What’s The Difference Between Safes And Vaults?

Although it is common to believe that safes and vaults are alike, there are distinct differences. This is where terminology can become confusing. Vault and safe are usually interchangeable. In technical terms, a vault can be described as a safe; However, a safe is not called a vault. The same applies to Coca-Cola: all Coca Colas can be sodas, but all Coca-Colas can not be sodas. You get a little idea from this example; the rest are apparent differences we will discuss below. The most common in between both is- They are used to keep your valuables safe.

What Is The Difference Between Them?

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Both units are designed by the safe manufacturer to serve the same purpose. But the thing is, how are they different from each other? The construction and installation in your place create critical differences between them. Vaults are usually built into a building’s structure, while safes are freestanding, independent, and portable. Safes can also be installed into walls. A vault is generally treated as a room and reinforced with a steel door or other security standards.

A vault is essentially safe with steroids. While functionally identical, vaults are considered more permanent and specific to their location. A safe can be easily moved or picked up at your convenience on the other side. Safes can be found in homes and smaller businesses. You will most likely need to visit a bank or another establishment with many valuables to find a vault.

A vault is an immovable storage unit built into a structure such as a bank building. On the other hand, a safe is usually smaller and made from metal. Vaults can be as large as rooms and are made from steel-reinforced concrete metal boxes. Vaults can hold much more and larger items. Meanwhile, safes are typically made of steel and are smaller. They can also be carried around with a combination or digital lock. These safes are more affordable, practical, and offer the best security.

Can We Call Vault A Safe?

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No. A vault is different from a safe because it has unique features. It is not like a safe. Instead, it has an additional level of security that protects against unauthorized access or damage from natural disasters such as fires, floods, and others. A vault is a wall-mounted unit that cannot be moved from one location to the next. Safes can also be mounted to walls or floors, and you can make them unmovable. A vault is not a large safe despite its many similarities.

What Makes Vault More Secure Than Safe?

As we know, safe and Vault come with fireproof features, but Vault offers more security and protection; two parts are essential for a fireproof vault to work correctly. The first part is the dual activated thermal seal. This prevents heat from passing through the gaps. To provide maximum protection, it has two seals. These seals are only available on the most recent safes.

The second is an inferno shield. An inferno shield is a valuable addition to your Vault. It can withstand heat for up to two hours and protects against the most burning fires.

Who Uses Vaults And Safes?

Commercial users can use Vaults, such as banks, jewellers, and anyone who has large cash balances like credit unions or casinos. Vaults are also suitable for businesses that deal with cash, valuable artwork, weapons, or other essential items. Vaults offer additional protection, such as security guards and security monitoring systems with alarms. 

They also have hidden doors and ways to conceal the Vault’s location. A safe is best for most commercial applications. It is lightweight, portable, easy to install, customizable, and much less expensive than other options. Many security features are available in safes, such as fingerprint safe and fire resistance safe, etc. It also provides high-end protection from fire and theft to your valuables.

How To Choose A Safe Or Vault?

The 6P process is one of the best methods to choose a home safe. This should be helpful for anyone looking to select a vault or safe.

  • Peril – What are you going to protect against? These could include flooding, theft, or extreme weather conditions.
  • Precious– What is the valuable thing you want to store? Do you keep guns, digital data, or gold?
  • Position – Where do you want to keep your things? You can store your valuables under your bed, in a bank vault, or at home.
  • Purpose – why do you require safety? Protect your business assets, protect your privacy, and restrict access to children.
  • Price – how much can you afford? As a rule of thumb, you should budget 10% of the value of your valuables.
  • Product Features – What features are most important to you? What type of safe do you prefer?

Benefits Of Having A Fireproof Vault or Safe?

A vault or safe is one of the best ways to prepare for unexpected damage. The fireproof Vault offers three essential benefits that far exceed its cost. Below are the three reasons you should get a fireproof vault.

• Protection

Fireproof vaults are designed to protect you. It is impossible to duplicate or remake items that have been lost. A fireproof safe can protect your most precious possessions, no matter how sentimental or valuable they are.

• Peace Of Mind

A fire resistant safe is worth the investment, even if the damaging event never happens. You feel reassured that everything will be okay if it does happen.

• Lower Insurance Rate

You can get lower insurance rates if you add extra protection to valuable objects. Insurance companies want to minimize their risk. When you purchase car insurance, they will often ask about your driving record and history with oil changes. You can show them you are responsible by having a fireproof vault. They’ll probably give you a lower rate for anything insured into the Vault. This will save you money.


We hope this article helped you understand the critical differences between safes and vaults. For the security you require at home, safes are a good option for that; a vault is likely to be the same thing you see in a bank or large business to provide extra protection. Also, make sure to choose the trustworthy safe manufacturer, whether you are planning to purchase a vault or safe.

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