• High Quality Burglary Safe
  • best burglary rated safes
  • burglar fire safe
  • burglar proof safe
  • High Quality Burglary Safe
  • best burglary rated safes
  • burglar fire safe
  • burglar proof safe

BS0100E Series Safewell High Quality Best Burglary Safe Box Electronic Digital Large Security Home Safe


BS0100E SERIES is designed to protect valuables against burglars. The superior construction allows itself to lead the market and provide high quality safes that are affordable. This line of safes is a great choice for home or business use. Multiple protecting system: electronic keypad,mechanical key, and knob ensure higher security of the safes.

Lock Design: 3-8 Digit Code
Usage: Home/Office/Inroom Safety

Product Features

  • high security burglar fire safe
  • best burglary safes
  • p03 s02 icon

    4~8 digit code for open(user code & master code)

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    Override Key

    Supply the override key for emergency use.

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    Three way locking bolts(size with 53/63/73/100)with 32mm

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    A clear display for year, month ,date setting and low battery indication

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    Anchor holes

    Anchor holes are suitable for fixing to the cabinet wall or the floor(fixing bolts included).

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    Alarm function for abnormal operation.

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    Include the protective foor carpet.

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    Reset button

    Change the code easly with rset button.

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    Run on 4X1.5V AA batteries.

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    Adjustabale/Removable shelves or drawer

Product Parameters

* H W D = Height Width Depth
Model BSO111E BS0112E BS0113E BS0114E BS0115E BS0116E
External(mm) 350x375x320 420x375x320 530x450x360 630x450x380 730x450x400 930x530x460
Packing:(mm) 420x390x360 460x390x360 640x465x400 740x465x420 840x465x440 1040x545x500
Weight(kg) 16.5. 21.5 46 49.5 56 85
Capacity(L) 45 50 85 100 130 220
Door Thicknes(mm) 6 6 8 8 8 8
Body Thickness(mm) 2 2 2 2 2 2
20’FCL 440 405 220 180 150 80
  • * * H W D = Height Width Depth

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