Top 5 Jerry Cans Manufactures In The World

Jerry can
Source: Safewell

Flammable fluids are always considered things of great concern always, and keeping them with utmost fragility to ensure safety is a priority for every petrochemical dealer ignorance of the pinch can cause a huge amount of loss to the dealer because petrochemicals are hazardous as well as delicate to keep due to their tendency of evaporation & Minor inconvenience in preserving them can destroy the whole batch of the chemicals.

This is why having the safest container from jerry cans manufacturers to keep them is a necessity. Containers to keep these fluids are called Jerry Cans. Jerry cans keep them safe, have alternative uses, and can be recycled very easily. Average liquid takes up to one year to safely last in a can but the temperature and climate are also the determining factors of chemicals stored in cans. 

The market size of Jerry cans is estimated at US$ 2.2 billion and 84% of this market capture and demand are fulfilled by Plastic. Whether it is about petrochemicals, Industry chemicals, food & beverages, or storing water Jerry cans are now part of households to industries everywhere. And the rising population of the world is finding more unique and alternative uses for Jerry cans. So, let’s check out the Top 5 Jerry Cans manufacturers in the world.

Top 5 Jerry Cans Manufacturers In The World 

1. Safewell

Type of Business:  Manufacturer of jerry cans, safes, ammunition boxes, and vaults

Location (Headquarters): Beilun, Zhejiang, China

Year Founded: 1998

Products offered: Residential safes, Commercial safes, Fire Resistant safes, Cash and Key management safes, Gun safes and Vaults, Metal boxes, Accessories, and Safe related products

Safewell logo
Source: Safewell

For all of your jerrycan needs, the safes manufacturer – Safewell is your only stop. Safewell, a leading maker of security products, also makes fuel cans with a superior cold rolled steel body and clean welded seal seams, making them strong, reliable, and suitable for use in harsh off-road conditions as backup cans. The bayonet clasp on this container ensures that the lid will not leak or spill. 

As an added safety feature, the latch is secured with a locking pin to avoid any unwanted opening on the road. In addition, the lid’s quick-release latch facilitates can access in an unexpected scenario. This jerry can manufacturer is the perfect business partner for your wholesale jerry can business because of their Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) service and design service.

Products And Services Offered

  • Residential safes
  • Commercial safes
  • Fire Resistant safes
  • Cash and Key management safes
  • Gun safes and Vaults
  • Metal boxes
  • Accessories
  • Safe related products

2. Time Technoplast Ltd. 

Type of business: Manufacturer of polymer & Composite products

Location (Headquarters): Mumbai- 400 072 

Year founded: 1989

Products offered: Jerry cans and drums, crated, pallets (Flat, Eco, and smart leaf), automotive products, and fuel tanks. 

Time Techno Limited logo
Source: Time Techno Limited

Time Techno Limited caters its services to industries and the packaging department. Their innovative operations enable them to also carry out their activities on lifestyle products and automotive industries, healthcare products, infrastructure/construction-related products, and last but not least material handling to give their customers every service under one roof. Their teams are dedicated to not only customers satisfaction but also to the prosperity of their investors too

This consistency and dedication of Time Technoplast helped them to have a long-term interest in business and still running since 25+ years of experience in this industry and even helped them to expand their ventures to 8 regional offices across the borders of India including the countries Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, UAE, Thailand, Taiwan, Vietnam, Malaysia Indonesia, and the USA. 

Products And Services Offered

  • Material Handling
  • Industrial Packaging 
  • Automotive components
  • Infrastructure products 
  • Lifestyle products 
  • Export consultancy 
  • Radiator tanks 
  • Value added services

3. Berry Global Group Inc. 

Type of business: Manufacturer and Marketer of plastic packaging products

Location  (headquarters): Evansville, Indiana, United States 

Year founded: 1969 

Products Offered: Apparel, applicators, bags and bulk bags, canisters and jerry cans, caps and closures, and many more 

Berry Global Group Inc. logo
Source: Berry Global Group Inc.

Berry Global Group is a publicly traded and billion-dollar contribution company that believes that the secret to the success of any company lies in the happiness of employees. Considering the employee’s strengths of their group. Berry Global Group Inc. is a company registered in Fortune 500 for global manufacturing and plastic packaging. 

