What is a Drop Safe?

Drop Safe is a special safe specifically designed to keep your important personal documents, cash, and ornaments safe. It is designed with innovative technology to keep your precious items safe from the hands of thieves, and it is pretty challenging to break a safe that is purchased from the best safe deposit box manufacturers. In general, it has a slot above the top or front for small deposits, or a large drawer for large deposits, depending on the type of Drop Safe. Make sure to buy one from a leading safe manufacturer.

Drop Safe


Drop safe is of great importance. It allows you to keep your office or any essential personal documents without any concern. Its exceptional security mechanism ensures the privacy of your valuables. Its special feature is that anything can be deposited in the safe without opening it, which is a very good system for a business owner or office manager. 

A business o\wner can ask his employees to deposit any documents in the Drop Safe. It doesn’t require opening the deposit, and his cash and business documents kept inside the Safe Box are completely safe and private. This Drop Safe can only be opened by someone who has a security code or key to this safe. 

How do Drop Safes Work? 

Drop Safes are usually attached to the floor or wall. It is specially designed for business owners. This is an excellent way to prevent thieves from accessing the money and personal documents kept in the safe. Drop Safe is a type of commercial safes that has such a tight mechanism that the thief cannot break it easily for stealing money. It is almost impossible to access dropbox without a security code or keys which only you know. 

In general, large Drop Safes are placed in the manager’s office. But, for the small businesses that need to empty their cash drawers regularly, smaller Drop Safe boxes are placed with each cashier or manager. It is very easy to deposit in a Drop Safe. You can deposit your cash securely by following a process in seconds. All you have to do is slide large bills into the slot in dropbox. Your employees can safely deposit all cash by keeping their cash drawers almost empty. 

Types of Drop Safe Box 

Drop Box is available in a wide variety of sizes and security ratings. Drop Safes are mainly two types – 

Front loading drop saf


i) front-loading, where the deposit slot is placed on the front side of the safe box, above the main door, 

Top loading drop safe

Source: Amazon

ii) top-loading. It may vary in opening mechanism for the door, depending upon the different types of Drop Safes. 

Some Drop Safes have a combination locks system; Some Drop Safe Boxes are available in a traditional key lock. Similarly, some Drop Safe has a dual-locking system that requires multiple actions to be performed to open the Drop Safe. Make sure to buy one from a leading custom jewelry safe manufacturer.

The dual-locking mechanism Drop Safe Box can be opened with the help of two keys used simultaneously. It is assumed that this safety mechanism is designed for customizing the trust of a business as these two keys can be held by two business partners of a single business. As a result, one business partner can’t withdraw cash from the Drop Safe without the knowledge. 

The Benefits of Drop Safes 

The benefits of Drop Safes are incredible. There can be no substitute for Drop Safe to keep business or personal documents and cash more secure. A Drop Safe facilitates business owners greatly. Since the documents can be kept without opening them, and anyone can deposit the document in them, there is no hassle of opening them again and again. 

Moreover, it can’t be easily broken and opened without a secret code or key, depending on the type of Drop Safe. Thereby it provides complete security of documents and cash to the business owners. Observing the unique design and amazing security mechanism of the Drop Safe, the business owners now realize the benefits of Drop Safes, and several business owners are considering buying high security safes to optimize their businesses. 

There are frequent cash theft or robbery cases in companies or organizations that have a devastating effect on the business. The robbers are always in the midst of this when they get a chance to clean their hands by entering any of the offices or banks. 

Apart from cash, there are also many important documents of businesses whose theft can put the whole business in danger. For their benefit, some people are also trying to steal these documents. The drop safe can act as a safety shield for a business in such a situation. Although nowadays, CCTV cameras are installed everywhere, giving evidence of any activity or stealing. 

However, this electronic surveillance secret camera still can’t stop stealing from happening. It is heard that the miscreants broke the CCTV cameras and fled with cash from the safe. In such a situation, Drop Safe is the only solution for business owners to keep their documents and cash safe from the sight and hands of miscreants. The benefits of Drop Safes are more than that of CCTV cameras.  

Drop Safe Applications 

Drop Safe application is an easy process that anyone can tackle. You can keep important documents and cash in it without opening the main door of the Safe box. The valuables are pushed via a small opening above or in front of the finger print safe

A standard drop safe is fitted with an internal mechanism named an anti-fish plate that acts as a guard to prevent dishonest people from ejecting the items of the safe box through the slot with the help of a cable. Only a key or security code allows you to open the safe. If you’ve learned how to use Drop Safes, handling them won’t be an issue. 

Drop Safe


Although the Drop Safe is designed for the convenience of small, medium, or big business owners, you can also install it on any wall of your home to keep valuable contents, such as cash, house papers, and other important documents, and ornaments. Your valuables will be safe there. 

There is often theft in the houses. In such a situation, a thief will not be able to steal your contents by breaking your Drop Safe. Drop Safes are available in many sizes. So, you need to make sure how you want to use it and purchase from reliable manufacturers.


The invention of Drop Safe proves to be a boon for business owners. This innovative technology largely eliminates the concern of theft of cash and documents of business owners. However, still many business owners consider CCTV cameras to be an adequate security system to prevent theft. 

But, seeing the scandal of theft by breaking CCTV cameras, it seems that all business owners will welcome Drop Safe to save their business from the ill effects of theft in the future. For more information, contact Safewell.

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