Gun Safe VS Gun Cabinet

The responsibility of keeping a gun secure comes with owning one. Your gun should be kept out of the reach of kids and burglars at all times. To keep your firearms safe, you need to purchase a gun storage place from well-known safe manufacturers. Anyone who owns a firearm is certainly familiar with either a gun safe or a gun cabinet. 

Even though the two are significantly different in many ways, a lot of people mistake one for the other. Both of these storage methods have the same goal of keeping your gun safe, but their characteristics differ. Here are the key features, distinctions, and drawbacks of both gun safes and gun cabinets.

What Is A Gun Safe?

Gun Safe
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A gun safe is a secure container used by persons to store weapons, ammunition, and related accessories safely. These enclosures are mostly used by the general public to properly store their firearms and prevent them from being misused by ill-intentioned individuals. A gun safe is a more secure way to keep firearms. Its strong texture withstands natural disasters such as fire and flood. 

A gun safe is made of metal and has a strong locking system to ensure the safety of your firearms. Different locking systems, such as a biometric lock, dial lock, and electronic code, are available in the most recent gun safe types. Different manufacturers provide options for custom gun safes for clients. The gun safe adds another layer of protection. This is referred to as the bolting mechanism. This gives the safe’s defenses an extra boost.

Features Of A Gun Safe

When looking for a safe to keep your gun safe, there are a few things to bear in mind. The next sections go over some of the necessary features.

  • Steel thickness. The safe’s walls are protected by a steel plate that prevents burglars from drilling through it. Steel plates for gun safes are usually 10 gauge or 12 gauge. The steel is thicker when the gauge is smaller. Your safe will be more secure if it is made of thicker steel. The majority of gun safes will be made of 14 gauge steel or better. While cutting into a safe becomes more difficult after 12 gauge, 14 gauge is the industry standard for a gun safe.
  • Locking mechanism. On the outside, most gun safes will feature a genuine lock. The locking system is one of the most critical aspects of a gun safe. A dial lock or an electronic lock is available on gun safes. Electronic locks are simple to use and allow you to create your own combination code. Dial locks are dependable and long-lasting. To really re-lock the safe, you must remember to twist the dial every time you close it. In the end, it boils down to what you believe is the safest option for your home
  • Locking bolts. On the inside of the door of a safe, there is also bolt work. When you unlock the safe, the bolt work retracts inside the door, then emerges when you lock it. While a lock is essential, the bolting system is equally crucial in keeping your gun safe. On each side of the safe, you should have at least two bolts. More bolts equal more money, but you’ll also be safer.
  • Fire rating. Gun safes have a fire rating. A UL or ETL certified fire rating is another feature to check for in a gun safe. Typically, the rating will be X minutes at Y degrees Fahrenheit. A typical house fire can reach temperatures of 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit. You’ll need a fireproof gun safe that can withstand that level of heat for at least 30 minutes, if not more.
  • Capacity. When shopping for the best gun safe, it is good to keep space in mind as you go through gun safe features. The gun safe’s capacity will be listed by the manufacturer. You’ll need to go bigger than the number of firearms stated if you have scopes, AR-based guns, or any other add-ons or hunting equipment to keep. The bigger the better when it comes to gun safes. You’ll have plenty of room not only for what you presently have but also for any future hunting gear.

What Is A Gun Cabinet?

A gun cabinet is basically a structure made to exhibit and showcase your firearms. They are similar to standard kitchen cabinets, but they are designed specifically for firearms. It can be built-in or freestanding, and they commonly feature glass doors. An intruder applying simple, non-powered hand tools will be unable to force open the gun cabinet for up to five minutes. 

Gun cabinets are not rated against any power tool attack or any attack that lasts longer than five minutes. This is security for a threat level in the 1850s. In a very short time, a high-powered battery-operated grinder that has a cutoff wheel can easily cut a gun cabinet.

