Best Hidden Safe Ideas for 2022

Hidden gun cabinets have the appearance of a bookcase or curio cabinet. This safe would remain invisible to a robber or a child.

A little key lock can be seen on the relative side if you look closely. Furthermore, the shelves do not appear to be as substantial as the cabinet. 

Many people use a safe in their house to keep essential documents, modest sums of money, and jewels under lock and key. However, it is important to understand that the security of valuable belongings is as much a function of where they are stored as it is of what they are kept in. 

It pays to park a safe in an inconspicuous, inaccessible position since leaving it in a visible location increases the chances of burglars finding it and stealing it during a burglary. 

Many individuals concentrate on locating the most secure safe that is extremely difficult to crack; nevertheless, selecting the best concealing site is just as important, if not more so.

The caveat is that most robbers are aware of common hiding spots and begin their search there. Safes attract thieves like a magnet because they believe they contain something precious.

These innovative ideas for disguised safes can keep criminals at bay and the safe secure while you can also get safes wholesale from the leading safe manufacturer.

Hidden Gun Cabinets

Hidden gun cabinets
Source: Pinterest

There are a lot of ideas for hidden gun cabinets in your home, office, or car. For instance, one common household item that could help you escape with vital firearm storage is picture frames.

Of course, almost no one believes they are storing anything inside other than a pistol.

Because they are set into the wall like displays, hidden gun storage picture frames are incredibly deceiving to the sight. They may not be a choice for much larger firearms due to their modest proportions, but they are ideally suited for handgun owners.

This type of cabinet is frequently utilized to save money, so look for versions constructed expressly for guns when searching for one.

However, there are some that are multi-purpose and may be used for money, jewelry, and firearms.

As a result, locks will be available in a variety of styles, including magnetic, call-combination, and key-only.

After being unlocked, the picture may slide to one side to reveal the inside space, or it may swing open using grips, depending on the style you choose.

Don’t forget about clocks. The majority of these clocks are mantle clocks, which feature a large body that does not naturally attract suspicion.

They can be used on the mantle of the fireplace, but also on a shelf, table, and a variety of other places, as their name suggests.

They shouldn’t be placed too close to the point where they can be seen or broken into. Because most of them rely on strong magnets, they might not be the greatest choice for a family with children.

Clock hidden gun cabinets can generally accommodate even large handguns, but there is still enough room for rifles and shotguns.

Grandfather clocks, which are tall and free-standing, occasionally come with a top-secret box where the pendulum would ordinarily be.

Other best-hidden gun cabinets can be found almost everywhere, and a vent safe is an excellent choice.

They not only appear to be extremely lifelike, but they also give the impression that something is hidden. Simply place it in a cutout in the wall and plug it into the wall buttons to complete the setup.

Instead, these hidden in-wall gun cabinets use radio frequency identification cards that you place in front of the cabinet, which then opens up quickly.

Nobody will know what the cards are for because they appear just like a standard blank key card.

Intake cabinets run on batteries, so make sure it has a low electric battery warning or an external charge pack to open it without difficulty even if the batteries expire.

Gun cabinets are not just for a home, but also for an automobile, which is useful for people driving through a rough area or living in one. 

And, on occasion, criminals will target certain vehicles, regions, or even people, reinforcing the old adage “better safe than sorry,” which is especially true when commuting by car.

There are two sorts of hidden gun cabinets: beneath the seat lock boxes and console lockboxes.

Either of them could be used as handgun storage space. With both, you must ensure that the precise box you select ties in the make and model of a particular automobile, which may take a few seconds when buying online but is quite important.

Additionally, consider one that is made of heavy-duty metal for increased strength.

Lockboxes within the seat may fit considerably longer things and typically utilize a tube lock and key as this is the best way to unlock them when reaching under the couch. When they were opened, they had a drawer that slid outwards.

Coffee Table Gun Safe

Coffee table gun cabinets
Source: Pinterest

You have what appears to be a typical coffee table, but as you remove the lid, a hoard of guns appear. However, for safety reasons, it is recommended to install a lock or safety device on the table.

This is one of the easiest yet safest ideas for hiding firearms and other valuables in case the users need to keep them out of reach of their children or be safe from theft.

Underdesk Gun safe

Underdesk Gun Safe
Source: Safewell

Robberies are more common in businesses that maintain a big sum of money or valuables on hand.

However, keeping a gun out in the open is not only dangerous, but also makes a bad image for customers, clients, and employees.

Other hidden gun cabinet options don’t function as well in this case because a burglar is unlikely to give enough time to operate and start them.

An under-desk gun safe is a more covert option for handguns. It can be attached to some places, making it simple to put one up in the appropriate position, elevation, and location for the user’s tastes.

