List of Top Gun Safe Manufacturers

As concerns for safety arise, the need for guns takes more dominance. As much as they are accountable for producing safety, they also need to be stored safely so that they do not fall into the hands of the unwanted. Gun safe manufacturers can be in high demand whenever guns have to be stored. Therefore, effective, strong, and quality-based safes need to be manufactured to ensure maximum security.

There are many best gun-safe brands to choose from. This blog will aid in finding some of the prominent gun-safe manufacturers. Including one of the prominent in the business: Safewell.

List of Gun Safe Manufacturers

 Image of vault
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Before getting into the details of gun safe manufacturers, here is a quick review of the manufacturers that will be reviewed:

  1. Safewell Manufacturers
  2. Fort Knox Vaults
  3. Winchester Safe
  4. Stack-On Vaults
  5. GunVault Company
  6. Honeywell Vaults
  7. Secureit Vaults
  8. AMSEC

Top 8 Gun Safe Manufacturers

1. Safewell Manufacturer

Logo of Safewell
Source- Safewell Safes

Safewell was established in 1998 in Ningbo, China. A trusted name by many of its clients, Safewell manufacturers have been trusted for being the best gun safe manufacturer. Safewell has been covering a variety of industries under its name. Their aim is to deliver the best quality vaults for their customers. 

Safewell has experience of more than 20 years, and it continues to build the trust of its customers every day. Their team is thoroughly dedicated and active to provide the best of service. For quality gun-safe vaults, they ensure to have features such as precision cutting, advanced equipment for superior quality, powerful bending, welding, and powder coating.

Their gun-safe vaults and other products include:

2. Fort Knox Inc.

Logo of Fort Knox Vaults
Source- Fort Knox Vaults

Fort Knox Inc is an American manufacturer of vaults and gun-safe vaults. They are one of the best gun-safe manufacturers. With more than 30 years of experience, Fort Knox has been dedicated to proving quality-based safes to its customers. They can promise a lifetime warranty for their safes. 

The lock, interior, mechanics, clutch are some of the features that can be included in this. Extra layers of steel are incorporated by Fort Knox to ensure more strength of the safe. Moreover, they can also promise fire-protected safes.

Their gun safe vaults and other products include:

  • Auto Pistol box
  • Personal Pistol box
  • CAB Security box
  • Shotgun Security box, and more.

3. Winchester Safes

Logo of Winchester Safes
Source- Winchester Safes

An American manufacturer with years of experience, Winchester is one of the best gun safe manufacturers. They take pride in providing superior quality vaults. It was established in 1866. Winchester Safe has a reputation to hold with its gun safe vaults. They are made to stay durable, and long-lasting. They can also stand drilling acts. 

They prioritize on improving their technology and performance every day. Moreover, they are good with fireproof quality as well. They can stand a temperature of up to 1400 degrees with external hinges with 180 degrees of swing. They can provide burglary protection, fire protection, replacement guarantee, and a two-year mechanical and electronic locks warranty.

They also ensure to be eco friendly as they use recycled materials for their production. 

Their gun safe vaults and other products include:

  • Amoo cabinet
  • Gun cabinet 10
  • Gun cabinet 14
  • Gun cabinet 18
  • Legacy 44
  • Ranger 34, and more.

4. Stack-on safes

Logo of Stack-On Safes
Source- Stack-On Safes

Stack-On was established in 1972. It has been providing safe storage products for homes, outdoors, and more for many years. They can offer many home safes made in the USA. They have experience of more than 40 years. Making them a leader in the gun safe production industry, Stack-On aims to provide affordability as a priority point for its customers. 

Their safes carry a digital lock to them and can provide extra security because of the way are designed. They can also offer a variety of features to their customers.

Their gun safe vaults and other products include

  • Armorguard 18 Gun Safe
  • Elite 30 Gun Safe
  • Sovereign 22 Gun Safe
  • Total Defense 24 Gun Safe
  • Drawer or Wall Safe, and more.

5. Gun Vault Company

Logo of Gun Vault Company
Source- Gun Vault Company

Gun Vault as the name suggests has been a prominent name in the gun safe manufacturing industry. When it comes to guns, Gun Vault has been in the line of gun safe manufacturers for a long time. The Company aims to provide a wide range of gun safes for its customers. 