Berry Global Group has 300 manufacturing units across the globe to fulfill the demand and ensure a steady flow of the supply chain. Formerly, the company was known as Berry Plastic corporation but after the year 2017 company identifies as Berry Global Group to the world.  Berry Global Group has roughly 2500+ clients and some of the very handsome clients such as McDonald’s, Burger King, Nestle, Coca-Cola, Hershey, Walmart, Kmart, Procter & Gamble, Sherwin Williams, Borden, and Gillette.  

Products And Services Offered

  • Shipping and transport
  • Caps and closure 
  • Commercial and industrial supplies
  • Agriculture and horticulture
  • Building Construction 
  • Animal and pet care
  • Beauty and personal care
  • Hygiene and home care 

4. Mauser Packaging Solutions

Type of business: Customized packaging solutions 

Location (headquarter): Atlanta, Georgia, United States 

Year Founded: 1870

Products offered: Drums, Cans, Containers jerry cans, pails, bottles and so much more. 

Mauser Packaging Solutions logo
Source: Mauser Packaging Solutions

Mauser Packaging Solutions and BWAY are two companies that shake their hands to promote        Sustainable business and said yes to a better future for the world. Their step in this ecological balanced manufacturing process leaves a positive impact on society and continuous fulfillment of social responsibility. 

They altogether stimulate the operations in direction of recollection and recycling of the materials and take care of the complete lifecycle for customers globally. They have 180 more facilities all over the world maintaining superior supply chain performances. Chicago, Cincinnati, and Monroe roe are very few of the places to name where they execute the business. 

Mauser Packaging Solutions believe in Global Reach For Global Impact. Hence their sustainable action plans for the business are uniform in every city they run the businesses. The process of sustainable operation includes collecting of empty packages and reconditioning their usability, recycling collected packages, and making the most out of them. 

Products And Services Offered 

  • Fleet management 
  • Customized services
  • Specialty containers and products 
  • Machinery 
  • Parts and accessories 
  • Intermediate Bulk Container 
  • Empty packaging 
  • Shipping Efficiency 

5. Scepter-Myers Industries 

Type of business: Producer of portable plastic fuel tanks and water containers

Location (Headquarters): Akron, Ohio, United States 

Year founded: 1933

Products offered: Portable fuel tanks, ammunition containers, shipping containers, water containers, steel carts, Bins, and cans, Reusable containers, Rubber cans, and more such products

Scepter Myers Industries logo
Source: Scepter-Myers Industries

Scepter is acquired by Myers Industries running for 85 years and providing their valuable service to the marine and shipping industry. With various lines and different products up to utility of the customers. Myer’s approach is customer-centric while having strategies Inclined to revenue-generating and profitability. 

The scepter is owned by Myers Industries which was established by the brothers with the mission of optimizing the material handling and distribution to its greatest extent and they worked on their four strategic pillars- organic growth, strategic material and acquisition,  operational excellence, and high-performance culture. Myers has faith in their strategies this outcome in the exceptional transformation of Myers industries. These pillars also serve Myers in realizing their aim and accomplishing it. 

Myers Industries chain is concerned with Industrial manufacturing, food processing, retail, and wholesale product distribution. And its domain is diversified to Agriculture, Automotive, Products, bakery, and consumer markets.  

Products And Services Offered

  • Portable plastic fuel tanks
  • Marine Tanks
  • Distribution of tools
  • Transport solution designed
  • General repair facility
  • Wheel and under-vehicle services 
  • Making of safety cabinets 


The above-mentioned manufacturers are listed as a satisfactory service provider in the sphere of the packaging industry. These manufacturers have considered are to best because their products are reliable, and services are top-notch. Regardless of the web of operations around the globe the manufacturers still manage to ensure smooth functioning of the supply chain and fill with demand for materials and products. 

And, when it comes to fragile products such as cans stored from regular gasoline to highly flammable petroleum Jerry cans ensure the long-lasting of the chemical without affecting their quality of combustion. 

You can book a call with Safewell to get more details about jerry cans.  

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