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  • 36 gun fireproof safe 1
  • fireproof gun safe
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Safewell GSF0100E Series Large Luxury Vault Rifles Fireproof Gun Automatic Safe Deposit Box For 36 Guns Home

GSF0100E Series

This series of fireproof gun safe,offers superior security and Fire protection with durable reconfigurable and interior.

Fire Protection 40 minutes
Certificate California DOJ standards
Usage Home/Office/Inroom Safety

Product Features

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    Fire resistant

    Fire resistant for 20-60 minutes up to1400˚ F.

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    Solid steel

    External welded solid steel strap hinges allow full fireboard protection.

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    Added layer of fireboard behind reinforced steel door and safe body.

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    Locking systerm

    3-way locking systerm with 1'' locking bolts.

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    Robotically Welded

    14-gauge steel body construction made by Robotically Welded.

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    Drill resistant

    Drill resistant hardplate protecting critical spots.

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    Re-locker mechanism for higher security.

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    Anti-pry tabs

    Anti-pry tabs work in tandem with safe’s other security component to thwart pry attacks.

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    Pre-drilled for anchor kit.

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    Alarm system

    If the safe is tampered with, the alarm will sound for 20 seconds.

Product Parameters

* H W D = Height Width Depth
Model GSF0101E-10 GSF0102E-14 GSF0103E-24 GSF0104E-30 GSF0105E-36 GSF0106E-45 GSF0102E-60
External (in) H55 W18 D15 H55 W20 D17 H59 W26 D20 H59 W28 D20 H59 W33 D20 H59 W40 D22 H72 W40 D25
Packing (in) H59.8 W19.2 D18.1 H59.8 W21.3 D20.3 H63.8 W27.2 D23 H63.6 W27.2 D23 H63.8 W34.3 D23 H63.8 W40.9 D25 H77 W41.3 D28
SteelThickness 14ga 14ga 14ga 14ga 14ga 14ga 14ga
Cun Capacity Up to 14 Up to 14 Up to 24 Up to 30 Up to 36 Up to 36 Up to 60
Fire Rating 20mins/1400F 20mins/1400F 40mins/1400F 40mins/1400F 40mins/1400’F 40mins/1400’F 60mins/1400F
Product Weight 202.9 1bs 227.1 1bs 333 bs 358.91bs 421.2 1bs 497.7 1bs 866.91bs
Shipping Weight 213.9 1bs 235.9 1bs 346.2 1bs 397 lbs 436.6 lbs 866.9 lbs 882.6 1bs
40HQ(PCS) 148 122 86 86 79 36 32

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