Services Offered

  • Aerostructures products
  • Ammotec products
  • Simulation & Training products 

4. Rheinmetall Defence

Type of Business: Manufacturer of ammunition equipment

Location (Headquarters): Düsseldorf, Germany

Year Founded: 1889

Products offered: Automotive parts, military vehicles, Autocannons, ATGMs, Anti-aircraft defense systems, artillery, mortars, tank guns, munitions, ammunition, fuze systems, electronics

Rheinmetall Defence logo
Source: Rheinmetall Defence

The publicly traded Rheinmetall AG represents a powerful, internationally successful company that operates in a variety of industries with an innovative range of products and services. The Rheinmetall Group is an integrated technology group that has approximately 25,000 employees located all over the world. 

To address long-term megatrends, identify viable new markets with high growth potential, and develop innovative solutions for a safe and liveable future, Rheinmetall draws on its high level of expertise in its basic technologies. Rheinmetall is a well-known development partner and direct supplier to the global automotive industry, as well as a leading international systems provider for security technology. 

The plan that Rheinmetall employs includes a significant emphasis on environmental responsibility. Rheinmetall’s Weapon and Ammunition division is a world-renowned industry leader with considerable expertise across the entirety of the weapon and ammunition supply chain. The section covers everything from large and medium caliber weapons and munitions to protection systems, propulsion systems, charge systems, and propellant powders. In order to deliver precise and efficient anti-enemy solutions, Rheinmetall masterfully combines cutting-edge technology in the areas of firearms, ammunition, charges, and fuses.

Products And Services Offered

  • Automotive parts
  • Military vehicles
  • Autocannons
  • ATGMs
  • Anti-aircraft defense systems
  • Artillery, mortars, tank guns, munitions
  • Aammunition
  • Fuze systems

5. Leonardo

Type of Business: Manufacturer of aerospace, defense, and security products

Location (Headquarters): Piazza Monte Grappa, 4 – 00195, Rome 

Year Founded: 1948

Products offered: Aeronautics, aircraft, helicopters, electronics, defense systems, remote-controlled weapon stations, turrets, autocannons, rotary cannons, naval artillery, missiles, torpedoes, unmanned ground vehicles, unmanned underwater vehicles

Leonardo logo
Source: Leonardo 

The Italian conglomerate Leonardo works in the fields of aerospace, defense, and security. The modern Ariete combat tank that the business supplied to the Italian armed forces has made the company famous. Leonardo’s biggest shareholder is the Italian Ministry of Economy and Finances, which owns 30.2% of the company. 

To put it simply, governments, defense agencies, institutions, and businesses all around the world rely on the corporation as a reliable technological partner for their most important strategic programs. Leonardo bases its global operations on innovation, constant research, digital manufacturing, and sustainability. Leonardo is an industry player in rotorcraft, overseeing tasks like design, manufacturing, pilot education, and service after the sale. 

Leonardo manufactures a wide variety of helicopters for the civilian and military sectors, spanning from single-engined aircraft at 1.8 tonnes to three-engined rotorcraft at 16 tonnes. Leonardo creates and combines systems for managing air and sea traffic, as well as for monitoring and protecting land and marine borders. They also create secure communication networks and solutions for managing infrastructure and systems. 

Services provided include IT infrastructure planning, management, and data processing for intelligence and cyber security. Naval artillery, armored vehicles, and undersea systems are all areas in which Leonardo is actively engaged in design, development, and production.

Products And Services Offered

  • Aeronautics
  • Aircraft
  • Helicopters
  • Defense systems
  • Remote-controlled weapon stations
  • Turrets, autocannons
  • Rotary cannons
  • Naval artillery
  • Missiles
  • Torpedoes
  • Unmanned ground vehicles
  • Unmanned underwater vehicles


There is a significant amount of expansion potential for companies that are already engaged in firearm production as well as those that are considering entering the sector. Already a fairly sizable market, the wholesale gun safe market is well positioned to grow even larger in the near future. 

Due to the heightened geopolitical tensions, the researchers have seen that local law enforcement agencies, local defense forces, and local border security units are all requesting more ammunition. It is best to keep ammunition in a box while storing it so that it remains ordered and does not move around. 

Ammunition is protected from harm and remains untouched by wetness and humidity when stored in a box, which averts the formation of rust on the brass coating. Guns and ammunition are safer when they are stored in the appropriate manner. You can contact Safewell for inquiry. Hope this list of mmunition box manufacturers could hep you reduce time and cost.

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