Canton Fair

Safety you can rely on

Since the establishment of Safewell International in 1998, the Canton Fair has always been an important window for showing Safewell products to overseas customers. In the past 20 years, our exhibiting team has grown continuously, and the professionalism of products has been continuously upgraded. More and more customers have locked in the SAFEWELL brand. As a result, the number of customers and the order amount of SAFEWELL’s immediate transactions have continued to rise. In the future, we will continue to treat each of our products with the most stringent standards, and bring SAFEWELL exclusive safety and peace of mind to customers with the most sincere heart!

New products debut

On October 15, 2021, the five-day 130th Autumn Canton Fair will arrive as scheduled. The new products of Safewell Security will unveil at this Canton Fair, Welcome all the distinguished guests to visit the exhibition areas of Shengwei International!Booth No.6.1K09-10,J37-38.date2021.10.15-19

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