Not to mention that this allows the user to get to their gun as quickly as possible and on a regular basis without disclosing that they are doing so.

They can also be utilized in a variety of other areas, such as under or behind the bed, depending on the user’s needs.

For keyless and quick entry, some units employ an electronic keypad, while others use a biometric fingerprint lock.

Safewell provides an excellent range of under-desk fireproof gun safes that you can rely upon completely.

Hidden Safe Furniture

Hidden safe furniture
Source: Pinterest

There are also various larger options for individuals looking for hidden gun cabinet furnishings.

Ottomans, which are typically used to rest your feet, can also be used to store firearms. They can usually store a range of weaponry due to their length, depth, and width.

These often have a hinged top that starts up to a hollowed-out core, similar to other storage ottomans or storage benches.

Unlike the conventional variety, however, these have a chamber that can be locked with a key.

The firearms will be stored in the compartment beneath it. Many other trays, such as those for handguns, ammo, and other accessories, can be conveniently positioned on the ledge above to guarantee that you can see and retrieve whatever you need at any moment.

Manufacturers provide them in a variety of materials, including genuine leather, faux leather, real wood, or a combination of these, as well as a variety of colors and styles, making it easy to match your existing furniture.

Another advantage of using one of these sorts is that they can often be used as additional seats and, depending on how flat they are, even as a table.

Wall Mirror Gun Safe

Wall mirror gun safe
Source: Pinterest

Mirrors are necessary whether you use them to check your look every day, bring light to a dark room, or both.

It also makes them an excellent hiding location. They would not look out of place and may be used to ensure you look your best before leaving the house, which is always a plus.

Typically, they are placed by boring a hole in your wall and inserting a panel using a template.

Because it is recessed into the wall rather than protruding, the framework and mirror are placed above it, making it undetectable to the optical eye.

The better magnifying mirrors will have an additional security panel behind the glass to ensure that no one can just break through and get inside.

Several brands may additionally provide magnets to help keep the muzzle of considerably longer prints erect, as well as firearms and periodicals in a useful position.

Make sure to choose one with a magnetic lock so that there are no indications that the mirror is concealing anything.

Wall Mounted Gun Safe

Wall Mounted Gun Safe
Source: Pinterest

Heavy gauge steel is used to construct hidden wall gun cabinets. While they are quite durable, they do not provide the same level of security as standard gun safes. Nonetheless, they aren’t designed to.

Instead, they are designed to keep the gun out of the hands of those who should not have access to it, to open easily, and to remain well disguised.

The fact is that they are mounted on the body of the safe of one’s wall membrane, in-between the wall studs, which is why a wall is safe and sound hidden.

Other options are not comparable. These have a real face that should be flush against the wall.

That way, you can conceal it with a mirror, photo frame, or another piece of furniture or décor.

But keep in mind that whatever you put in front of your invisible wall gun safe to keep it hidden must be able to be removed quickly if the need arises, so don’t choose something too large or heavy.

Setting up the safe in a room, particularly the bedroom, is a pretty simple way to ensure that no one sees it.

As a result, in the event of a late-night home invasion, you may be able to get your weaponry without having to leave the room.

You can also place a few hangers full of clothes in front of your concealed wardrobe gun secure to make it even less obvious; it’s entirely up to you and how creative you want to be.

Hidden Home Safe

Hidden home safe
Source: Pinterest

A bedroom is a place to sleep, which is why many individuals choose to keep at least one gun in their room in case of a break-in at night.

It’s obvious that keeping it in another location would take too long to reach, leaving the person unable to defend his/her loved ones, which defeats the purpose of possessing a gun.

People can sleep with a rifle under their pillow for quick access at arm’s length, but that’s not a very safe or wise arrangement for a variety of reasons.

Instead, respectable gun owners want something that is secure enough to keep out thieves.

However, it still allows them to quickly open their safe by using an under-the-bed cabinet. They’re steel boxes that are long enough to accommodate larger guns yet thin enough to be carried just next to the bed.

The majority are meant to be fastened to the floor, which will keep the gun secure, hidden, and immovable, but whether the gun owner wants to do so is entirely up to them.

Some digital home safes have lights above the lock keypads so the user can properly input the combination without having to turn on the lights or get out of bed.

Book Safe

Book safe
Source: Safewell

Book safes are basically book-like-looking safes that have a storage compartment to them.

Cabinets that resemble regular wall cabinets or bookshelves are also probably the most popular.

There are two common kinds to choose from. The first is a set of shelving that conceals a magic formula region.

The compartments are usually large enough to accommodate shotguns and rifles, and the front side can be used to display souvenirs, trophies, photos, or books, depending on the unit chosen.

Some designs only allow the gun chamber to slide out from one side, while others let it slide out from both sides.

