• Safewell Safe on 127th Online Canton Fair
    Post time: Jun-18-2020

    #127thCantonFair is holing online from June 15th to 24th. To keep trade winds blowing, this showcase shift from expose venue to online live broadcasting. Warmly welcome to visit Safewell Safe company online booth and live show during that time. Safewell: One-stop Security Storage Solution Provide...Llegir més »

  • Safewell Group Donates Medical Supplies to Ningbo, Jiashan
    Post time: Feb-10-2020

    Go China! Chinese New Year in 2020 is destined to be an unusual holiday. On 23rd Jan.2020, government of Zhejiang province initiated a first-level response to a major public health emergency. It was the day before Lunar New Year’s Eve that people should have been reunited to celebrate...Llegir més »

  • Safewell 2019 Annual Safewell Thanksgiving Party
    Post time: Jan-20-2020

    January 12th, 2020.  Safewell held 2019 Annual Safewell Thanksgiving Party. This year we named ‘WIN WIN COOPERATION FOR A BRILLIANT FUTURE’ , to thanks for all customers’ support in the past years, thanks for goverment’s help, thanks for all staff’s hard working. Wi...Llegir més »

    Post time: Jan-03-2020

      As a leading safes manufacturer in China, Safewell is selling all kinds of safe box to all over the world, electronic safes, hotel safes, fireproof safes, ban valut door and other security safe from factory to lots of customers. In March, 2020, safewell will attend two famous fair.  One ...Llegir més »

  • SAFEWELL 20th Anniversary 盛威亚太总部大楼启用典礼以及盛威国际新材料项目启动仪式圆满落幕
    Post time: Dec-26-2019

      2019年1月23日,农历腊月十八,盛威人的感恩日,大楼的周围垂挂着来自四海八方的红色祝贺条幅庄重又喜庆。各位领导莅临现场参加盛威亚太总部大楼正式落成启用典礼以及盛威国际新材料项目启动仪式。整个庆典在政府领导、各企业家及亲人朋友的祝福声中圆满落幕。   上午09:08盛威家人们整装出发进行了...Llegir més »

  • Safewell Thanksgiving Party 2019“感恩二十载,共铸百年梦”盛威国际二十周年感恩盛典圆满举行
    Post time: Dec-26-2019

    2019年1月23日下午13:18,盛威国际控股(中国)有限公司在盛威亚太总部园区文体中心隆重举行了2018年度“感恩二十载,共铸百年梦”感恩晚会。 每年的农历腊月十八是每一位盛威人都会铭记在心的日子:盛威感恩日。伴随新一年的到来,盛威家人们与1200多位来宾齐聚一堂,共同见证2018年盛威裂变发展的成绩。2018年,对盛威...Llegir més »

  • 盛威21周年庆”家”年华
    Post time: Dec-26-2019

    和家人在一起的时光 总是无比快乐 而和一个大家族的成员一起玩 更是无与伦比 那你能想象 盛威这个大家庭中的 员工携其他们家属 聚在一起会是什么效果吗? 8月18日 在盛威成立21周年之际 共享盛大的欢乐家庭日 将快乐放大无数倍! We are family! 下面就让我们跟随镜头 一起去看看盛威”家”年华 8时18分  ...Llegir més »

  • SAFEWELL 新品亮相126届广交会​
    Post time: Dec-26-2019

    2019年10月15日,为期五天的第126届秋季广交会如期而至。盛威安防、盛威通信的新产品在此届广交会里隆重亮相,在众多竞争者中脱颖而出,吸引各国商客。欢迎各位贵宾莅临盛威国际各展区参观! 安防产业 摊位(Stand Number): 14.1C31-32,D09-10 五金产品展区 安防展区今年采用盛威独有的工业风黑色为主色调,配以高端大理...Llegir més »

  • Safewell Military Academy Graduation Ceremony
    Post time: Dec-26-2019

      Llegir més »

    Post time: Dec-26-2019

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  • Warmly welcome Romania Delegation to visit Safewell
    Post time: Dec-26-2019

    Warmly welcome Romania Delegation to visit Safewell.  A deep meeting about economy and business. Safewell Safe and Rack are warmly accepted by all over the wolrd. Llegir més »

  • Warmly Welcome Africa Research Group visit Safewell
    Post time: Dec-26-2019

    Sep. 11th, 2019. Africa Research Group Conference Delegates, foreign guests and Professors visit Safewell group.     Llegir més »

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