How Do Combination Lock Safes Work?

The combination lock is still the most common way to secure a safe door. Combination lock safes come in various types. To open the lock, you need to crank a column of numbered dials. You simply turn each of the dials to the correct number rather than utilizing a key. A fingerprint lock safe is also an excellent choice because they are built for quick access to your belongings. Continue reading to discover more about different combination lock safes and how they work.

How Do Safes Work?

Have you ever investigated how your safe operates or whether you have the proper safe for the job? A safe is a sturdy steel container that has 1 to 8 bolts on its door. The lock is made to work with such bolts by translating them. The lock gives access as well as the motion required to unlock the bolts. A key, a mechanical code, an electronic code, or fingerprint sensors can all be used to open the lock. 

Internal components of different safes vary. Relockers, hard plates, and glass are just a few of the additional security elements that may make safes considerably more difficult to break into. Safes were constructed or invented, primarily as sturdy enclosures that could not be broken open, hence the use of steel. They can’t be removed, that is why they’re designed to be fixed to the ground. 

However, for the box to remain securely closed, a movable piece of stainless steel moves and engages a latch in the box’s wall. It’s known as the bolt. To resist a saw or drill, this steel should be given further treatment in the form of cementation. In the safe, the lock also plays a vital role. To open the door, it must be able to move in a sliding motion. It must also apply pressure to the latch to prevent it from moving or sliding easily. 

The bolt stoppers serve this purpose. The lock must also approve or refuse the authorization. To access the safe, you turn the key, identify yourself and provide sufficient force to slide the bolts. In the case of an electronic lock, the code authorizes you to turn the knob and by turning the knob, you can slide the bolts and open the door. A spring normally exerts pressure on the door, and when the bolts no longer hold it closed, the door will open on its own.

How Does A Safe Lock Work

safe lock mechanism
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Mechanical and electrical combination safe locks are the common types. The lock you select should be dependent on how you want to utilize your safe as well as your personal preferences. Mechanical locks are fantastic, especially for vulnerable items. For instance gun safe with mechanical locks that springs to the mind of anyone who owns firearms. 

To unlock a mechanical safe lock, you need to turn the dial to the right for the first number in the combination, then to the left for the second number, and finally back to the right for the last number. This style of lock is reliable and has a long lifespan. 

The only issue with mechanical locks is that their technology hasn’t changed much since the 1800s, it’s easier for an experienced burglar to crack the combination. The other difficulty is that if you make a mistake when entering your combination, you will have to start over. You also have to contact a locksmith to alter your combination if you ever need to. Instead, many people prefer to use an electronic safe lock.

How Does Electronic Safe Work?

electronic safe
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Electronics Make Life Easier for You The ease with which you can open your safe with an electronic lock is one of its best features. If you’re in a hurry and need to get into your safe, an electronic lock is usually faster than a traditional mechanical locking mechanism.

The locking mechanism of an electronic safe is opened by inputting a specified code on a keypad. They work in the same way as combination lock safes, but they make entering the code easier and faster. Electronic safes come in a variety of styles and brands. An electronic keypad for entering a digital code to access the safe, as well as a backup battery in the event of a power outage, are standard features.

How Do Key Safes Work?

This is a safe metal box that may be mounted on a building’s outside wall. A spare key, or keys, to the owner’s residence are kept within this key safe. A code-entry panel is located on the front of the key safe and only someone with the programmed code can unlock it. We can therefore conclude that key safes are a very safe solution to keep your spare keys.

In comparison to other alternatives, key safes are far more secure. 

A combination code will be used to gain access to your keys. Only you and anyone with access to your property will know the combination code. It allows you to collect your door key so that you may get into your home quickly in the event of an emergency. To ensure that your key safe is securely installed on a solid surface such as bricks or concrete using the proper fittings, you should carefully follow the instructions of safe manufacturers.

How Do Vault Doors Work?

A bank vault is a safe place to keep money, jewels, records, and even important papers. Vaults have reinforced walls and a carefully fashioned door with a complicated lock to protect its contents. This door is secured with a three-inch polished bolt that is locked 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and several re-lockers. 

After unfastening those re-lockers by spinning the mainwheel quarter rotation, the locking system is opened by rotating the ship grip. The locking mechanism is normally controlled by a combination of locks, two of which are standard and one of which is optional. Those locks can open either the door lock or both locks if both are required. 

A three-movement time lock, either voluntary or mechanical, is used to control the door opening. It is completely protected by a glass barrier. The barrier will be breached if it is attacked. Several re-locking systems automatically lock up the vault system if the barrier is broken.

Combination Lock Safe

combination lock mechanism
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A lot of combination locks use a wheel pack. This is a group of wheels that work together to ‘know’ the combination. The principle behind all-wheel packs is A combination dial linked to a spindle is the most common type of combination lock. The spindle passes via many wheels and a drive cam inside the lock. 

The number of wheels in a wheel pack will be determined by the number of numbers in the combination; one wheel is assigned to each number. The spindle rotates the drive cam when the dial is turned. The drive pin is connected to the drive cam. As the cam rotates, the driving pin comes into contact with the wheel fly, a little tab on the next wheel. On either side of each wheel, there is a wheel fly. The drive pin spins the first wheel until it meets the adjacent wheel. 

This process is repeated until all of the wheels are spinning. Picking up the wheels is the term for this. A notch is carved into each wheel on the spindle. All of the wheels and their notches line up flawlessly when the appropriate combination is dialed in. 

When all of the wheels are aligned, the notches generate a gap. This gap in a padlock allows the lock’s hasp to disengage. A section known as the fence rests immediately above the wheels in a safe. Under the weight of its weight, the fence slips into this breach. The bolt can now go freely through the gate, allowing the safe to be opened.


In the event of a theft, fire, or natural disaster, keeping vital documents, cash, and other valuable objects in a combination safe is a good idea, but finding a trustworthy supplier can be difficult. Safewell guarantees high-quality safes at affordable prices. Get in touch with us for more information.

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