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People use safes to protect a multitude of things including guns, jewelry, important papers, and so on, but often they forget the importance of maintaining the very safe that is protecting their valuables. Though the task is not difficult, certain things need to be kept in mind for a long-lasting result.

What Does It Mean To Maintain A Safe?

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The maintenance varies from model to model. It is necessary to inspect safe mechanisms for broken welds and loosened bolts. In order to avoid wear and binding, which can result in failure, they also need to be lubricated. Premium safes that have a clip clutch, prevent burglars from forcing their way into the safe. To make sure the belongings are safeguarded, this clip clutch must be checked as well.

The safe expert or locksmith should unscrew the wheel pack during routine safe lock maintenance, clean the insides and the wheel, repair any exceptionally worn components, properly lubricate the lock, and then reassemble the lock. To ensure that the fire seal will function properly, a good safe operator would always check the door tension. A correctly set door further improves the safe’s resistance to burglary. They will also inspect the relocker to make sure no screws are loose and it cannot be removed easily.

To ensure they haven’t come loose, mounting screws for electronic locks should be examined. Any lock’s overall functionality needs to be assessed for performance. For dial locks too, the screws need to be checked. In addition, the wheel packs need to be examined to make sure they haven’t drifted and the interior of the lock should be checked for metal shavings.

The lock mechanism is tweaked during assembly. However, production is subject to constant turnover, so there is no assurance that an expert will tune the lock. An expert technician can verify that the lock is properly tuned.

What Must Be Avoided To Increase Safe Longevity?

  • Many safe owners find it to be rather entertaining to turn their dial lock as quickly as they can. The dial lock may even be harmed by this. Within the lock, there are several small teeth that mesh together. Too much turning and snapping in one direction and then the other can cause these teeth to round and/or wear off. This may result in the combination changing over time and making it more difficult to unlock the lock. In the end, continued misuse may result in the dial lock failing, necessitating the assistance of a safe technician to open the safe and reset the lock. There could even be a need to replace the lock in some circumstances.
  • Avoid spraying anything into a combination lock; this is a common mistake made by those who experience resistance or tight turning. This frequently makes issues worse.
  • Relocking a malfunctioning safe is not a good idea. The last thing to be done is to relock a safe that the user is unsure about whether it would be unlocked again. This is to keep access to valuable items or firearms.

Is It Possible To Perform Own-Safe Maintenance?

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Approximately seventeen distinct elements need to be checked during routine safe maintenance, depending on the model. Of these, five of the things that require inspection are components of the lock mechanism on the gun safe.

Those with a mechanical aptitude might be able to handle the upkeep of a safe by themselves. A person who is not a qualified safe technician can examine some items. But it’s crucial to remember that a qualified safe technician has knowledge and experience gained from years of maintaining and repairing safes. Not all of the elements that must be inspected in order to keep the safe in good working order are basic. And some need specialized equipment.

Fundamental areas of maintenance are:

  • Search for a drifting combination if the safe has a dial lock. Simply test the lock by dialing the combination numbers, which must all be one-fourth digit high. Then, test the lock by dialing all 1/4 digits low. If it succeeds both times, the combination is still in the right place and hasn’t strayed.
  • The ability to access the safe may be hampered if the dial ring moves. Hold the ring that surrounds the dial lock. It shouldn’t move while spinning it left or right.
  • The most common cause of electronic safe lock failure is a dead battery. A 9-volt battery will typically last 2-4 years under normal operation even though its expiration date is 4-5 years from the time it is installed. Having said that, it is advised to change the battery once a year. Even batteries that are still within their expiration window frequently fail. Additionally, buying a new battery is considerably less expensive than hiring a safe professional to unlock the safe.
  • The handle of the safe should have very little in and out movement and side-to-side wobble. If the handle is slack, it is easy to find the set screws or bolts holding it in place and tighten them to reduce play.

It is easy to tighten the handle spokes on the safe if it has them. But remember to put on some rubber or nitrile gloves for more grip to guarantee a tightly secured handle.

How Often Should A Safe Maintenance Check Be Done?

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Safe maintenance needs to be done every one to four years, depending on the safe. The best safe companies, particularly for government or commercial safes, strongly advise regular maintenance checks. These safes should undergo annual maintenance inspections since they are not just regularly used—often several times daily —but also because they are performing a vital function.


Maintenance and servicing are even more crucial if the user purchases a used or refurbished safely. It is essential to have the safe professionally inspected in order to be at ease and make sure it is in good working order and ready to protect the valuables. 
This is because there won’t typically be any guarantees for a second-hand safes and you won’t be aware of its history, including whether it has been well maintained or regularly serviced and what it may have been exposed to. It’s best to check out safe box for sale from trusted and authentic manufacturers only.

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