Are Hotel Safes Really Safe?

Today, in this dynamic world we need to travel to a lot of new places. But when you are traveling to a new place, you need to find yourself a proper shelter which will provide you with good quality food, and proper refreshments. Being an integral part of the tourism industry, the hotels are gaining significance as they add considerable revenues in the growing tourism sector which adds to the Gross Domestic Product of the country. 

But, you need to choose a hotel carefully because your safety is at stake, to some extent. When you are traveling, you do travel with valuables, and mostly all hotels provide you with a safe within your allotted room. But are the safes safe for your use? In most cases, the opposite has been proven. Since the result is a big blow to the tourism industry, the hotel safe manufacturers are trying to improvise their techniques so that the users do not need to worry about their valuables. 

How safe is a hotel safe?

Hotel Safes

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No matter to which extent your hotel assures its safety in terms of hotel safes, no hotel safe can be 100% safe. This is because all the hotels have a spare key for your room. When you are staying in a hotel, you are not the only one who has access to your room. 

You might be familiar with the fact that the hotel staff has spare keys to access your room. Similarly, they have spare keys for the safe in your room as well. The hotel safe suppliers are thinking about new ways in which they can prevent this breaching of security. They are coming up with hotel safes that are much more secure than their previous counterparts.

What kind of hotel will be equipped with hotel safes?

Not all hotel rooms contain a hotel safe. Since there are various categories of hotels, the types of safes they provide in their rooms are also of various categories. The top-rated 5-star and 7-star hotels are known to provide commercial safes with advanced mechanisms which make them secure. The budget hotels are known to have moderately secure safes. 

There is another category of hotels: low-budget hotels, and they provide fundamental amenities in their rooms. As a result, they might not even provide a safe. Now you might feel that the safes in the 5-star and 7-start hotels can be more trustworthy, but that is unfortunately not the case. There are innumerable videos on the internet where you can see that the dishonest hotel staff of renowned 5-star and even 7-star hotels are sneaking into the customer’s room and stealing valuables. 

But what if there is no CCTV camera to capture this? You will never understand who the culprit is, and situations will worsen if you are in some foreign country. Losing valuables don’t directly come under travel insurance. Hence, it is a big problem if you have to face such a circumstance. Understanding the plight of the customers, the hotel safe manufacturers are coming up with new safes whose security cannot be breached.

How to prevent your valuables from being stolen from hotel safes?

If you always need to worry about the safety of your valuables, then you cannot travel freely. This is why many travelers are getting demotivated and refusing to travel to new places. 

This is why many hotels are installing safes with advanced security technology. The safe will open only when you allow the safe to scan your fingerprint or may be open with a security code that you know. Thus, this will prevent any hotel staff or outsider from sneaking into your hotel room and causing a nuisance. 

The electronic hotel safe is also similar to the fingerprint safe. The significant difference is that here, you do not require biometrics. These safes are generally operated by setting a 4 or 6 digit numerical password. Since only you are supposed to know the numerical password, it is a safe method. This safe has an electronic keypad which is powered by a battery. This safe lock automatically opens when you enter the correct numerical password. 

The hotel safes supplier is also trying to incorporate digital technology in the safes to eliminate the question – are hotel safes safe? The digital hotel safe is very similar to its electronic counterpart. The only difference is that if you anyhow forget the numerical password in the electronic safe, then it is next to impossible to open the lock. You might have to drill through it. But if you forget the password in the digital safe, then you can open the lock manually by inserting a fragile stick sort of object.

These electronic, digital, and biometric technologies are expensive and can be incorporated in the top-rated hotels with a 5-star or 7-star rating, or maybe, the budget hotels can also incorporate it. But, since the low-budget hotels are also emphasizing their safe security, they are emphasizing types of safe boxes. One prominent type of this is the safe box is a hotel safe deposit box.

If you are wondering about what exactly is a hotel safe deposit box, then it is a relatively small box that is kept in a safe place by the hotel employees and the staff. This is provided to you so that you can store all your valuables safely here. In case you are leaving for work and do not want the deposit box to be left alone in your room, then you have the option of keeping it in the reception area for the period. 

The reason why this step is taken is that the hotel employee cannot steal anything in the presence of people since the reception of any hotel is its busiest place. This safe deposit box is generally kept at the front desk, and you can carry it along with you as soon as you come back to the hotel. The hotel safe box is another safety measure that is not just located in hotels but is also found in the post office, banks, and other institutions. These deposit boxes are usually small and ideal if you want to store gemstones or small pieces of jewelry. Apart from these, they can also be used to store currencies made of precious metal or luxury goods—essential documents such as birth certificates, property deeds, or will. Sensitive computer data can also be kept securely in these safe boxes.


Hotels play an integral part in the tourism industry; keeping the hotel safe is essential. If the customer cannot trust the hotel safely, then that is a significant drawback for the tourism industry altogether. Initially, there was no such fear in the minds of the tourists about their valuables being safe in the hotels or not. 

But with the advancement in the domain of the internet, there have been various videos that prove that some dishonest hotel employees use spear keys to sneak into the rooms of the customers and steal a significant part of their valuables. This is harassment on the part of the customer since they lose their valuable items and cannot even demand justice since they don’t even know who the culprit is! To improvise the situation, hotels are incorporating the fingerprint safe in the hotel rooms is a tremendous advantage since these individual safes require your biometrics to open.

Hence, we can conclude that many hotel safe manufacturers, as well as hotel safe suppliers, are incorporating new technologies so that they can make the hotel safes safer for the use of the customers. We hope that the customers will gradually get over this question – are hotel safes safe? But if not, you can contact us at Safewell where we would be happy to help!

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