Features Of A Gun Cabinet

  •  Steel thickness. Gun cabinets have a lower steel thickness. A garage cabinet is often built of 18-gauge steel, which is what you’ll find in the majority of them. There aren’t many steel cabinets that are thicker than this. People can easily crash through the cabinet’s side as well as cut into the cabinet.
  • Locking mechanism. The absence of a lock is a common symptom that gun cabinets lack a locking mechanism. The two most prevalent locking systems are the traditional key lock and a barrel key lock. Because of their low cost, most gun cabinets do not have a genuine secure lock like a gun safe. Most gun cabinets typically have a single sliding bar that retracts from the top and bottom into the cabinet’s frame. As a result, they may be pried apart with little tools even without a screwdriver.
  • Fire rating. There is no fire rating for gun cabinets. There is no such thing as a fire-rated gun cabinet. Adding a fire rating, like the lock, would be prohibitively expensive, resulting in a gun cabinet that was not competitive with its peers.
  • Capacity. Gun cabinets come in a variety of sizes. Depending on the amount you’re willing to pay, a gun safe cabinet can hold anywhere from 5 to 32 weapons. If you need to keep more than 32 guns, it’s considered that you can afford to pay a little more for a gun safe.

Advantages and Drawbacks

Advantages of A Gun Safe

There are numerous benefits and drawbacks to having a gun safe, which are mentioned here.

  • They are made of thick solid steel with a variety of gauge ratings ranging from 8 to 16 gauge. The lower the gauge, the more secure the device. 
  • The fingerprint gun safes are simple to operate and also easily accessible.
  • This rifle unit comes with a waterproof and fireproof gun safe that protects your stored weaponry from fires and floods. So, in the event of a flood or a fire, these units will not cause you any concern.
  • Because the safes are larger, you may store many handguns, pistols, rifles, long guns, and other precious objects within.
  • These units are so large and hefty that burglars will be unable to transport them.

The Drawbacks of a Gun Safe

  • It will always be impossible for a single person to transfer a gun safe from one location to another due to its large size. Always keep in mind that a high-quality item is large.
  • The cost of a high-quality safe is always higher.
  • Due to poor construction, almost every gun unit can quickly catch fire.
  • Gun safes are too deep to offset the weight of the door, preventing the cabinet from tipping over when it is opened. That depth becomes incompatible with safe firearms storage. You may end up with a lot of guns and have to rummage through them to get to the rifles in the back.

Advantages of A Gun Cabinet

  • The gun cabinet is composed of wood and can be transported easily from one location to another. A gun cabinet is the greatest way to keep your firearms out of the hands of children.
  • It’s simple to put together and stays under price. Gun cabinets will be in your budget if you wish to store guns, rifles, handguns, and other firearms.
  • You can see all of the weapons you have inside thanks to the glass door.
  • A gun cabinet is usually a nice addition to the decor of your home or office. Custom gun cabinets are the perfect option if you want to show off your guns to everyone and leave your room decorated.
  • The lockable glass door is simple to close and open by anyone, making it simple and straightforward to use.
  • If you have carpentry abilities, you may make your own gun cabinet at home with a hammer, a drill, a lumbar, and some nails.

The Drawbacks of A Gun Cabinet

  • Provides lower security for your firearms. You can’t rely on the safety of firearms that are kept locked up. Because a gun cabinet has a glass door, it is easily broken.
  • It has a 0% protection level when there is a flood emergency.
  • With just one strong strike on the cabinet, an attacker will have easier access to the stored weapons.
  • They are very big and heavy making them difficult to be moved once they are in place.


Gun safeGun cabinet
Steel thicknessThicker 14 gauge lower steel thickness
18 gauge
Locking mechanismbetter securitylower security
Locking boltsheavy boltsonly have a single sliding bar
Fire ratingMost have a fire rating of at least 30minutesno
AdvantagesHas a thicker steel
Has better and secured locks
Has a better fire ratingthe best option for securing more valuable items.
It does not necessitate any significant periodic maintenanceIt’s difficult to steal
comparison to other similar products, they are less expensive and more accessible.
Easily portable: When compared to high-end gun safes, they are lighter and smaller.
It is possible to transfer them if we need toVisually pleasing
disadvantagesIt is heavy to move
A bit expensive
low security
Not fire and flood proof


Gun safes and gun cabinets are available in a wide range of forms, capacities, sizes, materials, and prices. While gun cabinets are fantastic for showcasing your valuable handgun collection, they are not very secure against unwanted entry. If you have children in your home, a gun cabinet may not be the best option; instead, opt for more secure gun safes. Get in touch with us if you’re looking for a high-quality gun safe.

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