Given that they can also serve as stylish furniture, they can serve a dual purpose of improving the appearance of any location they are placed in while also quietly protecting markings.

This type of concealed gun cabinet can range in size from those built for single handguns and additional magazines to those designed for long rifles or many smaller guns.

LED lights are an optional feature on selected models that can be beneficial at night when the user needs to quickly capture the rifle.

Shelves, which come in a variety of attractive finishes, are a simple choice that ensures no one knows what’s within or even what prospective meals are present.

Wall Safe

Wall safe
Source: Safewell

A hidden wall safe is an excellent option for storing cash, documents, and sensitive data on external hard drives, jewels, and other valuables.

A high-quality fireproof document safe can provide protection against both robbers and fires.

As always, the security can be improved by appropriately concealing the wall safe. It can be hidden in a variety of ways, but it should be easy to find for those who know where it is. For example, hiding it behind a closet can be a smart solution.

Look for a UL certificate or buy from a reputed business if you want to make sure you get a trustworthy wall safe. Remember to measure the depth of the wall before purchasing and select a wall safe accordingly.

Floor Safe

Floor Safe
Source: Safewell

Hidden floor safes are very popular, owing to the fact that they are one of the most secure options available. However, because it requires drilling a hole in the floor, its appropriate installation is a little untidy.

They have another significant advantage, in addition to being secure and particularly difficult to remove: they may be simply and efficiently disguised. A large carpet or other furniture can be placed on top of a floor safe, making it extremely difficult for criminals to locate it.

Floor safes can be installed on both concrete and wood floors. If flooding is a worry, go for a waterproof type. 

We recommend consulting with a professional before getting a gun safe wholesale.

Diy Hidden Safe Ideas To Store Your Valuables And Firearms

Directly in the Open

It is not necessary to use an old vacuum cleaner. Any cavity in a common home item can be used as a concealed compartment. Consider old printers, computer towers, and children’s toys, among other things. Choose an item that opens rapidly, such as a vacuum cleaner bag compartment, for easy hidden storage access. Choose an item with a screw-on cover for further security.

Air Grille

Source: Pinterest

To fit a return air grille, cut a stud space opening. Remove the heads of the grille screws and glue them in place. Install four drywall screws into the corners of the opening, right inside the grille’s rim. Then, to line up with the screw heads, glue rare earth magnets to the back of the grille.

Fake-Bottom Drawer

Fake Bottom Drawer
Source: Pinterest

Choose a deep drawer to hide the depth difference. Cut 1/4-inch plywood 1/16-inch smaller than the drawer opening and support it with a couple of hot-glued wood strips on the drawer sides. Then hot glue is something to find in that drawer to the bottom to serve as a handle for lifting the false bottom secret compartment and revealing the bounty.

Toe-Kick Hideaway

Toe Kick Hideaway
Source: Pinterest

Behind the toe-kicks, there’s a four-inch-deep cavity under all those kitchen cabinets. Some woodworking abilities will be required to release the toe-kicks and make them removable. 

The majority are 1/4-inch plywood with one-inch brads, and they’re relatively simple to remove. You’ll need to cut off both ends of a secondary 3/4-in. toe-kick. For that, an oscillating tool is ideal. 

Attach the toe-kick with both halves of round hook-and-loop self-adhesive tape. The toe-kick is then pushed into place. When you pull the hook-and-loop tape free, it will stick to the cabinet base and leave half of it in place. Under two average-sized cabinets, a lot of treasures can be stored.

Hole In The Door

Hole in the door
Source: Pinterest

Any interior door can have a hole drilled in the top. It should be sized to suit a cylinder, such as an old film canister or a cigar tube. Roll some banknotes and store them there. Editor’s Note: To perform this trick on a hollow-core door, stay near the outside edges. When viewed from the top, the solid interior frame is quite large.

The Appliance Swindle

The Appliance Swindle
Source: Pinterest

Front grilles on refrigerators and dishwashers snap off. However, consider how many thieves will be considering cleaning the refrigerator coils? But, before stuffing treasures beneath a refrigerator, users should check to see where the coils are. On some models, a cash stack may obstruct ventilation. This will make the refrigerator work harder and may even harm it.


Burglars are always eager to locate cash and valuables as quickly as possible. They understand that the more time they spend looking for goods, the more likely they are to be discovered. 

The chances of a successful burglary can be extremely lowered by selecting a difficult-to-find hiding area.

When it comes to hiding the safe in a home, there are a lot of wonderful options. Before purchasing a safe, you should consider the location to keep it. It’s a lot easier to select a safe if you already know what type you want and what purpose it will serve.

Every house has its own characteristics. In one house, a solution might be ideal, but in another, it’s a bad idea. 

Always seek professional guidance when in doubt and get high security safe. One thing is certain: investing in a safe is well worth the effort and money.

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