They can provide many features as per the need. They use methods such as biometric security, No-Eyes keypad to design their safes with more safety. Gun Vault dedicates itself to its customers. Gun Vault continues to build its performance quality improving efficiency. They can produce safe and affordable products.

Their gun safe vaults and other products include:

  • AR1000 Digital Gun Safe
  • MultiVault Biometric
  • SpeedVault Biometric
  • MagVault, and more.

6. Honeywell Safe

Logo of Honeywell

Another in the list of gun safe manufacturers is Honeywell. Honeywell has been producing many products under its range. Established in 1930 in New York, the USA, these American-made home safes are arguably one the best in the business. The company has a business network with more than 70 countries. 

They prioritize their innovations and dedicate to producing the best of safes. Their safes are waterproof. They have been approved by a variety of safety standards. They can also stand fire for up to 1 hour. They have a wide range of products to choose from.

Their gun safe vaults and other products include

  • Honeywell 5301DOJ Steel Security Safe with Digital Lock
  • Honeywell 3511 Executive 8 Gun Safe- Digital Lock
  • Honeywell 1114 Lightweight Fire and Waterproof Chest
  • Honeywell 1108W Legal Size Waterproof 1 hour Fire File Chest with Wheel Cart
  • Honeywell 2901 Waterproof, Fire, and Theft Safe, and more.

7. Securit

Logo of Secureit
Source- Secureit

Another for American safe manufacturers,Securit has been producing safes for more than 25 years. They hold a reputation for producing strong, and lightweight gun safes. Their safes can store a variety of guns such as rifles, and more. 

Secureit also used a patented CradleGrid technology that can provide the user a level of adjustment for organization needs. Furthermore, Knockdown technology is also used in these safes to make sure that they are easy to construct. Their lightweight gun safes are also known for their quick access.

Their gun safe vaults and other products include:

  • Agile Gun Safes
  • Answer Gun Safes
  • Fast Box Gun Safe
  • Gun Wall Gun Rooms, and more.


Logo of AMSEC

AMSEC, also known as American Security was established in 1946 in California. AMSEC has been one of the best gun-safe company. With years of experience, AMSEC produces quality vaults for its consumer. They include features such as fireproof safety, burglar-proof safety, and more. AMSEC has produced more than 400 brans of fireproof and burglar-resistant safes. Their safes are used for both residential and commercial uses.

Their gun safe vaults and other products include:

  • BFII Gun Safe
  • BFX Gun Safe
  • Pistol Safe
  • NF Gun Safe, and more.

What Can a Customer/Client Consider When Buying Gun Safes

Image of Vault

There can be certain parameters that can be considered when searching for the best gun-safe manufacturers. They are:

Material quality and customization

Safe that is made with extra layers of material, or good quality of materials are likely to be more durable and last longer. Since safes are a matter of great security, they need to be extra strong. Therefore, quality materials and additional layers of steel, etc, can aid in making the gun safes more strong. Similarly, customization of custom gun safe can also help in finding the ideal gun safe.

Waterproof/Fireproof Security

To prevent fire or water damage to their guns, gun safes should be able to water damage. A Fireproof gun cabinet can work for fire-related damage. There are manufacturers that can provide these features. However, the amount of temperature and the hold of water that these safes can take is variable. Therefore, waterproof or fireproof gun safes work as an added bonus for their user. 

Security Lock Strength

Gun safes can be easy to break into. Therefore, the more strong the lock is, the lesser is the risk for invasion for the safe. In such cases, biometric sensors, and more techniques can help in making the safe and the security stronger especially in the case of home safe deposit boxes. A manufacturer that can provide extra ways for increased security would be an ideal choice for those who live in risk-prone areas.

Safe Size

It should be a priority to understand the size of the firearm that is going to be stored in the gun safe. Gun safes can vary based on their size and the types of guns they are created for. Therefore, buyers should be aware of the gun size they are dealing with. 


Gun safes can be an important investment for many gun users. Therefore, this blog has narrowed down some premium manufacturers that can be searched for. A set of parameters have also been provided to understand certain considerations when searching for a gun safe. Material quality, waterproof/fireproof security, security lock strength, safe size are some important factors to consider. 

If the search is not geographically restricted then Safewell Safes can provide some of the most premium gun safes. Safewell can be contacted for more information.

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