How To Keep Jewelry Safe At Home

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Rare and valuable items are handed down via the family. Taking the necessary precautions will ensure that the jewelry collection will remain in pristine condition for years, if not decades. The best piece of advice is to make sure that all of the pricey jewelry is insured. 

Over 7 million property crimes were reported to the FBI in only the previous year. Home invasions accounted for 18% of all offenses reported. The Safewell safety vault is of great use to store all the precious documents and jewelry.

What Is Jewelry Safe For Home?

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Source: Safewell

A jewelry safe, also known as a secure deposit box, is a safe or cabinet used to store and safeguard valuables. Jewelry safes are not only designed to prevent theft of the priceless possessions, but also to safeguard them against natural calamities like fire, flood, earthquake, and extremes in temperature. 

Protect the jewelry from burglars with a custom-made safe that can be fitted with any lock desired, from a simple dial to an advanced electronic system or even a biometric scanner. A jewelry safe will shield the valuables from moisture and light, extending the life of the heirloom jewelry.

Why Jewelry Safe Is So Important?

It’s no secret that burglars target residences where jewelry is kept since it’s both very valuable and easy to resell. As a result of both its monetary and emotional worth, its theft can be devastating news. Similarly, it is impossible to have a conversation on home security without eventually turning to the topic of how to best protect cash, jewelry, and other valuables kept within the home. According to reports on house break-ins, valuables including cash and jewelry are frequently taken. 

Thefts of expensive jewels seem to be on the rise recently. Many robberies occur not only in jewelry stores, as shown in popular media, but also in private residences, and this trend appears to be growing. It’s not a good idea to have a lot of money, precious stones, or pricey artwork in the house, but also can’t lock up everything owned in a safe. 

The greatest way to prevent theft is with a sturdy, secured door. Burglars are experts at finding their victims, and unfortunately, they aren’t usually complete strangers. By making the habit of storing the jewelry in a secure location, an individual can rest easy knowing that any of the jewelry hasn’t been misplaced accidentally. 

This will help to avoid the stress of wondering if a missing piece of jewelry is actually stolen. An experienced burglar is likely to inspect even the lining of the curtains, so it’s not as safe to store the jewelry just anywhere. Keep an up-to-date list of the possessions in case something happens to them.

How To Keep Jewelry Safe At Home

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Having a safe place to keep the jewelry and keeping it in order can make it easier to keep track of everything owned. A jewelry safe is one of many alternatives for safely storing valuables. Consider storing the valuables in a secure container. A jewelry box with a soft lining is one option for safekeeping that will reduce the risk of chipping and other forms of damage. For instance, gold is readily scratched and can be protected by putting it in a container with a soft liner.

Put money into a safety system

Although it may seem apparent, installing security measures such as alarms, motion detectors, and closed-circuit cameras in the home will significantly lessen the likelihood that the valuables will be stolen. The ability to remotely monitor a system and report suspicious activity is a common feature of modern software and hardware. After all, things may always go wrong when away from home.

Lock it up in a safe or lockbox

Think twice before trusting anyone, especially in the context of precious possessions to a fragile jewelry box or bureau; instead, invest in a secure, lockable storage chamber that only the user can access. Put the key away somewhere secret if the safe came with one. Use a safe with a combination lock to reduce the risk even further.

How To Hide Jewelry Safe Box

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Thinking of some hidden safe ideas or places to lock the high-value valuables where criminals would never think to look, such as a concealed safe tucked away in an air vent or houseplant, is the key to protecting and securing them. The safe ensures that the expensive jewelry and other valuables are not lost or stolen. 

Don’t leave the safe or lockbox unsecured out in the open. Even if the would-be thief is unable to open it, that doesn’t mean they won’t try to find someone who is. To prevent the robbery, make sure the valuables can’t be easily uncovered when cleaning or rearranging.

This is the simplest and most crucial thing to do if there is no locked container for the valuables. Keeping the valuables hidden from sight and reach of would-be burglars requires some ingenuity on the part. Hide the valuables in a hidden compartment by mounting a panel at the back of a shelf or in a small box that is secured under a drawer instead of inside it. Understand that even if a flower vase or planter blends in with its surroundings, it is still riskier than utilizing a well-hidden safe.

If there are a lot of expensive jewelry that is not worn very often, it might be worth investing in a collection safe. Ideally, the safe would be placed in a hidden area of the house. In case there is no access to a safe, one alternative is to find an ingenious place to conceal the jewels. In addition to that, it’s important to take precautions against burglary. Finally, it is recommended to purchase a jewelry safe made by reliable luxury safe manufacturers.

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