How To Use Hotel Safes

Have you ever wondered how to use hotel safe box? When we’re in a hotel room, we have several essential belongings. We all need a place to keep these things and feel safe. A hotel safe is provided in all the hotel rooms to keep their valuable items such as money, jewelry or important documents. 

Even though theft from a hotel safe deposit box is not happening every day, it still is a possibility. It is always better to be safer than sorry. There are a number of hotel safes out there such as an electronic safe, mechanical safe, fingerprint safe.

As some hotels never update the default master code, it’s worth performing some web research to find out what your hotel safe’s default master code is.

Try seeking information using the safe’s brand, model, and serial number, as well as words like “master code,” “override code,” “master password,” and “administrator code.” 

If the hotel staff has never modified the master code, you can unlock the safe regardless of the previous password.

Different types of locks

Do you happen to know the different types of locks in a hotel safe? Listed below are the kinds of locks you will find in a hotel secure. 

Mechanical locks 

For decades, this hotel safe deposit box with a key lock was used. They are incredibly safe and dependable and have been used for generations. Such safes may endure a long time with appropriate care and service, and they don’t require any maintenance. 

Since the 1800s, mechanical safe locks have been the industry standard. There are no electronic products that demand the use of batteries. Mechanical locks have a lengthy life expectancy. 

This hotel safe box is far less expensive than digital electronic locks, and they provide a low-cost option for valuables safekeeping. On specific models, these locks can be modified to dial combination locks. 

Many people nowadays put hotel safes into concrete flooring, which provides additional fire protection. On the negative, if you lose the keys to your key lock safe, it may jeopardize the safety of your valuables.

Digital locks

When visiting a hotel, have you found yourself wondering how to operate the electronic safe in your room? Businesses may feel significantly safer with a digital electronic or combination entrance lock, especially if an employee has been terminated because the code can be programmed easily and quickly. 

Many hotels also use a finger print safe that operates with the customer’s fingerprint once it has been added. It is also a type of electronic safe. 

A digital hotel safe lock gives you more flexibility with the secure combination code, which you can alter at any point and without alerting anyone. 

For security reasons, owners of these safes change their combinations on a regular basis. This guarantees that the safe’s security has not been hacked and that all valuables are safely kept. They are faster to open than dial lock safes because they merely require entering the passcode. Compared to key locks, the safe is easy to operate and gives more security. 

If an incorrect password is given five times, sure safes include the choice to lock the safe. The lock would go into a five-minute lockdown mode automatically. The safe deposit box cannot be opened again unless the time limit has passed. 

Electronic hotel safes, on the other hand, are a relatively new concept as compared to dial combination locks or keyed locks. These safes are often more costly than keyed locks. These safes need primary care like other electronic products, including an annual battery change. 

How to reset code on a hotel safe box

There are many safe manufacturers out there offering different types of safes. Choosing the best quality is the duty of the hotel staff. As discussed above, there are typically two types of commercial safes used in hotels – mechanical safes and digital safes. Listed below are the ways by which one can reset the code on a traditional or a digital safe. 

Code for a mechanical lock 

  • Always experiment with the safe door open!
  • Make a mental list of possible combinations ahead of time.
  • Hold down an automatic button.
  • While holding the code, enter it.
  • Release the pressure on the button.
  • Jumble up the code

The code should be set, and the lock must be operated once or twice with the door open. You can close the door and leave your room in peace once you’ve double-checked that the lock works.

Code for a digital lock 

  • Always experiment with the safe door open!
  • Choose a combination in your head
  • Dial it once
  • Press enter (or occasionally #).
  • To be sure, dial the combination once more.
  • To set the code, press enters again (or occasionally *) 

You should now be able to lock the door. The door is not open yet! As you may be aware, you should test the lock twice and open the door to ensure that it functions properly.

Consider this circumstance: you place your assets in the hotel safe and lock it. You go about your day, only to return later and find that you have forgotten the code to your hotel safe.

So, what do you do now?

Hotel safe manufacturers are always prepared with a backup plan. These safe manufacturers can offer you two options if you forget the code to your hotel safe and want to reset it:

You could use master code or a master code or master card to try to reset the code on your hotel safe, or

You can request that the code be reset by contacting the hotel’s personnel.

If the hotel staff has never modified the master code, you can unlock the safe regardless of the previous password.

You can then try it out once you’ve found it. If the code succeeds, you’ll be able to go back into your safe and access your valuables by creating a new code.

Even if you don’t anticipate forgetting your password in the future, it’s a good idea to double-check if the master code has been reset—especially if you plan on leaving valuables inside. Going something inside the safe may not be worth it in some instances.

Hotel safes typically have an override code that is usually set to 1234, 1111, 9999, 0000, 123456, 000000, 111111, or 999999 by default.


Traveling with assets can be a risky deal. However, hotel safes have made it easier and safer for people. In this writing, we have talked about types of safes which will help you when you’re in a hotel looking for some assistance. If you would like to know more, you can contact us at SafeWell. 

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