Best Home Safes for 2022: Ways to Secure Your Home

There are numerous reasons to invest in the best digital home safe available. The biggest benefit is that they are safe storage containers for all valuable possessions. All of the valuables in the safe will be secured from theft if the residence is broken into at some point. 

They’re small enough to fit in a closet, a bedroom, or even beneath a desk if necessary. Many of these little safes are also fireproof, ensuring that the valuable documents and other belongings are safe in the case of a fire.

There are a few elements to look for when buying a safe for a home or workplace to guarantee the perfect one. The biggest one is the storage capacity, which lets the users know if it can accommodate anything that needs to be put within. Take a look at the security system as well. 

Locks, keypads, and combination locks, as well as other theft deterrents like pry-proof hinges, are all designed to keep everyone except the user from getting inside. The safe’s dimensions indicate how much room it will take up in the house.

This post includes some of the best home safes for 2022 with a few tips for a safer home. 

Best Home Safes for 2022

A safe protects the contents of a home safe from theft, fire, and water. They provide peace of mind by ensuring that the valuables, heirlooms, and vital documents are safe from such risks. Invest in the greatest home safe that matches unique needs in order to protect the most valuable items.

It’s easy to become overwhelmed when evaluating a home safe. The sheer diversity of shapes, sizes, functionalities, and accessories available can easily dazzle people. We want to make selecting the best home safe for your needs as straightforward as possible.

We have here some of the best home safe wholesale for 2022 that you must consider buying. 

E4700E Series Safewell Electronic Safe

Safewell electronic safe
Source: Safewell

The E4700E SERIES’ high-quality key-lock or user-friendly electronic keypad makes it suitable for storing valuables, cash, and essential papers at home and in the office. The Knob is used to open and close a solenoid system. 

The bottom and rear holes are pre-drilled. Provide the override key in case of an emergency. We supply a broad selection of safes and security goods as a reputable safe provider, and we pave the way for your industry.

Safewell specializes in manufacturing high-quality custom home safe products that your brand can rely on. As we meet CE, RoHS, ISO9001, ISO2001, UL/ETL, and BSCI standards, we produce home safes made from quality steel that can withstand fires and burglary attacks. Through our trusted supply network and efficient production facilities, we deliver home safes at lower prices.

Key Features:

  • Override key
  • Working system
  • Indicator lights
  • Reset button
  • Pre-drilled hole

SentrySafe SFW123GDC

SentrySafe SFW safe
Source: Amazon

The SentrySafe SFW123GDC is a security safe that is built to last. It’s made to last up to an hour in a blazing hot fire, survive falls of up to 15 feet, and tolerate a foot of water. 

This SentrySafe fireproof model is available with either a conventional combination lock or a digital keypad. In any case, it comes with a backup key to manually access the waterproof safe. It’s also available in a variety of sizes, ranging from 0.82 to 2.05 cubic feet.

It also has outstanding hardware. The interior of this fire safe features four live-locking bolts, a pry-resistant hinge bar, a locking drawer, and even an interior light. 

Key Features:

  • Fireproof and waterproof design
  • Backup key
  • Multiple programmable combinations
  • 2.05-cubic-feet maximum capacity

AmazonBasics Keypad Safe

AmazonBasics keypad safe
Source: Amazon

With an 8-gauge steel door and a pry-resistant hinge, the AmazonBasics safe is built of heavy-duty carbon steel. 

This robust home safe weighs nearly 40 pounds for a box that holds less than 2 cubic feet, making it a reliable first line of security for jewelry and keepsakes. For various reasons, this security safe made our top three. 

It’s sturdy, straightforward, and can hold a lot of stuff. It’s not as strong as the SentrySafe, and it’s not fire or water-resistant, but it’s certainly not a cardboard box.

It also has four pre-drilled holes in the back for mounting on the wall or the floor. Its keyless electronic lock allows unlocking it from any angle, yet it still comes with a backup key in case of an emergency. It also has an interior shelf to keep the valuables organized.

Key Features:

  • 1.80-cubic-feet maximum capacity
  • Heavy-duty carbon-steel
  • Mountable design
  • Pre-drilled holes

 Verifi Smart Safe

Verifi smart safe
Source: Amazon

Since home security is an investment, it’s occasionally worth spending a little more money to safeguard valuable things.

The Verifi Smart fingerprint safe is pricey, but it has some impressive credentials. It has an FBI-certified biometric fingerprint scanner with tamper alarms and an auto-lock feature.

Verifi is an excellent alternative for offices, stores, and other facilities where multiple users require access.

While it isn’t fire or waterproof, it is tamper-resistant (due to hidden hinges) and mountable, making it simple to keep outsiders out.

Key Features:

  • Tamper alerts
  • Auto-lock feature
  • Holds up to 40 fingerprints

Barska Mini

Barska Mini
Source: Amazon

Secure storage should be a top responsibility, especially for gun owners. Because of its biometric locking mechanism, silent mode, robust steel structure, and Department of Justice-approved design, we chose the Barska Mini.

