Jewelry Safes: Top 4 Custom Brands!

A jewelry safe is a kind of box-like thing that is used to store jewelry so that it stays safe from thefts. Usually, there are no particular features that make jewelry safe, unique and stand out from the rest, but there are a few things that may prove one of them the best choices. When you store jewelry inside your home, you should take extra care to make sure that they stay safe and secured. 

A custom jewelry safe will help you store your ornaments of all kinds that include gold, silver, and diamond as well. No matter if you are looking for an option that is a wall safe with studs, or for a safe that has a basic closet model, or for something heavy-duty, you will find several options to choose from. 

To make the task of picking the best jewelry safes easy for our readers, we have done the hard work. Below we list some of the best available options to help you make an informed choice. We have reviewed some of the handpicked choices available. 

Best Custom jewelry Safes Manufacturers

1. Casoro Jewelry Safes

Location: Canada

Industry: Manufacturing and Exporting

Year of establishment: 1923


Casoro jewelry safes logo

Source: Casoro jewelry safes

The company strives to help keep its valuables safe from all possible thefts. It manufactures safes so that all their valuables, including jewelry and extra cash, stay safe from burglary and fire. It is a leading home safe manufacturer. Casoro also custom designs safes as per the specific needs of its clients to make sure that their customers are delighted and reliant. They also have a team of expert consultants who are always there to assist you with anything you need. 

If you are confused about the features that you should include in your safe, their expert consultants will help you decide. They manufacture a wide variety of safes for people to choose from, which includes using a variety of materials and different color options. You can also design your safety online and get a quote to know how much it will cost.  

Different Types of Safes: 

  • Classic custom safes. 
  • Gemstone custom safes. 
  • Kairos custom safes.
  • Pre-designed, ready-to-ship safes. 

2. Godrej Security Solutions 

Location: India

Industry: Manufacturing and Supplying 

Year of establishment: 1897

Certifications: ISO 900:2015

Source: Godrej

The company has been after engineering excellence for several years now. It custom designs and manufactures jewelry safes to make people reliant on their valuables. It understands the fact that keeping jewelry at home is one of the things that require a great deal of attention, and therefore, manufactures one of the best safes. Ever since the inception of this unit, they have been delivering cutting-edge locking solutions to their clients. They produce a complete range of home security solutions. 

Their comprehensive range of security solutions consists of products that include biometric and code safety solutions. They stay ahead of the curve of safety because they collaborate with some of the leading global industrial designers. They focus on customer satisfaction and, therefore, offer the best solutions. 

For years now, they have been offered safety solutions and are hence aware of what consumers need. They also enable their consumers to custom-design their jewelry safes for utmost security and reliance. 

Different Types of Safes: 

  • Dell depository safe. 
  • Matrix depository safe. 
  • Biometric safes.
  • Code-based safes

3. Rolex India Engineering Co. 

Location: Mumbai, India

Industry: Manufacturing and Exporting

Year of establishment: 1975

Certifications: ISO 900:2008

Rolex India engineering co logo

Source: Rolex India Engineering Co

Rolex India is one of the reputed companies in India operating for several years now and has been providing security solutions for valuables. Finest quality raw materials are used to produce the safes to make sure that the valuables stay safe from burglary and thefts of all kinds. Also, advanced technologies are used to create heavy-duty storage racks. 

The safes are made available for use in a variety of industry standards as well as custom specifications to cater to the specific demand of its consumers. The products manufactured by Rolex are widely used by a variety of industries as well as households since they ensure quality. They have a highly advanced manufacturing facility and a team of expert professionals who are all well-versed in their domain. They manufacture the best type of burglary safe.

Skilled professionals are employed by the company to work on the tasks they have, and the professionals have significant experience in the domain. Rolex India manufactures custom safes as well to meet the specific requirements with greater ease. 

Different Types of Safes: 

  • Lockers and Drawers. 
  • Mobile storage systems. 
  • Custom and ready safes. 
  • Security cabins. 

4. Gujranwala Steel Works

Location: Uttar Pradesh, India

Industry: Manufacturing and Exporting

Year of establishment: 1978

Certifications: ISO 9001:2008

Gujranwala steelworks

Source: Gujranwala Steel Works

Gujranwala is one of the leading producers of jewelry safes and is one of the most trusted names in the industry. Operating for several years now, the company has offered several custom safes to the people. Its customer base is all satisfied with the quality of safes manufactured. They are experienced in manufacturing Biometric safes in compact designs for maximum convenience. The products offered by this company are all accepted in the market owing to the quality produced. 

Their professional team helps them cater to the specific needs of their clients, and also, they serve a vast clientele base with their products. Their client-focused approach allows them to obtain client satisfaction. Their primary aim is to help their consumers with top-quality products. Supervisors of this company make sure that only top-quality products are manufactured in their units. 

They are well-known for offering top-quality products in the market at cost-effective rates. For years now, they have been striving to serve commercial and residential needs for jewelry and cash safes. 

Different Types of Safes: 

  • Biometric Safes. 
  • Custom Safes
  • Security Lockers. 
  • Fire-proof Safes. 
  • Electronic Almirahs.

There are several different kinds of safes available in the market, and some of them are pretty expensive as compared to others. However, you can buy a quality safe on budget by performing research with due diligence. The companies that we have listed above offer several models at varying prices, and different options offer different levels of protection. 

To make a definite choice, choose wisely. No denying the fact that a more significant investment is sure to provide additional protection for people who want to keep their jewelry safe.

Best Safe Manufacturer in China

Safewell logo

Source: Safewell

Safewell is one of the best safe manufacturer companies offering quality products at the best possible rates. They have a long record of offering custom made safes for residents to make sure their valuables stay safe. Engineered with the latest technology, they produce safes that have biometric or code locks for added security. As a trusted supplier they supply fireproof safes that keep the valuables safe from all kinds of thefts and burglary. 

They are dedicated to supplying quality safes and work with the best material suppliers to make sure they can guarantee quality over everything else. 

Different Safes Offered: 

  • Residential Safes.
  • Commercial Safes.
  • Fireproof safes.
  • Cash and other valuable management safes. 


It would help if you found the right safe to store the suitable objects at the right time. With several options available, the choice may be daunting, but we have listed the best available options for our readers to choose from. Look for the best option that fits your budget well and go ahead with the decision. Companies offering custom safes are the best since they produce safes as per the specific needs. For more such information, contact Safewell.

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