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“Our pass expired on May 7. After applying for an extension online, it was approved within 1 hour.” Right now, Li Xuemei, president of Safewell International Holdings Co., Ltd., is most concerned about logistics.

From April 30th, the Municipal Bureau of Commerce has started the bid for the “Vehicle Pass for Key Import and Export Materials Transportation Vehicles” (hereinafter referred to as the pass) for foreign trade enterprises. It is reported that the “Pass” adopts a unified national style, led by the Ministry of Transport, with foreign trade enterprises as the main body of declaration, allowing relevant transport vehicles to pass across the country.

Safewell International is an enterprise integrating industry and trade. It owns more than ten international well-known security brands such as SAFEWELL. Its factories and warehouses are located in Zhanqi, Beilun Baifeng, and Jiashan County outside the city. Daily production is frequently allocated.

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Aerial view of Safewell International Factory

On May 3, Yinzhou District found 1 person who was initially screened positive in the regional nucleic acid test. A few hours later, the whole area of Zhanqi Town was classified into the “three districts”.

“Our factory in Zhanqi has been placed in the prevention area, materials cannot come in, and shipments cannot go out.” Li Xuemei said that there are just a few trucks of goods in the factory to be sent to the Amazon warehouse in Meishan, and then Amazon will organize them out of the cabinet. Yun, “Time is tight, it’s impossible to have a ship waiting for us.”

With the attitude of trying it out, she contacted the Municipal Bureau of Commerce, and the staff sent an application link, informing that the fixed vehicle, fixed driver information, and a 24-hour nucleic acid certificate can be applied online. Li Xuemei immediately prepared relevant materials and applied for two passes, which were successfully approved the next day. The two cars were connected back and forth, and finally caught up with the sailing schedule.

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Passport for Safewell International Application

However, compared with the more than 20,000 foreign trade enterprises with import and export performance in the city, few have obtained the pass. In the interview, a number of foreign trade companies said that logistics, storage and transportation are connected to production at one end and sales at the other end, and various nodes and transportation arteries in the industrial chain need to be opened up urgently. In the face of repeated epidemics, at present, large-scale foreign trade enterprises in important fields have received more policy attention, but for small and micro foreign trade enterprises with a wide range of points, they are still looking forward to more progress in smooth logistics.

As of 5 pm today (8th), Ningbo has issued a total of 545 passes for 63 enterprises, including the transportation of key materials in the “three zones” and the import and export of materials to and from Shanghai and other places. The relevant person in charge of the Municipal Bureau of Commerce said that the next step will continue to take multiple measures to further ease the pain of logistics and strive to open up the “capillaries” of the open economic cycle.

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