How To Choose Right Commercial Safes For Your Business?

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Setting up a new business takes time and effort. To ensure that it is safe and secure from all dangers, you must take security precautions. Nowadays, as we have seen, Commercial Burglary is one of the common threats. This happens when convicts target companies to rob money and necessary business data and documents.

These setbacks can have severe consequences for the business and its functions. They can also result in significant financial flops that sometimes become unrecoverable. Commercial safes are a vital component in protecting valuables from theft. To prevent unauthorized access to your guarded assets, they can only be opened with a combination code or key. Investing in a high-quality safe with a hi-tech lock mechanism can save your business from colossal theft damage. So, let’s check out how to choose the right commercial safes for business?

Types Of Commercial Safes: What You Can Choose

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A business safe is necessary for any business that holds cash, valuable documents, or jewelry. There are so many commercial safe options available; here are some popular ones.

• Deposit Drop Safe

The popular choice for the retail and restaurant industries is depository safes. You can drop money into the safe via the hopper-shaped entrance on the top lid. This does not allow you to access the main safe compartment. You can only access the contents of the container by entering your credentials and opening its main door.

• Burglar Safes

Burglar safes were designed to protect against forced entry. Burglars can break into safes using various tools, chemicals, and explosives. A burglar safe is ideal to withstand manual attacks.

Important to remember that safes are not entirely burglar-proof. A burglar can open any retail safes if they have the proper instruments, skills, and time. The safe’s purpose is to prevent burglaries, deter unskilled thieves from stealing, and delay skilled burglars. When combined with a modern mechanism like intrusion alarm systems or finger print safes, a safe can increase the chance of catching burglars before the theft.

• Fireproof safe

Fire safes are made to protect the contents of safes from fire-related damage. Fire safes, like burglar safes, are not entirely fireproof. They only offer resistance to certain types of fire for a specific time period – hopefully enough to allow the fire department to reach the safe and extinguish it.

• Hotel Safe

A hotel safe deposit box is a sturdy metal cabinet with a unique lock mechanism that can be used to store cash, jewelry, or other valuable items. Hotel safes usually come in 1.2- 2.0 cubic feet in size to store large items such as tablets and laptops.

• Office Safes

You will find office safes in both offices and retail stores. They can be either freestanding or mounted on the floor or wall. They are generally resistant to impact and tested to ensure that repeated drops do not damage them. Office safes can be used to store valuable business assets such as cash or confidential files. They are made of high-quality, sturdy material and offer high-end protection from unauthorized entry.

• Cash Box

The cash box, also known as a petty cash box, is a simple, portable box with a hinged lid and locking mechanism. A cylinder lock usually comes with two keys, which is the most common type of locking mechanism. It can also be a standard 4-digit combination lock. 

These locks are excellent for protecting your money and moving the box securely, so it doesn’t get opened accidentally. To make it easy to sort and retrieve the money, the box has compartments that can hold both coins and notes. Cash boxes are often equipped with a removable tray that allows for two storage levels. Usually, the top case holds coins while the lower section houses paper money. The lid has a carrying handle that allows for easy movement.

• Pistol Safe

Many business owners have a gun for security reasons. It is acceptable to own a firearm licensed by the state, but it is essential to keep it secure from any misuse. Businesses must invest in gun safety that satisfies the British Standard BS7558. This ensures that the safe can withstand a five-minute-long attack with standard burglary tools.

• Wall/ Floor Safe

Wall safes are popular business safes because of their small size. Wall safes from reliable safe manufacturers are usually equipped with dual vital locks or combination locks. This means that anyone who wants to gain access to the safe needs to have the code and key to the combination lock. Wall safes can be steel-built and have locking bolts that control open safe. Because they can be mounted with instructions, wall safes are great for small businesses.

Things To Consider Before Choosing Commercial Safes

It can be challenging to choose a suitable commercial safe for your workplace. You need a commercial safe that has many features to protect your valuables. It should also offer security for your business. These are the factors to consider when selecting safes for business.

• Size

You may need a smaller or larger safe, depending on the contents. It is essential to choose the correct size safely. A safe large enough to be easily picked up by someone and taken away is the best option for most businesses. It can become a problem if the safe is too big. The safe’s size will depend on the location. Before you decide on the size, consider the area and what you intend to store in it.

• Location

It is essential to consider the location of your commercial safe. It would help to think whether you will keep it under a desk or on the wall. Some safes can be stored on the floor, while others are better placed under a desk or against the wall. It all depends on the safe you require and how much space you have.

• Cash Rating

The cash rating of your safe for insurance purposes is probably the essential thing to consider. Insurance companies use the cash rating to assess the terms of security safes. The cash rating is the number of valuables or money that an insurance company will pay in the event of a burglary.

• Security Level

Do not compromise with the quality and security level of safes. You will spend more if you require a high-security safe, but it will be safer and have better fire ratings, drill prevention, as well as many other security features.

• Full Protection

The safe you choose should offer complete protection. Make sure to consider what you are going to store in the safe, and then select the safe that offers the most protection. To ensure that your belongings are safe from prying eyes, you may need a tool or torch-resistant safe.

You may also need a particular type of safe to meet your needs. A retail store may require a drop safe or deposit safe to allow employees to make drops and not have to open the safe. Some prefer a safe for the office with a high rating in terms of fire safety.

• Cost

You have to think about the cost and budget before buying a commercial safe. As you can see, the higher the price, the more features you get. Sometimes, a lower price can mean that you don’t get the great features you need. When allocating budgets for safety and security measures, such as business security, it is essential to consider it an investment that will keep your business safe and last a lifetime.

• Required Accreditations

You cannot just pick any item for your office furniture and call it safe. Safes are vital security and protection tools for your company and should be treated accordingly. You need to ensure that safes meet the requirements for security and protection to support future insurance claims. They must have the required certifications and be endorsed by the Association of Insurance Surveyors. This logo is often indicated with a purple “AIS approved” logo.


Choosing a business safe is not as simple as it seems and should not be neglected. It would be best to choose the trusted and best manufacturers because you will invest in your business valuables. Even if you think your needs are simple, it is good to speak with a security professional before proceeding.

If you are confused or unsure about buying safes, then contact Safewell, we help you choose the right safe for your business. We are an MLA-certified company that can supply safes professionally made for residential and commercial use at reasonable prices.

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