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  • small metal money box 2
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CB0201K Series Safewell Large Cash Box with Mechanical Lock,Money Box with Cash Tray, Lock Safe Box with Key

CB0201K Series

Keep your money and valuables protected and secure with the SAFEWELL Cash Box.This compact unit can be conveniently stored in a closet. cabinet desk drawer or other private space. The cash box with lock features a black tray with some small compartments for coins. The larger cubbies are for bills. Sort income and make change quickly with this sensible design.

Color Multi-color
Lock Design Key
Usage Home/Office/Inroom Safety

Product Features

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    Lock Design


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    Convenient Fold-Away-Handle

    The convenient fold-away handle makes transporting money easy without having to remove it from the cash box.

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    Steel Plate.

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    Removable Tray

    Use the removable tray to organize bills and coins with ease.

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    Privacy key lock

    The Privacy key lock helps keep prying eyes away from items.

Product Parameters

* H W D = Height Width Depth
CB0200K Model CB0201K
External(mm) 90*300*240
Internal(mm) 88x298x238
Dimension(mm) 530x320x530
Door Thicknes(mm) 0.7
Body Thickness(mm) 0.7
  • * HxWxD(H=Height,W=Width,D=Depth)

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