List Of Best Bedside Gun Safes Brands

Gunshot injuries are not uncommon. You should take extra precautions if you have children and keep your guns out of reach of them. You know how important it is for your gun to be safe. It’s not worth it to store the gun if you don’t have access to it in an emergency. 

A bedside gun safe is a great option. Instead of leaving your firearms unattended in a drawer or box, put them in a bedside gun safe. This is a great way to keep your gun safe from unauthorized people. So here is a list of top gun cabinets manufacturers you can choose to buy your safe bedside gun safes.

Top 4 Bedside Gun Safes Manufacturers

1. Fort Knox

Fort Knox Logo

Source: Fort Knox

Type of Business: Manufacturer & Supplier

Location: Orem Utah

Year Founded: 1918

Fort Knox Guards is a world-recognized wholesale gun safes provider founded and authorized to provide quality security, community, and security-related services. The company employees are skilled people with military backgrounds and paramilitary backgrounds and corporate executives who have a high degree of integrity and moral standing. They support you to enhance security and decrease the risk of crime at your location(s) with a comprehensive security system that guards your most important assets; your possessions and valuables.

Product & Services Offered

  • Mscope
  • EPMS
  • Ferret
  • Access Control System
  • Wholesale Gun Safes

2. Gunvault

Gunvault logo

Source: Gunvault

Type of Business: Manufacturer & Supplier

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada 89119.

Year Founded: 1990

Gunvault is a world-leading manufacturer of gun safes. The products offered by the company include pistol, digital and portable safes that come with biometric security options, and an exclusive keypad with no eyes. It allows customers to gain quick access to protect themselves from thieves or a safe storage device that keeps handguns safe from the reach of young children. Gunvault is known for its top-quality, sturdy handgun safes that ensure an improved safety system for your family.

Product & Services Offered

3. Vaultek Safe

Vaultek Logo

Source: Vaultek

Type of Business: Manufacturer & Supplier

Location: Orlando, FL.

Year Founded: 2015

Vaultek is a famous worldwide renowned American security firm specializing in portable security products with modern facilities that feature world-class innovation. VAULTEK delivers a variety of Digital and RFID cabinet locks that can be used for any need, like Mobile Lockers, wholesale pistol safe, etc. They can be programmed on location and used in both private and public applications. Pin locks are a great addition to the convenience of Cupboards and drawers at homes and office spaces.

Product & Services Offered

  • Personal Lock Boxes, 
  • Compact Pistol Safes, 
  • Rifle Safes, 
  • Travel Safes.

4. Liberty Safe

Liberty safe logo

Source: Liberty safe

Type of Business: Manufacturer & Supplier

Location: Payson, Utah, United States.

Year Founded: 1988

Liberty Safe is the #1 leading American manufacturer of guns safes security products for homes, commercial, and fire safety! They made premium quality fire-resistant gun safes that offer the best in personal security and protection. All products are fire-rated and give you protection from 30 minutes to 2.5 hours against fire to ensure that your precious documents and treasured items are safe. Their guns and home safes have advanced security to stop burglars from pursuing them.

Product & Services Offered

Best Safe Manufacturer in China

Safewell logo

Source: Safewell

If you want to invest your money with a reliable supplier of safes , we recommend going with Safewell. It has numerous options ranging from hotel safes to wall mounted safes. YOu can also go with customized options as per your personal needs. Your gun safe needs to be easily accessible which Safewell knows well. Get all the value for your money with Safewell. 

Different Safes Offered: 

  • Commercial Safes.
  • Fireproof safes.
  • Residential Safes.
  • Valuable management safes. 

Things To Consider When Buying Gun Safes

When you decided to purchase a gun, you decided to buy the gun safe. Gun safety is among the most crucial investments you could make. It doesn’t matter if it’s your home or office; you should be thinking about a safe environment where you can keep your gun safely. There are many various brands and designs available in gun safes that you can purchase; however, before buying, there are some aspects to consider when purchasing an item.

• Size

It is essential to purchase a gun safe large enough. Look for a gun safe that can hold two guns and accommodate bullets. But, you can find a gun safe that is tiny in size but comes with many spaces for bullets. While a smaller gun safe is less expensive, purchasing a giant safe is essential. Additionally, you must ensure your purchase will work well in the room where you want to keep it.

• Fire Protection

Another aspect you should consider when shopping for a gun safe is the security features for fire. It suggests that no matter the circumstances surrounding your home, your firearm and ammunition remain secure. If your gun safe is not involved in a natural catastrophe, flood, or fire, your gun safe isn’t damaged. This is an essential feature, mainly if you include other critical materials to the gun safe.

• Locking Mechanisms

It is advisable to purchase gun safes that have modern locking mechanisms. It is not logical to buy a gun safe; however, your children or burglars can gain accessibility to firearms within the safe. Modern gun safes can be accessed via voice activation, password, or fingerprints mechanism. Purchase a gun safe that is only accessible by you or a person you can trust. It is essential to study the pros and disadvantages of various locking mechanisms. This will assist you in determining the ideal locking mechanism suitable for your firearms and yourself.

• Be aware of the different brands.

Many types of safes are available online and in many local stores. Each manufacturer has its advantages and flaws. For instance, certain brands have shelves, racks, and drawers, while others don’t have these advantages. Other homes use thick steel to provide extra security. There are a variety of fireproofing materials available. In the case of locking mechanisms, there’s a wide selection of choices. It is essential to research different brands before purchasing.

• Price

Price is an essential thing to consider when purchasing a gun safe. But, the cost of a specific safe might not significantly impact the overall quality of the safe as many pricey gun safes do not provide the same structure and strength as the others that are comparatively less expensive. In general, instead of focusing more on the cost, look at other factors like safety and protection. Many people don’t realize that the wholesale pistol safe is an asset you can be able to use throughout your entire life.

• Dimensions

It is crucial to remember that internal dimensions count much more than external dimensions. Although external dimensions may provide a clear idea of how large the safe is, an internal measurement is much more significant. In reality, the dimensions on the outside are not necessary once you’ve installed the safe. So, it is best to focus on the inside measurement of your gun safe.


Finding the best bedside gun safe isn’t an easy job. This overview of the top nightstand gun safes brands will help you find the perfect piece according to your need. Additionally, it is also essential to review each and pick the best one according to the buyer’s guide that we’ve put together. We hope this review will help you find the most suitable nightstand gun safe that meets your requirements. For more information, contact Safewell.

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