How Long Do Fireproof Safes Last?

We all know that fireproof safes are an excellent option to make sure your valuables are secure and safe in the event of a fire, but everyone has a question in their mind when buying fire-resistant safes: how long do fireproof safes last? Are you also one who is finding the answer to this question? Find every answer here.

How Long Does A Fire-Resistant Safe Last?

Fireproof safes are more durable if they have a high fire rating. This means that the safe doesn’t exceed a certain time limit, which allows them to persist fire. Fireproof safes are known for their fire rating and require maintenance as they are more susceptible to moisture, which can cause rust and inadequate functions. 

One thing you need to understand is that fire-resistant safes will minimize fire damage. Even though a safe may be labeled fireproof, it will eventually cave to heat from a fire. Usually, fire safes last longer than 30-60 minutes. Fireproof safes with higher-end features can last up to four hours. Also, it would be best if you chose the trusted suppliers of safes. Along with this, there are also several factors on which the longevity of fireproof safes depends:

UL Ratings

It is important to check the UL rating to choose high-security safes. The UL rating shows the safe’s fire-resistant capabilities. You can find three categories in UL ratings.

  • Class 125 rating
  • Class 150 rating
  • Class 350 rating

Each rating illustrates the safe’s temperature that can be maintained for a specified time in the face of outside temperatures up to 2,000°F. The rating class determines the time frame. Most home fires reach temperatures between 1,000 and 2,000 degrees F. For homes, It is advised that you choose a safe with a minimum rating of 1 hour.

As an example, a UL Class 125 2-hours safe will last a minimum of 2 hours if the temperature outside is below 1700F (927C). The moderate home fire reaches 1000 degrees F. The fireproof safe will last longer. This type of safe will keep the interior temperature below 125°F (51°C). You can therefore store electronic devices inside as well as other media.

UL Class 125 1-hour exemplar should last no less than one hour in the same situations. However, if the fire has more elevated heat levels than acceptable, the interior of the safe container will also get higher temperatures and cause damage to the inner storable things. Therefore, we can say it is difficult to predict the durability of fireproof safes.

Class 350 safes work well for paper, as the paper will ignite at temperatures of approximately 450°F. Classes 150 and 125 are ideal for keeping more delicate things that are more sensitive to high temperatures, like photographic films, magnetic tapes, or compact disks.

Other Factors That Can Affect The Lasting Time

If it is well maintained, a fireproof sale can last for many decades. It will last a long time if it is kept at a temperature within the model’s limits. The following factors can impact the life expectancy of a fireproof safe:

  • Materials: A fire-resistant safe made of sturdy materials is more likely to withstand fire than low-quality ones. It can’t guarantee its longevity, but it is durable enough to protect the contents.
  • Maintenance: The longevity of a fire protection safe is also affected by its maintenance. Moisture is another threat to fireproof safes rather than the fire. This can lead to problems like lock failure and rust, which can make safes ineffective.
  • Fire rating: It specifies the endurance power of high-security safes, which means how much time it will withstand fire, the total amount of time. Fire ratings are usually able to withstand a fire for several hours.

Many possibilities exist that could make fire cases safe. Let’s get started.

Make Sure Valuables Safe Inside

Priority should be given to what you keep inside the safe. While the safe’s outer surface can be damaged by fire, it doesn’t necessarily get burnt. A fireproof safe protects what’s inside; It is designed to protect valuables like birth certificates, USB drives, or paper documents.

Use UL Class 125 2-hours certified fireproof safes.

To protect your valuables, UL Class 125 2-hours certified safety could usually survive for two hours, provided that the outside temperature is below 17000F and the home fire temperature is less than 10000F. This means the safe will last longer, and electronic devices can be placed inside if the temperature does not rise above 1250F.

Use UL class 1-hour fire ratings exemplar safe.

The UL-class 1-hour exemplar safety will only last one hour under the same temperature. In case if fire temperature exceeds expected, then it may damage the valuables stored inside safes. It’s not possible for the safe to survive long.

What Valuables Can You Store In A Fireproof Safe?

Fireproof safes are designed to protect valuables from extreme heat and damage for 30 to 60 minutes. Your needs will determine which type of fireproof safe is best for you. These are the points to keep in mind when deciding on which fireproof safe you want:

  • A safe that can withstand 350°F or more is required for paper, passports, certificates, documents, and other papers.
  • A safe that can withstand temperatures of 238°F or higher is required for digital media, such as USB, memory sticks, CDs, and DVDs.
  • Data, such as tapes, backups, and internal hard drives, are most at risk; they require a safe that can withstand temperatures up to 150 degrees F.

You can store a mixture of items from each of these categories in a fireproof safe. 

These are the top items you should store in a fireproof safe.

• Insurance Policy Information

First, make sure you have insurance in place to cover you in the event of a fire at your home. Important documents can be stored in a safe that is fireproof so you can access them quickly in case of an emergency.

• Bank and Financial Account Information

You should keep any financial documents or information about bank accounts at home in your fireproof safe. You might need funds to quickly access in the event of a fire at your home. Additional paperwork may be included in financial documents, such as information about your investments and retirement plans. It is a smart idea to keep a backup of all this information digitally.

• Identification and Passports

It can be difficult for passports and other identification to be replaced if lost or damaged. It is good to keep passports at your home in a fireproof safe so that they are available in an instant, whenever you need them. However, it is also advantageous to keep original birth certificates somewhere else and store a xerox copy in fireproof safes.

• Important Information

Your fireproof safe should contain reports and prescriptions of your family doctors and any other people you might need to call in an emergency.

• Data and Hard Drives

It’s easy to keep your memories safe in digital form. It’s a smart idea to store hard drives and other data in a fireproof safe to prevent those cherished moments from being lost. Businesses that need to keep company data must follow the same rules. You can increase your chances of having the right information at all times by making extra copies.

Things To Consider When Buying Fire Resistant safes.

Fire Resistant safes
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These are some tips to help you choose the right fireproof safe.

  • Make a list of what you want to store. Once you have a list of what you want to store, you can find the right safe; you can look through the various kinds of fireproof safes such as fireproof gun safes and data safes.
  • Check for the fire ratings as per your requirements.
  • It must have passed the UL test. It should be marked as “UL Listed.”
  • It is important to consider the weight of the safe. Is your floor able to sustain it? If you are not able to inspect, then you can take help from an engineer. 
  • It would be best if you determined how many hours of fire protection you will require. Although a 60 min fireproof safe should provide sufficient protection, it is best to verify before if your area is susceptible to fires. Talk to a specialist regarding this.


You need to remember that although fireproof safes have been proven effective against fire, they can also be damaged by fire. You should consider Safewell safes that have special security features if you are concerned about theft. It comes with both lock mechanisms with or without a double-lock System. It is best to be aware of the type of fireproof safe you have most beneficial to ensure home safety, security, and protection. You can also contact us for durable and long-lasting fireproof safes.

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