Congratulations on the 23rd anniversary of the establishment of Safewell!

Safewell International Holdings (China) Co., Ltd. was established in 1998 and is one of the leaders in the global security safe industry. On August 18, 2021, Safewell International ushered in the 23rd anniversary of its founding. Safewell’s family members celebrated together. The founder of Siegwell International, Mr. Xu Punan, gave a sincere speech and full of blessings.

Safewell Ceremony

At 8:18 in the morning, the representatives of Safewell’s family members celebrated Safewell’s 23rd birthday with the most pious Safewell ceremony. With the attention of representatives of the core employees, the Safewell flag fluttered in the wind. Afterwards, the song of Shengwei, pouring into Safewell’s dream, resounded loudly and resoundingly throughout the park.

The representatives of the Safewell family expressed their gratitude to the Safewell platform with a solemn Safewell ceremony, and wished Safewell a more brilliant tomorrow with the most sincere blessings!


Message from the founder

Safewell family members:

good morning everyone! Today is the 23rd birthday of Safewell! Twenty-three years ago, on the basis of the “three nos” (no venue, no funds, and no personnel), Safewell was determined to build a great enterprise to help and influence 20 million people who are destined for Safewell.

In 2003, after five years of struggle, the vision of today’s corporate LOGO was born. SAFEWELL——Safety and peace of mind, is an excellent and great corporate English compound word. Therefore, “creating safety and feeling at ease” has become Safewell’s lifetime corporate value. We just want to create value, provide safety and peace of mind to our families, customers, partners, shareholders, and even the society, and become an excellent and great enterprise.

Since the development of Safewell, first of all, I would like to pay tribute to all the people of Safewell. It is they who are not afraid of hardships and dangers, never forget their original intentions, forge ahead, and work hard, that have won our current outstanding Safewell platform. But more importantly, Safewell people still maintain a continuous, upward, and good heart. We always have a mission in our hearts, which is to help people around us while influencing more people, making their lives happier and happier!

23 years of hard work and 23 years of hard work, we have entered into 2021. In the post-epidemic era, we have ushered in a new Safewell era of Nirvana rebirth and rebirth. In addition, the post-epidemic era will usher in a rapid economic recovery, and the state will also give major support to leading companies in the industry that are “precise, special, and bright.” Therefore, Shengwei, as one of the world’s leaders in the safe box industry, does not allow the pause button to be pressed. We will take it to the next level and show the new attitude of the eagle spreading its wings like the rebirth of the eagle king.

The new era of Safewell is an era of playing its role as a platform, and it is also an era of self-exploitation. As described in the song of Shengwei: “Let all the families of safewell come to Shengwei with dreams, make their loved ones happier, and let their lives shine.” The new era of Shengwei belongs to all those who have dreams and youth. Young people with a mentality, willing to work hard, and ambitious, the platform will give them guidance and strength.

From today onwards, we will continue to set sail in the wind, concentrate our efforts, win change and innovate, and strengthen our new Safewell! And always prepare for the battle, actively face the battle, use a winning mentality to adapt, embrace, and innovate, and strive to seize every opportunity given by the new Shengwei platform. We must keep pace with the times, catch up with me, and seize the present opportunities. In the face of all difficulties and challenges, “believe in the power of belief”, one as one, one as one, one as one, and one as one! In order to create a new era that truly belongs to us, we must overcome obstacles and move forward courageously, and then strengthen my prosperous prestige and bless me China!

Finally, I wish all Safewell people and their families happy and healthy!


In the afternoon, representatives from the family of Siegwell celebrated the 23rd anniversary of Safewell’s founding. Everyone sang the blessing song together and was full of emotions. May Safewell continue to write a new chapter of courageous progress!

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