Happy International Women’s Day 2022

happy womens day

At the beginning of spring, the spring is full in March, the earth is full of vitality, and we also ushered in the 112th “March 8th” International Working Women’s Day. This is a festival dedicated to women. On this day, we remove the various roles that women shoulder, and each person is his own goddess.

Safewell Union

Women’s happiness also comes from family and friends. On this day, Safewell labor union prepared double movie vouchers for the female compatriots. We hope that family members can enjoy more fun with relatives and friends in their spare time. , live comfortably.

happy womens day 2
happy womens day 3

Finance team

As soon as they stepped into the office building, the family members of the financial team sent real warmth to their faces. The blessed family members were surprised and delighted. After receiving selected flowers and gifts, the family members had a good mood for the whole day!


The roses that are picked and picked by hand are the soft sincerity of the female compatriots. The 2022 Winter Olympics limited edition commemorative coins and commemorative banknotes are also “fashionable” gifts for your family members.

The parents of the financial team had booked this hidden surprise for everyone early. The watermark of the commemorative banknote online red Bingdundun made everyone love it, and the family members also sighed at the preciousness and intention of this gift.


Safewell Import and Export Co., Ltd

In the afternoon, Safewell Import and Export Co., Ltd. organized a special event for the female compatriots. “Find chips to win gifts”, painted vinyl dolls, etc., all overwhelmed everyone. Everyone put down the pressure and tension on weekdays and devoted themselves to the event. In the perception of art and beauty, everyone is very intoxicated by the joy of the soul.


It is often said that “women hold up half the sky”, they are beautiful, persevering, and extremely shining. Women’s dedication and hard work deserve our more attention and gratitude. Taking this opportunity of “March 8th” International Women’s Day, let me wish all the female compatriots in the world an invincible time and a bright future!

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