• Fire proof Money safe 6
  • Fire proof Money safe 5
  • Fire proof Money safe 3
  • Fire Resistant Cabinet
  • Fire proof Money safe 6
  • Fire proof Money safe 5
  • Fire proof Money safe 3
  • Fire Resistant Cabinet

Safewell FP0403E High Quality Safe Box Fireproof Booil Fire Resistent Safe For Home

FP0400E Series

The series of fireproof safe is ideal for securing your personal valuables and important documents. The safe is in dual security which requires both key and digital code access.With fire protection lasts more than 1 hour,it is perfect for home and office use.

Fire Protection: 60 minutes
Dual Security: Requires digital code&key
Usage: Home/Office/Inroom Safety

Product Features

  • Fire proof safe box 3
  • 0.5 Hour Fireproof Safe
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    Open Way

    Key And Combination Access.

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    Different Size For Choose.

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    Fire Time

    Fire Protection(Up To 1 Hour)

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    Supplier 3 Chromed Keys

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    Theft Production

    Theft Production(Dead Locking Bolts)

Product Parameters

* H W D = Height Width Depth
Fire proof
Model YB-350ALP YB-530ALP YB-600ALP YB-700ALP YB-920ALP
350x495x390 530x460x470 600x480x470 700x500x490 920x600x570
215x360x250 390x320x310 460x340x310 560x360x330 780x455x410
420x540x450 630x515x540 690x520x540 790x540x560 1020x650x650
46 74 92 108 188
19 39 48 67 147
Accesa orles 1 tray 1 sheft 1 sheft+1 drawer 1 sheft+1 drawer 1 sheft+1 drawer
Loading Ory
260 144 132 112 48
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