It has a capacity of 0.29 cubic feet (enough for a pistol, ammo, and cleaning tools). It’s tamper-proof and mountable, making it simple to keep out of reach of curious kids or intruders.

Key Features:

  • Biometric lock
  • Tamper-resistant
  • Mountable

SentrySafe 1200

SentrySafe 1200
Source: Amazon

Valuable possessions are protected and portable with the SentrySafe 1200. It’s the ideal size for bank deposits or crucial paperwork that must accompany a person on their journey.

It has a simple key lock and can be tucked away in closets, below decks, and just about anyplace. It’s big enough to hold a tiny pistol, therefore it’s a suitable contender for a biometric pistol safe on the go. 

Underwriters Laboratories has certified this fireproof safe to resist temperatures up to 1550°F for up to 30 minutes. Unfortunately, it lacks the same resistance to water and manipulation.

Key Features:

  • UL-classified fire protection
  • Portable design
  • Easily hidden

Types of Safes That You Can Choose to Get a Security Home

Source: Pinterest

It will be easier to choose the ideal safe for different purposes if you are familiar with the many types of safes. 

Even though the number of alternatives can be intimidating to the typical layperson, selecting a safe, or strongbox, does not have to be a difficult undertaking. Do you require a safe for a house or place of business? 

Jewelry Safe

Jewelry Safe
Source: Pinterest

The most popular use of a jewelry safe used to be the neighborhood jeweler. Today, rich folks over the world use jewelry safes to preserve their precious, and often irreplaceable, gems and other valuables. They are pricey, but if worthy for jewellery collectors.

The majority of jewelry safes are attractive on their own. The interiors of these units are delicate and gentle on the eyes as well as the jewels. Many feature luxurious interiors with wood and velvet. But don’t be fooled by the insides. They’re built of sturdy steel (at least the good ones are).

Look for drawers with adaptable layouts that can accommodate jewelry collections as they grow over time. Install the safe in a location that is both securely hidden and easily accessible. Make sure to have enough room to open the door completely. To keep things organized and to avoid unwanted stooping, arrange the drawers.

Jewelry is easy prey for thieves. Keeping jewelry in home jewelry safes offers another element of security.

While most jewelry will fit in any home safe, specific characteristics will assist secure valuable pieces while they are in storage. 

Protective shelving, such as soft carpeted or felted shelves, helps keep precious jewelry free of scratches and dings. Hanging hooks save necklaces and other ornaments from tangling.

A secured jewelry wall armoire is one option, however, it is less secure. These wall-mounted containers have plenty of organizers and hanging space to keep jewelry nicely displayed within. 

Locking armoires may discourage curious youngsters or opportunistic criminals from stealing jewels.

Hidden Safes

The process of evaluating a home safe might be daunting. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of potential shapes, sizes, capabilities, and extras. 

We strive to make selecting the proper home safe for your specific needs as straightforward as possible. When there is cash, vital documents, jewels, or other valuables at home, home safety solutions provide peace of mind. 

A house safe that safeguards birth certificates, passports, marriage licenses, and deeds, as well as family antiques and emergency funds. While basic models protect against theft, higher-end models also provide fire protection and keep valuable goods dry in the event of a flood.

Burglary Safe

Burglary Safe
Source: Pinterest

A burglary safe is safer than a standard fire safe. They’re bigger, and bigger nearly always means “more secure” in the “safe world.” Steel is hefty, and steel safes are built to last. The majority of burglary safes are hidden in some way. 

The stand-alone safe, wall safe, and floor safe are the three basic burglary types of home safes. The majority of these safes are not only fire-resistant but also fireproof. Checking the fire rating before purchasing is usually a smart idea.

burglary safe with strong, insulated walls, a heavy door, and other safety features protects against both theft and fire. The most secure home safes are resistant to both thieves and fire. Some models are also water-resistant.

Burglary safes are classified into two types:

Stand-alone safes: Stand-alone safes do not require installation into a wall or floor recess. They are available in a variety of sizes, ranging from modest home safes to big standing units. They have a heavier and more robust design, and their larger walls provide further security against theft and fire.

Wall safes: Wall safes are typically installed in a recess in the wall, typically between two wall studs. Floor safes, likewise, are located in a recess on the floor. To add another degree of security, it is possible to conceal these safes behind a picture, a cabinet, or under a rug. They are, however, not particularly large and feature thinner walls and doors.

Fireproof Safe

Fireproof safe
Source: Pinterest

Users high fireproof t just need a simple fire safe if they only wish to preserve vital documents at home, such as a will, automobile titles, and other documents that are very important but would be of little use to a thief. 

These are normally available at local Walmart or other retailers.

They aren’t very secure, but they are fire-resistant and could preserve sensitive documents in the event of a home fire.

Their fire ratings aren’t great, and they’re only good for one hour. These entry-level safes, on the other hand, are ideal for people on a tight budget.

Because they are not normally bolted to anything, they can be readily removed from the house and opened elsewhere. If the safe does not lock, the thief will open it and discover nothing of value, leaving the safe behind.

