Best Fire and Burglary Safe to Protect Celebrities’ Property

In a recent incident that shocked the public, famous actress Liu Yuxin’s Los Angeles mansion was victimized by a serious burglary. According to reports, the burglars not only managed to break into her home, but also pried open the safe and swept away the valuables inside, including precious jewelry and watches. With losses valued in the tens of millions of dollars, the incident has once again focused public attention on the importance of personal and family property security.

scene of the theft

This incident is not only a significant personal loss to Liu Yuxin, but also a wake-up call to remind all people that they should never take the security of their property lightly. Especially for those families with a large number of valuables, the choice and use of high-security safe has become particularly important. Traditional safes are not adequate in the face of increasingly sophisticated thieves, which requires a more advanced and reliable solution to ensure the safety of property.

famous actress Liu Yuxin

Analysis of the current state of security threats

Trend analysis of theft incidents

  1. Evolution of technological means: Criminals are utilizing advanced technologies, including cybertechnology and physical cracking tools, to bypass traditional security measures. Examples include the use of signal jammers to disrupt security systems or the targeting of mechanical locks on safes through high-precision listening devices.
  2. Diversification of targets: While early home burglaries targeted cash and jewelry, valuable electronics, artwork, and even personal information are now being targeted by thieves. For businesses, in addition to traditional financial theft, the risk of data theft and trade secret leakage has increased dramatically.
  3. Specialization and internationalization of criminal methods: criminal groups have become more organized and specialized, and even transnational in their theft activities, making it more difficult to combat them.

Classification of safes

Fireproof Safes

Tests conducted on fireproof safes

Fireproof safes are designed to protect the contents inside from heat and smoke damage from a fire. They use materials that insulate and keep the internal temperature below the ignition point of paper or other sensitive materials. However, while fireproof safes provide the necessary protection against fire damage, they often lack the rugged security features needed to prevent or resist theft attempts.

Anti-theft safes

Burglary safes
Burglary safes

Anti-theft safes, on the other hand, are designed to prevent unauthorized access to various forms of attack, including prying, drilling, and cutting. These safes usually feature heavy steel walls, sophisticated locking mechanisms, and other security enhancements. Their primary goal is to protect valuables from theft, but without specific design elements, they may not offer significant fire protection.

Choosing the right safe: fire and burglary protection

fire and burglary safes

For those seeking full protection for their valuables, it is advisable to choose a safe that is both fire and burglary proof. This is where VDS certified safes come into play. The VDS certification is a prestigious standard in the security industry and is awarded by the VDS Testing Institute in Germany. VDS certified safes undergo rigorous testing to ensure that they offer a high level of protection against fire and theft.

Introduction to VDS Laboratory IV Certification in Germany

VDS certification is a highly authoritative and influential certification in the field of security and protection worldwide and is provided by VDS Testing in Germany, which dates back to the early 1900’s when it was first established as an agency of the Fire Insurance Company. Over time, VDS evolved into an independent testing and certification body specializing in the testing and certification of anti-theft and fire safety products. Its aim is to improve the safety of society by providing a high standard of testing and certification services.

VDS certification covers a wide range of security products including, but not limited to, fire alarm systems, automatic fire suppression systems, and various anti-theft devices such as safes and door locks. In the global security and protection industry, VDS certification is considered a symbol of quality and reliability, and is used by many insurance companies and security professionals as an important reference for product selection.

German VDS Laboratory IV Accreditation Criteria

VDS IV certification is a high-level certification for safes (also known as safes or security cabinets) that represents a rigorous test and evaluation of a safe’s ability to resist unauthorized opening attempts (e.g., prying, drilling, tampering with the locks, etc.) VDS Level IV certified safes are required to pass a series of complex physical and technical tests that simulate a wide range of potential burglary tactics and attack methods.

Certification process and significance

  1. Test Procedures: Tests for VDS Level IV certification include, but are not limited to, tests for resistance to drilling, prying, and vandalism. These tests utilize high-level techniques and tools and are performed by professionals to ensure that each certified safe provides the highest level of security under real-world conditions.
  2. Security Performance Significance: A VDS IV certified safe means that the product is capable of protecting valuables from theft under extreme conditions. For consumers, choosing a VDS IV certified safe is like adding a sturdy layer of protection to the security of their property.

