How To Reset Gun Safe Code?

Most gun safes are protected by a unique code meaningful to the owner. Most sellers advise the buyers to keep a difficult-to-guess code so that the safe is not easily breached. But often the owners forget the code, or might just feel it is necessary to change it to a new one. The process is rather easy but the owners need to be meticulous

When Is There A Need To Change The Gun Safe Code?

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Although it is wise to change the gun safe code from time to time to keep it from getting hacked, there might be some other reasons to change it as well:

  • If there is anxiety regarding the combination being found by someone, perhaps maybe the kids.
  • The employee that has been fired or let go had the combination to the safe lock.
  • In case the combination is forgotten.
  • The combination is hard to recall or has lost its significance.

The combination can easily be modified on the safe lock. However, the approach being followed to complete the task will vary depending on whether there is a mechanical or electronic lock.

What To Do In Case Of A Forgotten Safe Combination Scenario?

Black Security Zinc Alloy With 3 Number Combination Gun Trigger
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Finding out the kind of safe is the first step to be taken. It goes without saying that it is a safe that requires some kind of combination to gain access, but this does not necessarily mean that the kind of safe has been confirmed. There are several kinds of security safes to protect possessions because there is a vast range of products that people desire to keep secure. These can hold anything from jewelry to firearms and range from electronic safes to gun safes.

By correctly identifying the safe, take the necessary steps to reset the code, get it back, or unlock the safe. The last thing that is required is to panic and try to access the safe improperly. That ultimately results in the safe’s interior parts being damaged. 

Make a help request for a specific safe in order to receive assistance. Whether speaking with the manufacturer or the locksmith, this remains the case. To help them decide what step to take, it is important to provide some basic information about the safe. A serial number or details about the purchase can also be useful in these circumstances. 

The safe’s serial number can be found on the back panel of the safe or on the safe’s side. Not all safes have their serial numbers engraved or painted on the safe’s body for security reasons. Therefore, if the serial number cannot be located, the manufacturer and model of the safe can still be modified by using information from the purchase order.

Changing The Lock Code For A Mechanic Gun Safe Lock

Mechanical Gun 1
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Some safes have a mechanical safe lock that requires turning a dial before entering the code. To preserve the warranty on the lock, only a certified locksmith or an authorized agent may change the code on this type of lock. It is significant to get help from the gun-safe dealer if the key iof the mechanical lock is lost or if there never had been one in the first place.

There is no cause for concern if the safe lacks a mechanical key override. The situation can be avoided by using a change key if there isn’t a mechanical override key available. With a change key, the code can be modified that further helps in unlocking the gun safe. When the combination is forgotten, this is quite helpful. The change key doesn’t work for all safes, so do not think of it as a fix-all. 

Additionally, if the gun-safe combination is forgotten, it may be necessary to enter the old combination when using a change key, which will be exceedingly challenging.

Changing The Code Of The Electronic Gun Safe Lock

Electronic Gun Safe Lock
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In contrast to a mechanical lock, changing the combination on a digital/electronic safe lock is an easy process. The user and manufacturer codes, which may be found on the first page of the safe’s manual, must be available to the user and the safe door must be unlocked before proceeding. 

Usually, there is a programming button on the keypad. By pressing this button, the user can remove the previous combination and create a new one if necessary. In order for the new combination to be accepted, it is significant to enter the factory code again. After that, input the new combination code and finish by closing the safe door.

Owners of gun safes with electronic locks can easily alter the combination on the lock by following a three-step process. First, hit “zero” on the keypad six times while keeping the door to the gun safe open. Enter the current six-digit lock combination one more after doing so. Finally, to confirm, key in a new six-digit safe combination code twice. 

Please be aware that if a mistake is made at any stage in the procedure, the whole thing can be redone by repeating all three procedures after waiting for thirty seconds. Please test the new electronic lock combination on the gun safe a few times before locking the door to prevent any potential issues. As a general rule, the safe will beep twice after accepting a new, legitimate combination lock entry; a triple signal indicates that the new entry was rejected and that the old combination is still in use.

For security purposes, avoid using obvious number combinations for the electronic lock on the custom gun safes, such as a birthday, a loved one’s birthday, or an anniversary date. Store the current combination to the electronic lock in a secure location separate from the gun safe to prevent being locked out.

The Locksmith

It might be time to call in the experts if all the procedures listed above have been tried and still the safe does not open. A locksmith can assist in getting back in. At this point, it also becomes necessary to keep an override key or a change key. Therefore, before calling for assistance if the combination to the safe is forgotten, make sure to have gone over all the potential outcomes. 

It may seem simple to find a locksmith to enter the safe, but if the situation is not handled properly, everything could go wrong. Safes are extremely complex machines, and if they are not handled carefully, there is a risk of damaging both the contents of the safe and the investment in protection. Finding a locksmith who is knowledgeable about safes and who seems to understand a specific safe is ideal.

Forced entry: The last resort

Because the safety is not broken, the locksmith is unlikely to have to use a forced entry method. In the majority of instances when the forcible entry was used, the safe had some kind of internal or external damage, making it almost impossible to open by other means.

Drilling through the safe is one of the most popular forced entry techniques. Different safe manipulation methods like drilling techniques can be used to produce various results. For instance, the user may choose to cut a hole through the wheel pack and disable the locking mechanism or could choose to insert a fiber optic cable. The locksmith will be able to watch how the wheels in the wheel pack move in response to the dial once the cable has been inserted. They can adjust the wheels and unlock the safe reasonably easily as a result.

While this method allows obtaining access to the safe, it also makes it vulnerable and unreliable. There is now a hole that offers thieves and burglars unrestricted access to the safe’s interior, even if the second drilling technique is performed.

How Secure Is A Gun Safe?

Gun Safe 1
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A safe is not necessarily secure just because it is built of steel. A common hammer or screwdriver can damage the metal of this grade, which is used in many lower-end gun safes and cannot provide appropriate protection. The body of a high-quality gun safe will be made of steel that is at least 11 gauge.

A gun safe’s bolt works, or the mechanism that locks and bolts the door shut to thwart attempts to pry the door open, can vary substantially in quality from one manufacturer to the next. Most safes use three-way bolt works, but higher-quality gun safe manufacturer use four-way bolt works to secure the safe’s door on all four sides.

In order to deter and thwart break-in attempts, gun safes often use a variety of door defense devices. An additional layer of steel on the inside of the door, hard-plate lock protection to prevent attempts to drill or punch the lock, relockers, or devices that are activated by break-in attempts to activate the bolt works. 

The lock pressure relievers that attempts to damage the lock by applying pressure to the door’s bolts and clutch drive systems. This prevents pressure applied to the handle from damaging the safe’s locking mechanism are some examples of these security features. It’s crucial to complete the study because not all safes will use all safety measures, and not all safety features are created equal.


Liberty Gun Holders Electronic Gun Safe
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If there is a  fear of forgetting the combination, write it down in a safe location. Put it in a place that nobody ever visits. Never divulge the safe reset code to someone who might be unreliable in the long run. But if this is the case then the user does not have to throw it away and get a new safe. There is no compulsion to wait for a predetermined period of time before changing the security code again, and it can be reset as frequently as one likes. You can reach out to authentic safes supplier – Safewell if you want a bulk quantity of safes.

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