Heavy insulation protects the contents of fire safes from heat, smoke, and, in some cases, water. Many fire safes are compact and portable, and they open with a simple key or combination. 

Fireproof document safes are rated by the worldwide safety consulting and certification business UL and other authorities based on the length of time the interior of the safe can remain below a specific temperature when the exterior has reached fire-level temperatures.

Gun Safes and Cabinets

Gun Safe
Source: Pinterest

These are available in a variety of sizes, security levels, fire resistance, and price points. To keep the firearms out of the hands of minors, there will be a need for a gun safe. 

If that is your main area of concern, then fire resistance values and the usage of extremely secure locking systems are unnecessary.

Of course, if there is a valuable collection, maybe including some priceless guns, then they must be safeguarded against both theft and fire. 

Consult a locksmith about the various models’ fire resistance and fireproof ratings. The size of the gun collection will also influence the model selection.

Small safes for storing a pistol beneath the bed to stand-up safes that can hold and safeguard a number of rifles or shotguns are available. The inside of high-quality wholesale gun safes is frequently lined to guarantee that the guns may be stored without risking damage. 

While a tiny gun can be stored in almost any safe, the best way to ensure that the guns remain in good condition is to purchase a dedicated gun safe, which is designed and made specifically to safeguard guns.

A gun safe is essential for secure weapons storage at home. A strong lock protects its contents from prying eyes. Consider the intended usage of the safe when making a selection, as some gun-specific safes lay less emphasis on theft, fire, or water protection.

A simple secured gun safe is an appropriate alternative for storing guns safely out of reach of children. If the purpose is to prevent burglary, seek a gun safe with an anti-pry design that is intended to deter theft.

Gun safes are available in a variety of sizes, ranging from bedside handgun boxes to massive rifle safes. Remember to keep the safe out of reach of little children at all times. Consider the sort of lock as well.

A safe with a combination or biometric lock means there are no keys to hide (or lose) and no keys for curious children to find.

Tips for a Safer Home

House Safety
Source: Pinterest

Families place a high value on home security. When considering buying or building a new house, one of the first things most families look into is the neighborhood’s safety. A community’s perceived safety does not guarantee that criminals will not target it.

Always Lock Doors and Windows

Locking windows and doors is one of the simplest methods to boost a home’s security. Most burglars enter a home through the front door, according to a Nationwide Insurance poll, and over 25% of respondents admitted to leaving doors and windows unlocked when they were not at home. It doesn’t get much easier than that in terms of a simple objective!

Identify Resources

It’s critical for families with children to identify secure services as soon as they move in, especially if the children will be returning home to an empty house after school. Kids should have access to a phone, a list of emergency phone numbers, and a trusted friend, family member, or neighbor, as well as be aware of what to do in the event of an emergency at home. 

If the safe has an alarm system, there should be guidelines for opening the door for strangers, having people over, securing windows and doors, and using it. If there is a fire or break-in when the family or child is home, there should be an emergency exit plan.

Use Timers and Lights

Burglars will always target a house that appears to be vacant rather than one that appears to be occupied. When the user is out of town, they can use timers and lights to their advantage. Timers can be used to switch on and off lights, TVs, and radios to give the impression that someone is home even if they are not. 

To draw shady areas where robbers could hide, outside lighting can be put in the front and back of the house. If someone is roaming around the property, motion sensors can help prevent lights from being left on all night.

Look for A Home Security System

A burglary may not be prevented by home security systems, but the alert may scare them away before they can take anything. Security systems can also inform that the house has been broken into and trigger a police call, perhaps reducing the amount of damage caused by a burglary. 

Many modern systems may even send warnings when children return home from school or when a door is left unlocked, allowing users to monitor their family’s safety from afar.

Maintain Privacy

Simple measures such as placing blinds or curtains on windows can deter robbers because they can’t see what’s inside. They don’t sure if a break-in is worth the time and risk, or what they’ll find once inside. Preventing outsiders from looking inside the house protects valuables from prying eyes and makes determining whether or not someone is there more difficult.

Be Aware of Strangers

You should never grow out of the phrase “stranger danger.” It’s all too easy for a homeowner to think nothing of allowing service persons into the house or even contractors to work on the house while they’re away at work, but be cautious. 

Allow only those service providers into the home that are familiar and scheduled an appointment. Simply direct them to the area they need to see. Offer a tour instead of showing off the new home. 

To avoid strangers seeing valuable belongings when moving into a new home, arrange all servicing appointments before actually moving in.


Safewell is an absolute home safe manufacturer for a fair price when it comes to protecting all possessions against theft, fire, and water damage. Home security safes aren’t the only option to safeguard possessions.

The best home safe can safeguard valuables and essential papers against a variety of risks, including theft, fire, and water. We looked at many types of home safes and their features to see how they could protect valuables, firearms, and documents. 

This covered the construction, wall thickness, and locking devices to safeguard valuables from theft.

We also looked at different types of home safes as well as some tips for a safer home from different cash box manufacturers.

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