• FP2301F05 1
  • FP2301F
  • FP2301F03
  • 30 minutes fireproof safes
  • FP2301F05 1
  • FP2301F
  • FP2301F03
  • 30 minutes fireproof safes

Safewell Fingerprint Lock Black Color Fireproof Safe for 21kg

FP2301F Series

The series of fireproof safe is ideal for securing your personal valuables and important documents.The safe is in dual security which requires both key and digital code access.With fire protection lasts more than 0.5 hour,it is perfect for home and office use.

Fire Protection: 30 minutes
Dual Security: Dual security (Requires digital code&key&fingerprint)
Usage: Home/Office/Inroom Safety

Product Features

  • FP2301F02
  • FP2301F04
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    Open way

    Key&Digital Code&Fingerprint.

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    Three Size for Optional(H35、H55、H75)

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    Fire Time

    30mins up to 1400℉.

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    Supplier 3 Chromed Keys.

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    Theft Protection

    Three Dead Locking Bolts.

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    Storage Things

    Can Storage Pistol Jewelry File Cash and Documnets.

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    Stainless Panel

    Stainless Panel Mechanical Panel.

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    Security&Stable Hingers.

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    Tested under extreme conditions and following UL/ETL standards.

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    Support Customized

    Customized according to your residential and commercial needs.

Product Parameters

* H W D = Height Width Depth
FP2301F FP2302F FP2303F FP2304F
External(mm) 300*381*300 400*360*310 500*360*360 660*430*350
Package(mm) 405*470*415 500*445*425 600*445*450 760*510*445
Weight(KG) 22 27 32 43
Accessory 1 Shelf 1 Shelf 1 Shelf 2 Shelfs
20’FCL 320 270 210 150
  • * Due to Safewell constantly striving to deliver better products, sizes and colours may vary.
  • * Safewell safes come with a year warranty, excluding freight and travelling, with a 12 month warranty on locks.

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