Everything You Need To Know About Burglary Safe Rating!

Have you heard of the term ‘UL’ when buying a safe for your home or office? Well, UL is an acronym for Underwriters Laboratories. It tests a vast range of safes manufactured by different companies to ensure that they are manufactured according to industry standards. During the tests, they determine both the quality and safety of the safes. One such high-quality safe is the digital home safe.

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Testing standards are maintained and created by the company for products that fall under over 19,000 product categories. 

Keep reading if you are new to burglary ratings and are looking forward to knowing more about the concept. Today, we discuss different burglary ratings that will help you make a definite choice for buying safes. Also, remember to buy one only from a reputed safe manufacturer.

More About UL Certification

UL defines its ratings very well so that consumers rely on the products they are buying. Since the 1920s, the company has been setting standards for utmost security of valuables kept in the safes and loss prevention industry. The commercial safes produced are tested and rated by UL in fire resistance, burglary protection, and other impacts. 

The company conducts testing in laboratories and then issues a UL certification. UL certification is the hallmark of dependability and high quality. When a safe is UL certified, consumers are sure they are purchasing an item they can trust. 

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Burglary Ratings

Burglary ratings help users know a few critical things about a burglary safe that they are planning to buy. It defines the performance standard and the construction of the safe to ensure a user about the protection of their possessions. The insurance industry established burglary ratings to indicate whether a safe provides the required degree of protection or not. 

The most common ratings range from B-rate to C-rate. UL has been testing products and writing standards for over a century now. Let us know more about the burglary ratings and how they are defined to tell consumers about the safety level. UL is a global independent safety science company that offers excellence across five major aspects: environment, product safety, life and health, verification services, and knowledge services. 

Let us know more about the classifications of burglary ratings to help you better decide when buying safes. 


The TL rated safes are safe for burglary of all kinds. This rating indicates that the safe is capable of withstanding the beating of one man. That said if one man beats a particularly safe and if that person tries to open it, they will not be able to. It can withstand wielding a hammer and a crowbar for up to five minutes. 

When a product is rated with the safety rating of TL, it means that the digital home safe will be able to resist attacks of 5 minutes, which would defeat its purpose. The tools that can be used to beat the safe include chisels, hammers, pry bars, adjustable wrenches, punches, and screwdrivers. 

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Though the hammer used to beat the TL rates, safes should have a head weight of 3 pounds. Also, no tool used should exceed the length of 18 inches. The attack should be carried out by one operator only, and the product, i.e., the safe, should be mounted securely in the position where it is supposed to be. 


A safe rated with the TRTL rating is all torch and tool resistant. It means that they all withstand torches and tools to a great extent and are hence safe to a great extent. There are two variations in the TRTL safes: the 15 and 30 safes. It means that a TL 15 safe can withstand a beating of almost 15 minutes, whereas a TL 30 safe can withstand a beating of 30 minutes. 

Thieves usually use several different types of tools that include saws, disc cutters, sledgehammers, torches, or even explosives. The safes that are rated with TRTL can withstand heavy-duty attacks and explosives of all kinds. They can withstand a fire for almost 2 hours and the beating of hammers for up to 30 minutes. That said, such safes are much more tolerant and have higher capacities as compared to the others. 

TRTL jewelry safes are completely safe for storing valuables and jewelry, even in areas that are more prone to get attacked by thieves. Such safes are built using a higher density of compressed concrete material and are also encased within inner and outer magnesium steel hard plates. The TRTL safes are resistant to torch and tools on all sides, and they are built with an equal thickness on all sides. 

TRTL is a very serious rating of the UL, and a user should only purchase this safe if their insurance company demands the same. 


The TXTL safes rated by the UL are similar to that of the TRTL rated safes. It means that they also provide a higher level of protection from heavy-duty attacks, torches, and fire to some extent. However, in addition to protection from torch and tool, the TXTL rated safes are safe from explosives to some extent as well. They provide additional protection and can be considered by people. 

The safes can withstand a minimum weight of almost 1000 lbs. The safes rated as TXTL are crafted using steel with a thickness of a minimum 1 inch, and penetration welds of ¼ inches usually fasten the fabricated body. The safes also have secured doors and door jambs. 

The safes can withstand attacks from heavy tools for almost 60 minutes from all sides. It can resist several different tools, including common hand tools, handheld power tools, picking devices, cutting wheels, high-speed drillers, high explosives, cutting torches, etc. 

Class TRTL – 15×6 rating: 

This rating falls under the TRTL rated safes. It means that the safes rated as TRTL 15×6 can withstand both torch and tools for about 15 minutes. If a thief tries to beat open the safe, it will withstand hammers or any other heavy-duty tool for 15 minutes and not be hampered. The safe is protected from all six sides, which means that all safes are manufactured using the same materials and technology. 

They can withstand all tools, including the common lighter ones and the heavier tools. All six sides will resist a beating of up to 15 minutes. It means that these safes have great capability. 

Class TRTL 30×6

This rating is another classification of the TRTL category only. Such safes can also withstand tools and torches of all kinds. However, they are a bit more powerful than the safes of the first classification described. In a sense, the safes of the first classification can withstand beating for up to 15 minutes only, whereas those that fall under this classification can withstand the beating and attacks for 30 long minutes. 

They are more powerful and are hence recommended for commercial spaces. Since they can also withstand the same from all six sides, all sides are crafted using the same technology. 

All the safes manufactured go through several tests by the UL before they are released in the market. They give appropriate ratings to each safe to make sure that a consumer is well aware of the level and degree of safety offered by a particular safe. Depending on the needs and valuables required to be stored, you can choose to invest in a safe. 


This rating falls under the TXTL category and contains one of the most powerful safes. Safes classified as TXTL 60 are among the best safes usually opted for by jewelers and other similar businesses. As mentioned above, the TXTL safes can withstand tools, torches, and explosives. The 60 in the rating describes that the safe can withstand all such factors for 60 long minutes. It determines that breaking the safes of this category is just possible. 

It stays protected from all six sides. Such safes can be used for long years, and nothing will happen to them since they are engineered using the best quality materials and technology for the best possible results. These are the highest-rated safes and are usually considered by businesses. However, some households also choose to invest in them. 


The main motive of UL behind rating the safes before they are released in the market is to protect the interest of consumers. They believe that the consumers should not be fooled by the terms dependable and secure. The ratings depict that the product has the qualities that the manufacturer says. Consumers should know that UL has not tested and verified most of the inexpensive safes sold in the big stores. Hence, before investing in one, you should perform your due diligence. For more such information, contact Safewell.

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