VDS Class IV certification not only represents excellence in the design and manufacture of safes, but also reflects the manufacturer’s stringent requirements for product quality and security features. For homes and businesses that need to store high-value items, choosing a safe with this certification is an important step in ensuring the security of their prized possessions. In the face of increasingly sophisticated criminal tactics, VDS IV certified safes offer a trusted solution.

Safewell Security Leads the Way with VDS Class IV Certification

VDS Certification

Recently, Ningbo Safewell Cabinet Co., Ltd, a subsidiary of Safewell Security, has been awarded the VDS-IV product certification in the field of global high-end physical protection, which is the first and only Chinese security company in China to be awarded this certification. Our safes have undergone rigorous testing, including resistance to advanced physical attacks such as drilling, prying and vandalism. This proves that our safes are capable of protecting your property in extreme situations, even in the most challenging burglary tests.


Our Technical Advantages

  • Anti-pry design: Advanced anti-pry technology is employed, including a multi-point locking system and reinforced door hinges, which are designed to make unauthorized opening significantly more difficult, even in the event of a severe physical attack. The door frame and safe body are structurally designed to resist intrusion by advanced prying tools.
  • Biometric locks: The latest biometric technology, including fingerprint recognition, has been introduced to ensure that only authorized users can access the contents of the safe. Such biometric locks not only provide convenience, but also greatly increase security, as fingerprints are difficult to copy or imitate.
  • ALARM SYSTEM INTEGRATION: Our safes are equipped with a state-of-the-art alarm system that is capable of triggering an immediate alert in the event of a break-in attempt. This includes vibration sensors and door status monitoring to send remote alarm notifications via local alarms and/or through the smart home system as soon as abnormal operation or tampering attempts are detected.
  • Other technical advantages:
  • 1.Fire protection: Some models also offer excellent fire protection, which protects the contents for a certain period of time from damage in case of fire.
  • 2.Smart connectivity: with smart home integration, you can remotely monitor the status of your safe, including lock status and security alarms.
  • 3.Customization Options: A wide range of sizes and internal configuration options are available to meet the specific needs of different customers, personalizing everything from jewelry to documents and even firearms storage.

By combining these advanced security features and technological advantages, our VDS Class IV certified safes provide you with the most reliable property protection solution on the market. Whether it’s precious jewelry, important documents or other valuables, our safes provide you with peace of mind. By choosing one of our safes, you are choosing to invest in the strongest cornerstone for property security.

Return on investment in security

When it comes to protecting your valuable possessions, choosing the right safe is crucial, and investing in a high quality security product, especially a VDS Level IV certified safe, is an investment that is vital to protecting one’s valuable possessions and providing psychological peace of mind. Investing in a high security level safe is a wise decision when compared to the financial and emotional loss. A reliable safe not only protects valuables from theft, fire or flood damage, but also provides a peace of mind for individuals and their families.


Against the backdrop of frequent burglaries in the United States, the need to choose a safe that has been certified to Level IV by Germany’s VDS Labs, the world’s foremost authority in the field of global physical security and protection, is particularly urgent. Such safes are not only equipped with state-of-the-art security technology, but are also rigorously tested to ensure that they provide the strongest possible protection in the face of all kinds of sabotage attempts. By choosing such a safe, individuals and families will be able to reduce the likelihood of a tragedy like the one that befell Liu Yuxin to a great extent, and effectively protect their property.

Choosing one of our VDS Class IV certified safes means that you’re not just acquiring a top-of-the-line secure storage solution, you’re making a significant investment in you and your business’ security responsibilities. Our products are designed to provide unrivaled security and protect your valuables from a variety of threats.

We invite you to take action to enhance your level of safety and security. To learn more about our VDS Class IV certified safes and how to choose the best security solution for your home or business, please contact us or visit our website. Our team of professionals is ready to provide you with advice and support to ensure optimal protection of your valuable property.

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